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Hanson announces $85m schools package

Jeremy Hanson

ACT opposition leader Jeremy Hanson on Thursday announced an $85 million package to provide more support for Canberra’s schools.
The package would allow for new infrastructure, capital upgrades and maintenance, support for specialised schools and support for children with disabilities in non-government schools, he said.
Hanson, in his budget reply speech to the Legislative Assembly, said the Canberra Liberals [...]

Plan for site next to Assembly scaled back

By 27 January 2016 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Development site

The ACT Government has once again scaled back its plan for office space adjacent to the Legislative Assembly in Civic despite having last year shortlisted six firms to complete construction of a more extensive development by late 2018.
The six players involved will now be invited to submit proposals for a commercial version of the development [...]

An ACT Coat of Arms for our next century

By 3 December 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
An alternative Coat of Arms of the ACT

As the ACT begins its second century, and the Republic is becoming the talk of the town, the ACT Government has a golden opportunity to provide a fitting symbol for Canberra’s next century as a city.
I am referring to the Canberra Coat of Arms (pictured below), whose symbols no longer reflect the values and ideals [...]

Local politics: Here’s what you missed this fortnight


Anyone for tennis?
A few humble tennis courts are proving to be more of a problem for Chief Minister Andrew Barr than he thought.
Earlier this year, Barr said the ACT Government would take the tennis courts from the public Telopea Park School so it could build a childcare centre. The current Manuka Occasional Childcare Centre nearby [...]

Why we should encourage MLAs to venture beyond Civic Square


The 2016 ACT election will be the most significant election since self-government.
The increase from 17 MLAs to 25 should mean that our local communities are better represented in the Assembly. With five electorates of five members, each electorate now mostly lines up with Canberra’s regions.
Under the current three electorate system, the larger electorate sizes means [...]

Knights and dames have no place in modern Australia: Barr

By 18 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Chief Minister Andrew Barr will this week move that the ACT Legislative Assembly recognise that Tony Abbott’s ‘captain’s call’ to bring back knights and dames does not reflect a modern, confident and diverse Australia.
In a press release issued this morning, Barr said:

“Like many Australians, I have found the decision to bring back the archaic honour system [...]

Clearer inquiries process for the Supreme Court

By 23 September 2014

Amendments to the Crimes Act 1900, passed today in the Legislative Assembly will bring certainty to the process of inquiring into criminal convictions, Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, said today.
“The amendments to the Act clarify the judicial nature of the Supreme Court when it considers a report of an inquiry and ensure that there are no [...]

Political dilemmas

By 2 September 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

As a person who likes to be involved in my community, and indeed am, politics has become quite a frustration for me lately.
I feel really compelled to join a particular political party on a federal level – happy to disclose, the ALP – because I am completely unimpressed with the various agendas of the other [...]

Website to reveal ‘shonky’ builders

By 9 April 2014

Canberra residents will soon be able to research builders and their compliance history in the ACT.  A new legislation has been passed by the legislative assembly to create a public register of licence information that will include suspensions, licence cancellations and other disciplinary actions that may have been taken against a builder.
Simon Corbell (Environment and [...]

Chic Henry transitions from Liberal Stooge to Liberal

By 22 January 2014

The Canberra Times has the interesting news that Mr Summernats Chic Henry is now a paid up member of the Liberal Party:
Summernats legend Chic Henry has joined the ACT Liberal Party and has his sights set on a seat in the ACT Legislative Assembly in 2016.
The former Australian Motorist Party candidate has signed up to [...]

Are ALL the Liberals on hols?

By 15 January 2014

The last we heard from the Canberra Liberals was on 19 December surely in the last month they had something to say or do?

Liberals want to know which face to put on the attack ads

By 19 December 2013

The Liberals’ Jeremy Hanson is stirring the pot and demanding to know who he’s running against in 2016 (assuming the lean and hungry Coe doesn’t knife him first):
Chief Minister Katy Gallagher must come clean on whether she intends to stay on in the Territory’s top job, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson said today.
“Speculation [...]

Katy moving on?

By 12 December 2013

CityNews is running gossip on possible plans for Chief Minister Gallagher to ride into the sunset before the next election:
A CREDIBLE political snout says the ALP’s biggest electoral asset, Chief Minister Katy Gallagher, will hand over the big chair to deputy Andrew Barr some time during the life of the present Assembly, to spend more [...]

The new Liberal shadow cabinet

By 10 December 2013

Jeremy Hanson has announced his new front bench:
Member for Brindabella Nicole Lawder will take on three shadow portfolios to become a Canberra Liberals shadow minister. This comes as part of a wider shadow ministerial reshuffle, Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson announced today.
“I’m pleased to confirm several changes to the Canberra Liberals shadow ministry [...]

Can you smell what the Liberals are cooking?

By 10 December 2013

Jeremy Hanson’s issued an intriguing media alert:
ACT Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Hanson will today be joined by colleagues Nicole Lawder, Andrew Wall and Giulia Jones to make a major announcement concerning the Canberra Liberals parliamentary team.
Hmmm. No Coe, Doszport or Smyth?
We’ll let you know when we hear something out of this.

Zed’s people sending his post bills hither and yon

By 4 December 2013

There’s a highly curious story in the Canberra Times about a $20,000 post bill rung up by Senator Zed Seselja that some un-named flunkey has been repeatedly trying to offload without success:
But the bill failed to reach the Canberra Liberals’ ACT division headquarters until last month, despite repeated requests by Australia Post and the Legislative [...]

Liberals gunning for Andrew Barr’s tax plans

By 26 November 2013

The Liberals’ Brendan Smyth is turning up the heat on Andrew Barr and his tax reform plans:
This morning the Canberra Liberals will call for a privileges committee to be established to investigate whether Treasurer Andrew Barr is in contempt of the Legislative Assembly over refusing to table all documents relating to ACT Labor’s tax reforms, [...]

New nature conservation act tabled

By 31 October 2013

Simon Corbell today tabled a draft for the Nature Conservation Bill 2013 in the Legislative Assembly. Submissions will be accepted until the 13th of December.
Simon believes that this new act will be fundamental in allowing the government achieve it’s goal for a sustainable Canberra.
“This legislation follows an extensive review of the Nature Conservation Act 1980 [...]

Every child gets to be a minister!

By 31 October 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher has sent forth alarming news that she’s expanding the ACT Ministry to 9.
Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, today introduced a bill into the Legislative Assembly that will, if passed, allow for up to nine ministers to be appointed as part of the ACT executive.
“This legislation is designed to meet the needs of [...]

Because, frankly, some of you aren’t deserving of respect

By 24 October 2013

The Canberra Times has the welcome news that the Legislative Assembly code of conduct has been watered down to account for the significant percentage of the citizenry who are best ignored:
A requirement for ACT politicians to treat citizens with courtesy and respect has been stripped from a new code of conduct for the ACT Legislative [...]

Break out the rainbow bubbly, we’re the gay marriage Capital! (For now)

By 22 October 2013

Shane Rattenbury has made it known that it’s gay marriage a go go in the ACT at least until the High Court weighs in:
Leader of the Australian Greens, Christine Milne joined ACT Greens Member for Molonglo, Shane Rattenbury at the ACT Legislative Assembly today to celebrate the ACT becoming the first jurisdiction to legislate for [...]

Smoke at the Legislative Assembly

By 4 October 2013

ACT Fire & Rescue are currently on scene at the ACT Legislative Assembly, London Circuit, City investigating smoke on level two.
No sign of fire.
Crews are currently ventilating the area.
A small number of people on level two only have been evacuated as a precaution.
Smoke as a result of a stove top operational, which was left unattended.
Two [...]

The thunder of the Annual Reports

By 27 September 2013

This year the Annual Reports were unusually well synchronised.
We’re sure this has nothing to do with overwhelming the limited resources of Canberra newsrooms to investigate them.
Considering us thoroughly overwhelmed here’s the Ministerial media releases from which the mirror image of the greater atrocities can be made out:

1. Community Services Directorate
Joy Burch, Andrew Barr, and Shane [...]

Gay marriage an early test for Abbott

By 20 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

By Michelle Grattan, University of Canberra

Tony Abbott had hoped he wouldn’t be confronted with the gay marriage issue for quite a while. Now, just a day after the new government’s swearing in, it’s potentially posing a major challenge for him.
The ACT government introduced legislation today to legalise same sex marriage there. It will be passed [...]

Will the tinfoil hat wearers please form an orderly queue

By 16 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

The ABC has some inside word on Shane Rattenbury’s plans for the coming sitting week.
Of particular excitement are plans to set up a Standards Commissioner for reporting the misbehaviour of MLAs to:
Members of the public who suspect misbehaviour by ACT’s politicians could soon have their claims investigated by a standards commissioner.
Greens Minister Shane Rattenbury [...]

The new legislative program

By 12 September 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher has blogged her plans for the Spring 2013 sittings.
The main items have been thusly paraphrased:
– The Marriage Equality Bill 2013 will enable couples who are not able to marry under the Commonwealth Marriage Act 1961 to enter into marriage in the ACT. It will provide for solemnisation, eligibility, dissolution and annulment, regulatory [...]

Shane brings independent oversight

By 15 August 2013

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury has announced moves to get important checks on the Government out from under the thumb of the executive:
ACT Greens Member for Molonglo, Shane Rattenbury, today presented a bill to recognise the auditor-general, the ombudsman and the three Electoral Commission members as officers of the Assembly.
The legislation fulfils an item in the [...]

Liberals stamping their tiny feet over the ACT Budget

By 13 August 2013

Brendan Smyth is throwing the toys out of the pram over not getting the budget documents he wants.
Because losing is a habit he’s threatening to move a no-confidence motion he can’t possibly carry to try and draw some attention to his impotent rage.

Prudishness at the Canberra Times

By 12 August 2013

Canberra Times has problems spelling ‘fIRETRuck’

The budget should not be passed?

By 6 August 2013

The Liberals are splashing around the bubbles after managing to get the Estimates Committee to recommend the budget not be passed:
The final Estimates Report tabled in the ACT Legislative Assembly today, recommends that the ‘Budget not be passed because of its lack of delivery, high levels of deficit and deceitful plan to massively increase commercials [...]

Katy fortifying her position

By 6 August 2013

The Canberra Times has the interesting news that Chief Minister Gallagher is seeking to shield herself from her party room in the spirit of the Red Handed Rudd:
Katy Gallagher wants ACT Labor Party members to have a say in who leads the party in the ACT Legislative Assembly.
Ms Gallagher is proposing changes to how the [...]

The Parliamentary Agreement rumbles on

By 5 August 2013

Chief Minister Gallagher and Mayor Rattenbury are letting us know how their grand alliance is going:
“There is obviously still work to be done and there are elements to be ironed out on a few items, but overall the relationship is working well and most items are on track,” Minister Rattenbury concluded.
Oh goody.
They’ve listed out their [...]

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