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EY gets the nod to make Capital Metro’s business case

By 15 January, 2014

With the Government having already announced they wanted to build a light rail system it’s sweet to see Simon Corbell announcing the appointment of a firm to make the business case:
Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, announced today that the Agency has appointed global firm EY to develop the final business case [...]

Coe weeps for the fidelity of the Capital Metro tender process

By 18 December, 2013

The Liberals’ Alistair Coe is vigorously waving his rules of order over the tendering processes for Capital Metro:
The Capital Metro light rail agency has awarded more than $600,000 to a consulting company without testing the market according to freedom of information documents, Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.
“In addition to the poor [...]

Toot! Toot! Simon seeking light rail experts

By 11 December, 2013

Simon Corbell is having a busy day and is putting out the call for experts to help build Capital Metro:
“The Capital Metro Agency will be seeking experts in transport planning, engineering design and light rail operations to further develop the details of the project so that it can move towards the procurement phase in 2015,” [...]

TOOT TOOT! Light Rail the Universal Panacea!

By 27 November, 2013

Simon Corbell is blowing his own steam whistle on the virtues of his consultation for the planned Capital Metro line between Gungahlin and Civic.
And my golly gosh won’t it fix a load of things:
“Capital Metro is not just about moving people. It is a catalyst for realising the vision of a sustainable, modern and creative [...]

Capital Metro Project Director meets the public

By 14 November, 2013

Emma Thomas, the new Project Director for Capital Metro, attended the Gungahlin Community Council meeting on Wednesday 12 November to talk to the public about the project. She handled her introduction to the community on such an important project very competently. She stood up and talked about what she saw as the benefits and challenges [...]

So what does your dad do? He’s senior management at Capital Metro!

By 3 October, 2013

It may not have trains, or rails, but Simon Corbell has the happy news that Capital Metro has senior appointments:
Two important project leaders have been appointed to the Capital Metro Project, to drive and direct the development of Canberra’s first light rail line, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, announced today.

Another round of Capital Metro consultation

By 25 September, 2013

With the Airport yesterday launching its own consultation process for light rail in Canberra today we have Simon Corbell kicking off a Government round.
The ACT Government is seeking public input to an important preliminary design study for the Capital Metro light rail project, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, announced today.
Mr Corbell [...]

Airport asks for light rail connection

By 24 September, 2013

The ABC has special news that Canberra Airport’s Stephen Byron is drawing up plans for the ACT Government to build a light rail line to his holdings:
The ACT Government is planning to build light rail from Gungahlin to the city centre along Northbourne Avenue.
But Canberra Airport managing director Stephen Byron says planning should start [...]

Your thoughts wanted for Network14

By 13 September, 2013

Shane Rattenbury has announced he’s kicking off the consultation on next year’s bus network.
Highlights include:
– a new service linking Molonglo to Woden and Cooleman Court with a peak hour Xpresso to the City – these services will support increased residential development in the Molonglo Valley
– a new Rapid service between Gungahlin and Belconnen
– a new [...]

Dump Light Rail. Get a Gondola.

By 17 August, 2013

Go, Go, Gadget, Gondola.

New Rail Costs

By 6 August, 2013

An opinion from an anonymous Rioter about the costs of the new rail on Northbourne:
When I first moved to Canberra approximately 22 years ago I was told there was a housing shortage due to the high demand for low income housing in Canberra.Then the fires took 400+ houses. Then the wave of people from….
I have [...]

Toot Toot! Simon says the tram will be bulk ace!

By 28 July, 2013

Simon Corbell has taken the time to explain the virtues of Capital Metro, aka light rail:
Light rail is the best choice for responding to projected population growth rates in the Gungahlin to City corridor, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, said today.
The increase in population in the Gungahlin to City corridor [...]

Do the good citizens of Tuggeranong want to pay ~$150 million for a Civic to Gungahlin tram line?

By 21 July, 2013

Alistair Coe is playing the outer suburban spite card quite nicely as he keeps up his fusilade on the light rail plans:
ACT Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe has revealed that every household in Canberra will pay $4,419 for the construction of the Green/Labor light rail project.
Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics census data [...]

Would you prefer a nice new Ferrari to light rail? [With poll]

By 18 July, 2013

The Liberals’ Alistair Coe is having a fine time nitpicking the Capital Metro light rail proposal:
The ACT Government is spending $433,333 per additional commuter to ride the service, ACT Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today.
“The Government has stated that light rail patronage will be 4,500 people in the morning peak. However, currently 3,000 [...]

Northbourne does not need to be completely dug up

By 12 July, 2013

This morning the Canberra Times had a story so reeking of the pungent stench of BS that it didn’t seem to even warrant a reply:
The construction of the first stage of the Capital Metro light rail network will require all of the road surface on Northbourne Avenue to be dug up and replaced.
The project would [...]

Light Rail aims to make money

By 5 July, 2013

Just in case you haven’t already been bored completely to death by hearing about light rail, here’s some more talk about it.
The ACT Government’s Capital Metro light rail project delivers a benefit cost outcome similar to, or better than, other light rail projects that are going ahead around Australia, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable [...]

Toot! Toot! Capital Metro not on the National Infrastructure Plan

By 2 July, 2013

The Liberals Alistair Coe is having some fun with today’s National Infrastructure Plan:
The report details many projects across Australia, with the aim being “to provide governments and the community with a clear set of actions to take advantage of the opportunities…”
“The fact that the Government’s light rail project does not even warrant a mention, despite [...]

Liberals ask where the light rail beef is?

By 24 June, 2013

Alistair Coe is asking pointed questions of just where Simon Corbell’s grand light rail visions are coming to and from:
After questioning from Deputy Opposition Leader Alistair Coe, Simon Corbell has again refused to provide documents relating to the massive light rail project.
“Today in Estimates, Simon Corbell refused to release documents he claims to have about [...]

Northbourne Ave Train Solution

By 19 June, 2013

I came across this recently. I think it would be a fantastic idea for the use up Northbourne Avenue.
Imagine one day you driving on road, then one huge “moving tunnel” flying overhead, carring with hundreds of people, you may think it is dream, but it is true, soon this incredible Straddling Bus(3D Bus) will appear on [...]

Ohh no light rail

By 12 June, 2013

You have got to be joking , it would be funny it it wasn’t serious.
18 Million dollars to look into light rail, considering the buses are not fully patronized and this would serve one suburb.
Why do you think other city councils would never consider it, like Geelong, Woolongong or Gold coast or Bendigo [...]

Do light-rail systems help cut down on traffic? Perhaps not.

By 1 March, 2013

Thanks to the wonderful wonk blog:
A new study in the Journal of Transport Geography suggests that four light-rail systems built around England during the 1990s and 2000s had virtually no effect on overall car traffic. Instead, the rail systems mainly seemed to attract riders who would otherwise have taken the bus.
Without shifting away from our bush [...]

Canberra to light rail tenderers: Charge whatever you want!

By 27 February, 2013

Brendan Smyth has the disturbing news that no price is too high to build the Capital Metro:
Smyth: You said there is more work to do before we go to procurement?
Barr: That’s correct.
Smyth: So whatever the numbers turn up its going ahead?
Barr: Well yes, we are committed to this project.
Later, Mr Barr put it beyond [...]

What’s the Government hiding on Light Rail? Toot!

By 14 February, 2013

The Liberals Alistair Coe is asking why the Government won’t answer basic questions about the Capital Metro light rail plan:
The information on light rail the Liberals sought answers to were:
– the timeline for the decision making and construction progress;
– the expected cost to taxpayers of pre-construction and construction;
– the predicted patronage, running costs and staffing [...]

Toot! Toot! A tender called for a study on Capital Metro

By 13 December, 2012

Simon Corbell has announced he’s putting out to tender a study on how the ironclad promise of a light rail track will integrate with the rest of the bus network:
“Light rail will be an addition to our existing public transport network in the ACT, and therefore this study will provide detailed and essential analysis of [...]

On why Labor might have blown the election with Capital Metro

By 22 September, 2012

Yesterday Simon Corbell and Katy Gallagher surprised everyone by jumping onto the light rail trolleycar.
This made a lot of people very happy, but I’ve got a feeling it’s going to blow up horrendously in Labor’s faces.
To explain let’s go back to the electoral map.
Most pundits see the seven seat Molonglo electorate as being essentially [...]

TOOT TOOT! Labor promises light rail and names it “Capital Metro”

By 21 September, 2012

Angels and Ministers of Grace preserve us Katy Gallagher is committing Labor to light rail:
If re-elected in 2012, ACT Labor will establish the ACT’s first large-scale private sector partnership to plan, finance and develop the first stage of a Light Rail Network for Canberra – the Capital Metro.

[Photo by Justin Ruckman CC BY 2.0]

UPDATE 21/09/12 [...]

Toot Toot! Greens promise light rail rollout by 2015

By 30 August, 2012

Showing the other parties what policy development looks like the Greens have announced a plan for light rail as well as a handy summary:
The ACT Greens will:
– Commit to building light rail for Canberra
— $200 million initial Government funding committed to light rail;
— An ACT-wide light rail master plan, covering existing and developing areas;
– Construction [...]

Canberra Loves 40% rips into Andrew Barr over light rail

By 27 August, 2012

A new front opens in the electoral war with the normally Labor friendly “Canberra Loves 40%” giving Andrew Barr a serious kicking over perceived failings in his support for light rail.
Canberra Loves 40% spokesperson Phoebe Howe said, “The Minister’s response is very concerning and brings into question the capabilities of the ACT Treasurer, and [...]

$2 million per mile for vacuum trains? But Canberra to cost $60 million per km?

By 15 June, 2012

Yahoo has a fun story on the potential of running maglev transport pods down vacuum tubes for 60 minute trans-atlantic crossings.
This bit really leapt out:
The unusual travel tech has proven successful in a laboratory setting, but has yet to make its way into the real world. The biggest barrier to the technology is, predictably, the [...]

Does anyone aside from Simon Corbell want a busway?

By 8 June, 2012

The Greens’ Amanda Bresnan is pointing out that almost no-one has any enthusiasm for “Bus rapid transit”:
“The Canberra community agrees with the Greens. Questions we asked the Government about the community consultation on the Gungahlin to Civic transport project revealed that:
– 171 people favoured light rail, and 33 favoured bus rapid transit; and
– Of the [...]

ACT Light Rail to speak at GCC Forum on 13 June 2012

By 8 June, 2012

ACT Light Rail have been invited to speak at the Gungahlin Community Council public forum next Wednesday. Damien Haas, Chair of ACT Light Rail, will discuss the recent ACT Budget, the Gungahlin to Civic transport corridor and the future of light rail in the ACT.
GCC Public Forum
7.30 PM
Wednesday 13 June 2012
Gungahlin Public Library [...]

Why is the light rail going to cost so much?

By 23 May, 2012

The Greens are asking just why the ACT Government thinks it’s going to cost the best part of a billion dollars to join Gungahlin and Civic with 13 odd kilometres of light rail.
ACT Greens Transport spokesperson, Amanda Bresnan MLA, has questioned the Government’s commitment to light rail, and called on the Government to release [...]


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