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Lights – Canberra short film


Local arts dream-team Luke McGrath and Nick Delatovic have just put up their latest effort, a short film about Autumn and other things created as a part of ScreenACT’s Sort Seasons.
It’s charming, pretty, and very Canberran.
Starring Cara Irvine, Ben Drysdale and Julia Johnson.

The lights go on at Manuka Oval

By 23 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

To celebrate your correspondent’s 40th birthday the powers that be have put on a rather grand game of cricket next tuesday and Ricky Ponting is going to captain a side against the West Indies at Manuka Oval.
Migrane@Kingston has sent in these cracking pictures of the new lights turned on for the first time despite the [...]

Vandalism strikes new Manuka Oval lights

By 16 December 2012

Affinity Electrical has tweeted damage to the new lighting at Manuka Oval.
If it’s a crusty old killjoy nut I look forward to seeing him hung from the light towers.
And god help them if this fouls up the PM’s XI.
Disappointing! Vandalism to new Manuka Oval lighting #Canberra100 @manukaoval…
— Affinity Electrical (@AffinityET) December 16, 2012

We’ll keep [...]

Behold the lights of Manuka

By 14 December 2012

Holden Caulfield has sent this in:
I took this snap of the Manuka Oval light tower on my commute to work this morning.
There’s another tower going up today according to Andrew Barr.
Completion and first tests expected to take place in mid-January.

First light tower going up at Manuka Oval

By 13 December 2012

Andrew Barr has let it be known that at 9am this morning the first light tower is going up at Manuka Oval.
I eagerly await Canberra’s admission into the horrifically named Big Bash League on this basis.

We can’t even put lights up at Manuka without a ministerial call-in

By 8 August 2012

Simon Corbell has announced that rather than deal with the feral letter writers of the Inner South he’s calling in the paperwork to put lights up at Manuka Oval (paving the way for more and better cricket through summer).
Mr Corbell used his call-in powers to approve a development application to construct six lighting towers for [...]

Windies named to face Australia at Manuka

By 19 July 2012

Andrew Barr has excitedly announced Canberra’s first One Day International will be on 6 February 2013 between Australia and the West Indies:
Manuka Oval will host the one-day international match on 6 February 2013 as part of the 2012-13 Commonwealth Bank Series. It will be a day-night fixture.
The Australian team is coming to Canberra as part [...]

Lighting up Manuka

By 2 June 2012

When the Commonwealth announced matching funds yonks ago this one seemed like a no brainer.
But yesterday Andrew Barr saw fit to let us know it’s in the budget for this year.
T20 here we come.

Manuka Oval to get its lights

By 29 April 2012

Senator Lundy has announced the Commonwealth is chipping in $2.5 million to match the ACT funding and throw up floodlights at Manuka Oval.
(It’s hard to say who will lose the most votes from the happy photo of Lundy, Barr and Gillard).
Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Sports Minister Kate Lundy today announced funding of $2.5 [...]

Begging for lights at Manuka Oval

By 23 April 2012

Considering the crap the ACT Government can find money for it’s somewhat surprising Andrew Barr has publicly gone cap in hand to the Federales for $2.5 million to light Manuka Oval:
Today I am calling on the Federal Government to contribute funding towards the upgrade of Manuka Oval.
The call comes after a number [...]

Foggy days – use your lights!

By 3 June 2011

So you are driving to work this morning thinking to yourself “Wow this is a real London-style pea souper this morning – I can hardly see the car in front of me.”
But you are also one of the many many people who don’t seem to have figured out that maybe it would be a good [...]

Safety tips for the Chrimbo lights

By 24 November 2010

[Image from our 2008 tour de Amaroo]
ActewAGL, no doubt thrilled at the added consumption generated by conspicuous Christmas lighting displays, is offering advice on how to put them up without killing anyone.
Before you start
- Check your old lights for fraying cords and broken or cracked sockets.
- Use lights that have an Australian Standard or [...]

Dooring St Traffic Lights

By 21 November 2009

The ACT Government has announced new traffic lights at the intersection of Wakefield Avenue and Dooring Street in Dickson at a cost of  $822,000 (adjacent to the ABC’s Canberra Studio), with reports of 74 crashes at the intersection between 2003 and 2007.
I drive past this intersection most days and it is certainly dangerous – the [...]

Nudurr Drive extension

By 22 June 2009

The second Nudurr Drive Extension Community Newsletter has just arrived in my letterbox.
For those who don’t know, Nudurr Drive will extend through Palmerston/Crace connecting Gundaroo Drive and Gungahlin Drive.
Apparently traffic lights are planned for the new intersection of Nudurr Drive and Gungahlin Drive, but I have to ask why? Do we really need or want [...]

Tips for driving in the fog

By 6 June 2009

Have a look at the photo.
Observe what you can see of the oncoming car.
Oh my, that’s right. The only thing you can see in the fog is the headlights.
So here’s a tip space cadets. When driving in fog turn you headlights on.
If we have a prang because you were this stupid it’s wheel lock to [...]

The lights shine clear through the sodium haze

By 27 April 2009

While out on my early evening perambulation with my dogs on the Northside the other evening, I noticed that a number of the street lights had been changed from the usual dull orange, to a sharp and bright white light. Ok, no problem with that. A few evenings later I noticed that whole streets had [...]

The Bright Bright Lights of Amaroo

By 22 December 2008

[First Filed: December 20, 2008 @ 10:07]

Last night I tried to crush my girlfriend’s insufferable christmas cheer by getting her to drive us around while I photographed Christmas light displays.
We planned to take in a variety of Canberra suburbs. But having begun in Amaroo there was nothing to be done but to finish it and [...]

Fog Lights and Driving Lights

By 6 May 2008

After reading some incorrect opinions in this forum regarding fog and driving light use on ACT and NSW roads, I thought I’d attempt to clear things up.There is a lot of general confusion between fog and driving lights, what they are, what differentiates them, and when they may or may not be used.
After years of reading copious amounts [...]

Unidentified Flying Object over Kaleen?

By 16 April 2008

Did anyone see a bright white flying object over Kaleen/Barton Highway area around 9:35 tonight? It was quite high in the air – at first it appeared to be a firework of some sort…but it was too high (would have been perhaps 200-300 feet in the air) and the white light shone for several seconds [...]

Lights! Canberra! Action! on 666 website

By 14 April 2008

For all those interested in having a look at some of the short films, 666 ABC Canberra has all of the Lights! Canberra! Action! finalists on their site.

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