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Because what we needed was another zombie film

By 6 January 2014

Joy Burch has announced a funding round to local film makersL
More than $80,000 has been provided to nine screen-based artists through the 2014 ACT Screen Arts Fund, ACT Minister for the Arts Joy Burch said today.
“The ACT Screen Arts Fund provides opportunities for the ACT community to access funding for film and screen projects,” [...]

“Galore” trailer released on YouTube

By 17 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

“Galore”, the feature film which wrapped production in Canberra just on 12 months ago has released a teaser trailer, in conjunction with their official selection to the Berlin International Film Festival.
Many locals appeared in the film as extras (and even bit-parts), and several of the crew were recruited from the local film community. [...]

Theatre of the Dead cinematic release!

By 18 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

[ 28 November 2013 at 6:00 pm; ]

It’s been a long time coming but Canberra’s own Zombie flic Theatre of The Dead has a cinematic release!

“Galore” film debuts in Melbourne (MIFF)

By 30 July 2013

People of Can-brah might be interested to know that the Feature Film , “Galore” shot around Canberra and directed by former Kambah lad, Rhys Graham – freatures at MIFF next week…
Those angry Kambah residents that took up to 12 minutes extra to access their Gleneagles homes one evening and all those that were [...]

Camera Obscura in New Acton


This just added to the magic of YouTube:
Reproject | The Art of Camera Obscura
A Film by Nic Vevers | Music By Vanilla © 2013
{Official Selection} Canberra Short Film Festival 2012 | Byron Bay Film Festival 2013
Camera Obscura is a technique that creates a natural projection inside a darkened room as light passing thought a small [...]

All Stops to Canberra. A movie about Canberra’s trains


Thumper has directed our attention to this great little documentary about the trains of Canberra:
All Stops to Canberra is a reflective, centenary, look at Canberra’s earliest transport and its legacy: The Canberra Railway Museum.

Short Film. Falcon Convertible


This is a short film (7 mins) filmed & produced by a local Canberran. Please check it out & share,like & comment!!
Falcon Convertible is a short film about two Australian brothers who overcome natural obstacles in pursuit of fun. There is no dialog in the film and the action paints a picture of what Aussie [...]

Things nobody says in Canberra?


Tom Armstrong has put a real beauty of a video onto YouTube:
Canberra’s 100th Birthday. Happy birthday you cold bastard!
What was your favourite line?

Theatre of the Dead Cannes trailer


As Canberra’s very own zombie flick trundles to completion they’ve released the above “Cannes Trailer”.
Looking forward to seeing what all the hard work and enthusiasm comes to!

2013 screen grants announced

By 15 January 2013

Joy Burch has announced the $80,000 first round of ACT Screen Arts Fund recipients:
“There are nine screen-based artists in this first round of $80,000 funding and I am delighted that a broad range of projects have been selected,” Ms Burch said.
James Batchelor, a talented young dancer and film maker, has been supported to make Ersatz [...]

Looking for the end of the world in Canberra?

By 29 December 2012

My son and some friends are doing an amateur video production about what would have happened if the world really did end on 12.21.12. They’re looking for suitably end of the world shooting locations that are publicly accessible. It is okay if the locality is on private property but can be filmed as background from [...]

Mount Ainslie Drive closing to shoot “Galore”

By 4 December 2012

TAMS have advised they’re closing Mount Ainslie Drive, at the intersection with Fairbairn Avenue, in Campbell from 14.30 to 20.30 today to facilitate a movie shoot.
They advise they thing it’s going to be Galore:
It’s a long, hot summer before the final year of school and Billie and Laura, two raucous, impulsive teenage girls who live [...]

Local Feats, a retrospective of local feature films 1971-2010


[ 16 August 2012 to 20 December 2012. ]

This in from New Acton and sounding very interesting:

Local Feats is a retrospective of local feature films made in Canberra between 1971 and 2010.

Starting 1971, screened from an old 16mm projector, we will travel through the years each fortnight with the director and one of his/her short films. After a talk and the screenings, the [...]

Poker machine addiction – do you have a story to share?

By 13 July 2012

I am currently researching material (crowd sourcing) for a low budget local feature film – the story is concerned with a man who has a severe addiction to poker machines.
Are you a poker machine addict or have you been?
Have you been directly affected or heard about the effects of poker machine addiction?

Want to help Simon Cottee make The Duck?

By 16 May 2012

Animator Simon Cottee is calling Canberra home to request your help to make his next animated film:
Hiya riotact!
My name is Simon Cottee and I’m a short film maker and animator. I grew up in Canberra and 4 years ago moved to Brisbane to study animation. Though I still consider Canberra home as all my family [...]

Your entries wanted for The Phoenix Short Film Festival


[ 17 June 2012; ]

The Phoenix has sent in the entry form for their upcoming Short Film Festival (which I’m entertaining vague hopes of maybe getting on the judging panel for hence the plug as much as anything).

Here’s the blurb:

The Phoenix Pub is holding a short film festival on the 17th June and we’re looking for short films.

The films [...]

Why zombies are over


Every Thursday morning I click over to The Escapist to see what Yahtzee has to say on Zero Punctuation.
Today he explains in his normal eloquent way that tacking zombies onto whatever you’re doing in the hope of tapping into the zeitgeist has well and truly jumped the shark.
I bring this up because local creatives have [...]

Theatre of the Dead nearing funding goals

By 10 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Here in The Eagle’s Nest we maintain that zombies have well and truly jumped the shark.
But not everyone has our keen eye for the zeitgeist and hey, we can always do zombies ironically right?
In any event the efforts to make a zombie movie here in Canberra are coming along and their fundraising page reports that [...]

Canberra filmmaker getting a run at CIFF

By 2 November 2011

[ 5 November 2011 at 8:15 pm; ]

This in from the ARC Cinema at the National Film And Sound Archive:

Canberra documentary filmmaker Rob Nugent takes a fascinating and poetic look at the troubled relationship between man and locust
Saturday 5 November 8.15pm – Introduction and Q&A with Director Rob Nugent

Since the dawn of time, human civilisation has [...]

Canberra Film makes Inside Film Awards

By 15 September 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Captain of the Team from Kris Kerehona on Vimeo.
Captain of the Team
What do you get when you remove the only part of the Australian Flag that isn’t relevant anymore?
On the 20th of January 2010, Brendan Short created a facebook fan page calling for renewed unity and a further step toward reconciliation. His concept for [...]

Canberra Short Film Festival 2011

By 20 July 2011

[ 16 September 2011 to 18 September 2011. ]

The Canberra Short Film Festival has announced that they have successfully selected their semifinalists.

Now they move on for public screenings before announcing the winners:

Opening Night: Special Opening Night Film + Practising category from 6pm on Friday 16th September – audience votes in the People’s Choice Awards.

National Schools, Grass –Roots and Emerging from 5pm on Saturday [...]

Canberra Short Film Festival calls for entries in 2011.


The Canberra Short Film Festival is after entries from film makers at all levels of experience.
The 16th annual Canberra Short Film Festival is one of Australia’s premier film competitions and the meeting place for our hottest short filmmakers. 2 years ago, one of our Official Selection, Miracle Fish, has netted several international awards and an [...]

Tegan The Vegan Trailer

By 12 January 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Here’s a trailer for the work of local animator Marisa Martin and the ACT Government.
on Youtube it has this blurb:
Tegan is 12, in love with the coolest boy in class and just found out where meat comes from. Tegan faces intolerance and peer pressure as she struggles to she find the strength to follow her [...]

Locally shot film showing in Tuggeranong – Hobby Farm

By 1 December 2010

A Canberra local has managed to scrape together the cash to put a picture on the big screen.
Paul Murphy probably told huge lies to his friends to back him 300,000 dollars to produce the film which he wrote and stars in, along with some more well known actors. 
The shorts for “Hobby Farm” are [...]

Cutter – local short film

By 13 October 2010

Do you like your incidental music heavy, your dialogue light, and your camera work shaky and monochomatic?
If so this shortish locally made film by JaarGil0n is for you.
The shorter Part 2 is also available.

Help Bring “The Brotherhood” to Canberra

By 11 October 2010

Hi guys,
I know some of you have enjoyed my past Lights! Canberra! Action! entries, “Brotherhood of the Y” 1 & 2. I’m currently taking part in a competition run by the Movie Extra channel to win a $50,000 budget to turn the concept into a 7-part web series. This means I’d finally be able to [...]

Locally made “The Dinner Party” to premiere at the Dungog Film Festival

By 14 September 2009

[First filed: May 27, 2009 @ 09:47]

It might have been too strong for the Australian Film Commission but local film makers have finished their work “The Dinner Party” and it’s hitting the big screen this weekend at the Hunter Valley’s Dungog Film Festival.
This from the blurb:
What would you do if you found yourself at a [...]


By 30 April 2009

[ 2 May 2009 at 1:00 pm; ] 100 extras are needed this Saturday the 2nd of May at the National Museum of Australia from 1pm until 3pm.

The scene is the opening to the 90 minute film ‘The Competition’. We are creating a live studio audience for a fictional television show called ‘Band in Australia’ and you could help this Canberra made independent [...]

Short Story Big Screen – A different sort of film festival for Canberra.

By 23 April 2009

Here’s something for aspiring film makers. This from their media release:
Short Story Big Screen is a multicultural filmmaking project, which brings people from different communities together to tell their stories and turn them into films.
Short Story Big Screen is searching for local aspiring filmmakers of all ages and cultural backgrounds to participate and create their [...]

Canberra’s first Cult film night!

By 18 April 2009

Hi everyone,
Penny Dreadful films are teaming up with the ACT Filmmakers Network in delivering the best in underground cult and sleazy cinema to Canberra. In the next couple of months a venue will be named and also the mid 2009 selection.
Expect to be shocked! appauled! sickened! and most of all entertained!
The aim of the project is to [...]

Southern Hills High

By 31 March 2009

Another Lights! Canberra! Action! entry has surfaced on YouTube, this one by “lookatmyshorts”, posted with the following note:
Southern Hills High is an award winning film created for the Lights! Canberra! Action! 2009 short film festival.
The Lights! Canberra! Action! theme this year was “Stake Out”
Welcome to Mr D’s excursion to Canberra where there is some confusion [...]

The Copyfighters

By 24 March 2009

Another Lights! Canberra! Action! entry, posted by RevLucio with the following note:

Harry and Wallace have no idea what they’re in for when they decide to download some music…

Some fun action sequences, a dash of “Secret Valley”, perhaps a bit patch in plot, dialogue and acting. I did like the General sporting stripes.

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