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Olympic pool for Stromlo Forest Park by 2019


Stromlo Forest Park will be home to a 50m pool in 2019 after the ACT Government committed to spend $33 million in the upcoming ACT Budget 2016/17 on the facility for the Weston Creek and Molonglo community
Construction is expected to commence in 2017.
The announcement was part of the ACT Government’s Pop-up cabinet in Weston Creek [...]

ACT election headaches ahead for candidates

election vote

The 2016 ACT Assembly election obviously will be a watershed, not least because the legislature finally has increased to a properly representative 25 members.
I say ‘not least’ because there are a number of sleeping issues (headaches?) that candidates and successful MLAs will face.
Whomever forms government next October will need 13 of the 25 elected representatives, [...]

Cat lock-in plan for Causeway, Kingston Foreshore, Casey

By 1 December 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
free roaming cat

The ACT Government has for the first time proposed extending its cat containment strategy into an established suburb of Canberra.
It proposes declaring two new cat containment areas in the territory, at Casey in Gungahlin and in the suburbs surrounding the Jerrabomberra Wetlands Nature reserve including the Kingston Foreshore and The Causeway.
The Causeway was one of [...]

Alleged Molonglo firebug facing court today

By 20 January 2014

A 48-year-old man who suffered burns as a result of a fire in Molonglo will face court today charged with causing a bushfire during the total fire ban on January 16.
Police will allege the man, of no fixed abode, had been found hiding under a bridge after a fire had been deliberately lit near Tuggeranong [...]

Denman Prospect not going englobo

By 9 September 2013

The Economic Development Directorate has announced the LDA will develop Denman Prospect themselves:
The Land Development Agency will develop the new Molonglo suburb of Denman Prospect rather than sell the 100 hectare site as an englobo parcel.
The decision was taken following extensive negotiations with a potential purchaser which finally proved to be unsuccessful.
“While it is [...]

Stromlo Forest to get a swimming pool

By 21 May 2013

Andrew Barr has announced that the Stromlo Forest Park is also going to host a swimming pool:
The Gallagher Government is delivering on its election commitment to provide a new 50-metre indoor swimming pool in the Weston Creek/Molonglo area.
The Government is today announcing that land adjacent to Stromlo Forest Park has been chosen as the preferred [...]

The club previously known as Weston Creek Soccer Club

By 30 March 2013

Weston Creek Soccer Club is making it known that they’re moving on the greenfields of Molonglo:
The club previously known as Weston Creek Soccer Club has unanimously voted at its Annual General Meeting to rename itself Weston Molonglo Football Club.
“This is a huge step forward for the Club,” Club President Chris Brown said.
“It signifies our expansion [...]

Philip Pocock and the October 2012 ACT Election

By 7 February 2013

Today as I trawled through The Riot Act to pass the time and I read about Zed’s impending coup against Gaz and a religious conservative displacing a secular moderate, I came across some posts about the October 2012 ACT Election.
Reading them, I was reminded of Philip Pocock. Remember him? The qualified and registered psychologist who had interesting [...]

Molonglo Energy Efficient Homes?

By 4 November 2012

I have heard that the Molonglo development has higher standards that guides home owners and builders to have a more energy efficient home through double glazing or using an insulated slab.
Is this correct?

Liberals bring the love for woodheaters in Molonglo

By 30 September 2012

Let’s face it, at the price of land in the Molonglo development people there are going to be using wood fires for ornamental purposes rather than cheaping out on heating.
But it’s probably symbolic Zed Seselja is promising to overturn the Government’s ban on the things in the new development:
ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja announced today [...]

Stuart Biggs, Pirate for Molonglo, completes the Lego Challenge

By 28 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Last night the Pirates’ Stuart Biggs (Molonglo) lead us to the Hellenic Club in the City to show us how a pirate rocks Canberra in Lego.
Stuart’s priorities included: Improved rail access to Canberra, cultural hubs, a re-energised bus service, police respecting privacy, government transparency, open government, the internet, artists, cars following motorcycles at a safe [...]

Shane Rattenbury, Greens for Molonglo, completes the Lego Challege

By 26 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Last night the Greens’ Shane Rattenbury (Molonglo) came down to Duxton to strut show off his lego skills.
Shane’s priorities included: Community gardens, quality landscaping, quality housing, good insulation, a mosque, religious tolerance, cycle paths, a very fast train, a clean lake with live fish and triathlons, gay marriage, a covered canberra stadium in the city [...]

Shane Rattenbury takes on the Lego Challenge tonight at Duxton!

By 25 September 2012

The Lego Challenge kicks it up a cog tonight with the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and Greens candidate for Molonglo Shane Rattenbury coming down to show us what he can do.
Last election Shane wowed us with his Sim City skills so we’re looking forward to a good showing (no pressure mind you).
It’s running from [...]

Meet the Molonglo Candidates

By 11 September 2012

The ACT Assembly elections on 20 October 2012 are now only a few weeks away.
The Inner South Canberra Community Council (ISCCC) is holding a Meet the Candidates night to allow you to put the questions on the issues that matter to you.
Come and tell the political parties what you think about the issues [...]

Meegan Fitzharris, Labor for Molonglo, completes the Lego Challenge

By 4 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Last night Labor’s Meegan Fitzharris (Molonglo) exercised her right as a Lego donor to get us up to Gungahlin’s Siren Bar (where we were pleasantly surprised to find a passable jambalaya on the menu).
Meegan’s priorities included: Happy, Healthy, Connected, Learn, Prosper, Contribute, improving the Gungahlin main street and Linear Park, A huge healthcare facility, childcare, [...]

Alan Kerlin, Green for Molonglo, completes the Lego Challenge

By 29 August 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Last night The Greens’ Alan Kerlin (Molonglo) rode his bike down to O’Connor’s Duxton and had a go at our candidate challenge for the 2012 election (Al is also well known in this parish as “Gungahlin Al”).
I’ve been waiting to see a candidate work to a different scale and aside from his towering astronomer Al [...]

Mark Kulasingham, Labor for Molonglo, completes the Lego Challenge

By 23 August 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

[Pictured a shark called Jeremy bears down on the wreck of the SS Seselja]
Last night Labor’s Mark Kulasingham (Molonglo) took a swing at our candidate challenge for the 2012 election.
Having gotten in at the donor stage Mark nominated Digress in Civic and we had a star studded audience of Labor luminaries filling out the audience, [...]

Stuart Biggs (Pirates for Molonglo) makes another Lego offering


The Lego Challenge is coming to the end of phase 1 (Lego acquisition) with the Pirate Party getting in thanks to Stuart Biggs.
Stuart brought a another big box of basic blocks.
For those coming in late there’s two things going on here:
1) We need donations of Lego (or Lego contributed for return on a by-the-kilogram basis [...]

Meegan Fitzharris (Labor for Molonglo) brings the Lego


The Lego Challenge keeps gathering pace with the the ladies now represented by Meegan Fitzharris.
Meegan’s been pretty strategic in her contributions bringing; people, doors and windows, and girls doing science.
For those coming in late there’s two things going on here:
1) We need donations of Lego (or Lego contributed for return on a by-the-kilogram basis as [...]

Calling Independent Candidates for Molonglo

By 11 July 2012

I would like independent candidates who intend run in the seat of Molonglo to contact me so that I may be able to inform them of issues and meetings that they may want to know about.
Nominated candidate info will not be publicly available on Elections ACT website until 26 Sept.
Please email me:
Austin Lynch,
Vice-President Old [...]

You want to heat your house without buying from ActewAGL? Wood fired heating banned in Molonglo development


Simon Corbell has announced there will be no wood fired heating in the new Suburbs of Molonglo (Wright excepted) on air quality grounds:
“While the 2011 Air Quality Report highlights the excellent air quality in Canberra, annual monitoring has identified that smoke from domestic wood heaters is the most significant source of air pollution in Canberra,” [...]

Denman Prospect and Molonglo the last two suburb names in the the Molonglo Valley

By 15 June 2012

Simon Corbell has proclaimed the new suburb names downstream of the dam to be Denman Prospect and Molonglo.
“Lord Thomas and Lady Gertrude Denman held key roles in the birth of Canberra and I believe commemorating their name is a small token of our appreciation of their lasting work,” Mr Corbell said.
“The name is a link [...]

They’ve taken Oaks Estate? Is NSW eating the ACT? Yes, Minister

By 31 May 2012

[This is the text of a letter from the office of Joy Burch MLA, Member for Brindabella, Minister for Housing, to me.]
Dear Mr [name],
Thank you for your email of 19 April 2012 regarding the lack of bus services to and from Oaks Estate, Queanbeyan, NSW.
Minister Burch has asked me to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence [...]

Molonglo’s heart mapped out


Simon Corbell has announced his thoughts on where the big shops are going to be in the new Molonglo development (known to planning nerds as a “community focused group centre”).
He’d also like to get yours.
“The Molonglo Valley is an exciting new development for the ACT and it is imperative that we get the views of [...]

Silly main road design

By 7 February 2012

Who is it in ACT roads that comes up with new road designs? Drove through Molonglo the other day along Cotter Road to discover that the alignment has changed and it now heads through the middle of the two new suburbs of Wright and Coombs towards Uriarra road. To get to the Cotter and suburbs [...]

Gungahlin Al nominates for the Greens in Molonglo

By 7 February 2012

The Canberrra Times brings word that RiotACT’s own Gungahlin Al (aka Alan Kerlin) is throwing his hat into the political ring as a Green candidate for Molonglo.
With the Greens hard up against it to hold Caroline Le Couteur’s seat (kindly calculated by neutrals to have roughly a snowball’s chance in hell) a new high profile [...]

Willow massacre at Oaks Estate

By 6 February 2012

Territory and Municipal Services are letting us know they’re attacking beautiful willows near Oaks Estate to leave a blasted, but more authentic moonscape behind.
“The ACT Government has committed $1.5 million toward the cleanup of Willow debris, Willow control and river restoration work in identified priority areas,” Mr Hughes said. “This funding has been provided in [...]

Molonglo Valley Plan finalised!

By 4 November 2011

Simon Corbell and Gai Brodtman have announced “Molonglo Valley Plan for the Protection of Matters of National Environmental Significance”.
This plan, which underwent a rigorous strategic environmental assessment by both governments, reflects the ACT Government’s Molonglo and North Weston Structure Plan for urban development in east Molonglo.
“This strategic assessment of the Molonglo region under national environment [...]

Gungahlin sundered for 2012 in the electoral redistribution

By 29 September 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Elections ACT has announced their redistribution of electorates in the ACT for the 2012 election.
Crace and Palmerston are being shuffled into Ginninderra, further splitting Gungahlin. But the lunatic plan to split the Inner North along Northbourne Avenue with Turner, Lyneham and O’Connor smashed into Belconnen, has thankfully been consigned to the dustbin of history.
The Augmented [...]

Zed and Steve to try and swap electorates?

By 9 September 2011

The Canberra Times has the odd news that despite no word appearing on the Liberals website Zed Seselja and Steve Dozspot are going to try to swap electorates at next year’s election.
Mr Seselja has represented the inner Canberra electorate of Molonglo since being elected in October 2004, despite living just across the border in Brindabella.
The [...]

Ginninderra like a boss? Electoral redistribution madness. [With Poll]

By 7 July 2011

Elections ACT have announced their planned changes to the ACT’s electoral boundaries:
Ginninderra could become a 7-Member electorate and Molonglo could become a 5-Member electorate under major changes to the ACT Legislative Assembly electoral boundaries proposed by the Augmented ACT Electoral Commission, ACT Electoral Commissioner Phillip Green said today.
After considering 23 public objections to the [...]

Empty buses for empty suburbs

By 20 June 2011

The Greens’ Caroline Le Couteur is celebrating some success for her calls that buses should run through the under construction suburbs of Molonglo to ensure new residents don’t succumb to the siren song of car ownership.
The Greens have outlined a sustainability strategy for Molonglo which includes:
- Bus-only priority routes on arterial roads to City/Barton/Russell
- Park’n’ride [...]

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