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Seniors’ ACTION trips free till Sunday for ACT Seniors Week

ACT Seniors Week logo

Seniors Card holders can travel for free on ACTION buses until this Sunday as part of ACT Seniors Week.
Those with combined Seniors and MyWay cards must tag on and off as usual to ensure data is captured for transport planning purposes, but will not be charged. Those without the joint card should present their ACT [...]

Seek a refund from ACTION for overcharging

By 14 October 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

I have just been in contact with ACTION due to my card being overcharged for some transactions – depending upon the timing of you tagging on vs when the bus changes over route numbers at the start of / end of a route or turnaround on a route, the system thinks that you are on [...]

MyWay shopfronts close on Friday

By 26 June 2013

Just a friendly reminder to all bus passengers who use MyWay cards or who are in need of timetable information that the MyWay centres at City and Belconnen Bus Stations will be permanently closed after Friday 28 June.
From the MyWay website :
Effective Friday 28 June 2013, City and Belconnen MyWay centres will be closed.
The [...]

More MyWay Agents

By 23 June 2013

Mayor Rattenbury has announced 10 new reload agents for the MyWay bus ticketing system:
“I’m pleased to announce that 10 new reload agents are now available for people wishing to buy new or replacement MyWay cards (standard and student) and to top up the value of their cards,” Mr Rattenbury said.
“Of the 10 new agents, four [...]

MyWay changes incoming


TAMS have announced some much needed changes to the operations of MyWay after an external review pointed out that things could probably be done a bit better.
Changes include more places to pay for the cards and making it simpler for concession travelers to pay correct fares.
Apparently this will also be cheaper for the government, so [...]

8,600 student MyWay cards cocked up

By 5 April 2013

TAMS have given notice they’re in the middle of fixing a monumental cockup:
Each year the ACT Government undertakes a routine verification process of student MyWay cards to ensure only eligible students receive discounted travel.
During the last update on 31 March 2013 a total of 8600 student MyWay cards were incorrectly reverted to standard cards.
“Unfortunately there [...]

myWay fail

By 3 April 2013

This morning given it was a little gray and I was a little tired I thought I’d take the bus rather than ride my bike to work. I quickly popped online to see if I had any money on my myWay card. Imainge my surprise when $20 I put on back on the 21st was [...]

Wanna be a MyWay reloader?

By 18 January 2013

Mayor Rattenbury is calling for tenders to provide MyWay reloading around town:
“These ten additional MyWay reload providers will increase access to MyWay facilities for bus patrons, which is all part of making ACTION a more convenient and accessible service for Canberrans,” said Mr Rattenbury.
“The new recharge agents will expand the reload provider network to sites [...]

“MyWay hacking” misinterpretation

By 30 November 2012

Hey all,
We’ve had a think about our last blog post and taken a fresh look on how it could be mis-interpreted.
We didn’t intend to give the impression that we were maliciously going after the security of the MyWay system. Nothing of the sort, this was an exploration of what MyWay is and how it works: [...]

MyWay Card Hacking

By 29 November 2012

Hey All,
I just got an awesome Galaxy Note 2 to do some development on, and to my extreme delight, I found it has NFC capabilities. For those who haven’t heard of NFC, its an extension of RFID technologies, which allows for wireless data transfer over a 10cm range. Obviously, I had some good fun scanning [...]

Park and ride gets perked up

By 25 June 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher’s people have finally put online her tweaks to the Park and Ride system:
ACT Chief Minister and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Katy Gallagher, announced today that the Park and Ride permit system has been improved with additional permit sites, the introduction of a ‘city-wide’ permit and the development of designated permit [...]

Duelling card reading parking machines

By 2 June 2012

Yesterday the Liberals took the bold step of promising $210,000 to install card reading parking machines.
This was swiftly followed by Andrew Barr promising to spend $300,000 on the exact same thing.
If only negligible sums could be spent on sensible things during the whole electoral cycle!

The Chief Minister pronounces MyWay a resounding success


Katy Gallagher released a statement last night about the progress of MyWay.
She says MyWay went live on 11 April last year with minimal difficulties; Canberrans finding it easy to adjust to the new ticketing technology.
“MyWay makes it easier and cheaper for the vast majority of bus travellers to enjoy bus travel”, the Chief [...]

MyWay tagoff trial extended

By 18 June 2011

Territory and Municipal Services have announced that they’ve extended the time they’re taking to teach ACTION cutomers to tag off their cards when they get off the bus:
To assist patrons become more accustomed with the process of tagging on and off buses with their MyWay card, the ACT Government will extend the current transition period [...]

MyWay? No Way

By 29 April 2011

I applied for and received my children’s school student MyWay cards a couple of weeks ago. I topped up their cards using BPay a couple of weeks ago. I went online here today: h
To check the balances on their cards and despite reading and fully comprehending the instructions to check the balances and following [...]

MyWay – Recharge early and often

By 19 April 2011

Though that my experience is post worthy
While exiting the bus at work last Wednesday morning I noticed the orange and green lights came on while ‘tagging off’ the bus.
This is a warning that the credit on my ‘MyWay’ card has fallen below $10. As a regular bus user I then jumped on the internet and [...]

MyWay or the Highway


Territory And Municipal Services have announced that the new MyWay cards or cash are now the only ways to catch a bus.
The old ticket system is dead, but students with a term ticket can ride by showing it to the driver.
You can still transfer credit from old tickets to a new MyWay card until the [...]

10k take up MyWay

By 11 March 2011

Chief Minister Stanhope is proudly reporting that 10,000 public transport enthusiasts have already grabbed themselves a MyWay card. That’s on top of the seniors’ rollout.
He’s also got some explanation of there it’s all up to:
“To make the process even easier, pre-loaded standard adult MyWay cards with $20 worth of travel are also available from most [...]

The new MyWay ticketing system is here for ACTION buses


MyWay cards are now available to the general community including school and tertiary students.
Using the new MyWay cards will be easy and the majority of passengers will enjoy cheaper travel. Passengers will just have to remember to tag on at the start and tag off at the end of the journey. Tagging off ensures the [...]

Lots more space in the “Park and Ride” carparks….

By 8 March 2011

I have been wondering how the Park and Ride carparks were going to be ‘managed’ with the advent of MyWay.  Up till now you could buy your (4) tickets on line apply for and get a Park and Ride voucher for your nominated carpark.
This worked well for the people who worked at say, Woden but [...]

MyWay needs better promotion

By 7 March 2011

Transport for Canberra’s long-awaited MyWay ticketing system was launched today, but you could be forgiven for not noticing.
When the Nightrider service ended on the last weekend of February, one of the main criticisms was its lack of promotion. So the lack of promotion thus far of MyWay seems like déjà-vu all over again.
There have been [...]

MyWay for everyone from Monday


In the Civic bus interchange this morning more people were reading MyWay brochures than texting on their phones.
Chief Minister Stanhope has explains why by announcing that the cards go live to the general community on Monday 7 March.
Now the following dates are important for bus users:
– Monday 7 March, MyWay rolled out to general Canberra [...]

2,700 wrinklies pile onto MyWay

By 28 February 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Territory And Municipal Services bring word that of the 47,000 seniors invited to start using MyWay cards on Action buses some 2,700 have taken up the offer:
The Council on the Ageing (COTA) is writing to the ACT’s 47,000 seniors inviting them to apply for a combined ACT Seniors/My Way card which will include $10 worth [...]

Try out MyWay at the show

By 25 February 2011

Territory And Municipal Services have the thrilling news that if you’re going to the Show this weekend you can practice your MyWay card skills.
The bus will be parked outside the Budawang Building which is just inside the gates of Exhibition Park in Canberra.
“The introduction of the MyWay ticketing system commenced for ACT seniors this week [...]

MyWay rollout starts Monday – One card to rule them all?

By 16 February 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Chief Minister Stanhope has rather buried the lead in announcing the MyWay rollout is starting on Monday with Canberra’s Seniors being offered a combined MyWay/Senior’s card.
“MyWay represents the way forward for bus travel in the ACT and the first stage of this will be sending letters to the ACT’s 47,000 Seniors Card holders over a [...]

Is that a 50% ticket price increase Action is trying to sneak in with MyWay?

By 11 February 2011

It seems that those of us who currently travel on Action buses using an adult Faresaver 10 may soon be subject to a 50% ticket price increase under the MyWay system. 
Currently, an adult Faresaver 10 costs $25.20.  This equates to a single fare cost of $2.52.  A nice little discount from the cash fare [...]

Software glitch hits MyWay tickets

By 13 January 2011

The ABC has the predictable news that the late and delayed rollout of a ticketing system ACTION can even maintain has hit a glitch.
“The trial’s been fairly successful but there are a few issues that came up from the trial which we’re working through with the supplier at the moment,” he said.
“Mainly software issues do [...]

MyWay or FreeWay?

By 5 November 2010

Owen has been out on the buses and noticed there might be a problem with the siting of the new MyWay ticket machines:
This MyWay ticketing device is behind the drivers compartment, and out of sight of the driver.
Wonder how they can enforce passengers to use it, looks like a great scheme for free bus rides.
Saw [...]

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