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The wonders of ACT road planning

By 22 June 2008

This month (possibly)  sees the commencement of works for Phase 1 of the Lanyon Drive / Monaro Highway intersection upgrade. In 2007, your illustrious leader Jon Stanhope commented that:
“The intersection of Lanyon Drive and the Monaro Highway is one of the busiest in the ACT as Lanyon Drive, connecting the ACT and Queanbeyan, carries 23,000 [...]

ActewAGL don’t get it!

By 22 June 2008

Has anyone else noticed that ActewAGL may be getting a teensy bit paranoid about the gas station proposal? They keep wanting to have ‘little chats’ with, for example, the Canberra Times here and the Planning Institute here (CT letter from ActewAGL CEO, John Mackay).
I guess it’s not easy getting people to agree that [...]

Restaurant Review – Saffron

By 21 June 2008

Saffron Restaurant
Where – Franklin st Manuka
Cuisine – East Mediterranean fine dining
Review date – 17/6/08
Phone – 62957068
Cost – Banquet and drinks $50 per head, give or take (mains approx $25-28 which include rice and salad)
I’ve had the great pleasure to have dined at Saffron on a number of occasions and on each i have been very [...]

What happened to the Birdman rally?

By 20 June 2008

Can someone tell me what happened to Canberra’s greatest annual event – the BIRDMAN RALLY? Remember all those fools jumping off a 10metre platform at Regatta point? Did someone die in the name of public entertainment or is it merely another casualty of public liability insurance? I can’t help but feel all of the fun is being [...]

Canberra Drivers. I mean,,,WTF !!!!

By 20 June 2008

I know this subject has been done to death on this forum many times so I guess once more won’t hurt. But honestly, what is it with Canberra drivers ??
Last night at around 1745 I drove from City to Chisholm. Trying to think of what would be the quickest way there I elected to cruise [...]

Where’s Zeddy? (Reprise) – Sonic found him!

By 20 June 2008

The Canberra Times is reporting that boo hoo young Zeddy is not at all happy for it to be known that Chief Minister Sonic found him hiding in down in Maccarthur.

Of course Zeddy denies that he has been rallying the troops around him in relation to the power station… oh no… of course it’s totally [...]

Legal system fails again. Corbell declares never again.

By 19 June 2008

Like the Raven in Poe’s The Raven, Simon Corbell has rightly come out saying ‘never more’ in this sadly bungled case.
The office of the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions will review all cases set down for trial to prevent the unavailability of witnesses leading to another aborted prosecution. The Canberra Times revealed yesterday that a [...]

NO ESCAPE from the Raiders

By 19 June 2008

Is it just me or is there no escape from continually hearing about the Raiders?
I like to watch the local news but I just have to turn off when sport comes on because every day its the same thing- this Raider signed a contract, this Raider didnt, this Raider is injured, this Raider is returning [...]

Emergency waiting time improving

By 19 June 2008

The ABC is reporting that Katy Gallagher has indicated that strategies to reduce waiting times in emergency departments are paying off and that the latest report on Canberra’s public hospitals shows an improvement in the performance of emergency departments.
The report shows the number of patients treated on time increased across all categories.

70% of Canberrans drive to work

By 19 June 2008

ABC online reports the findings of a AAMI survey in wich 70% of Canberrans drive to work.  I expect the following extract will be used by various idealists in the ACT Government (hi John Hargreaves) to push for more punitive revenue raising measures to get more bums (literally and figuritively) onto ACTION buses:

 The survey [...]

End of Financial Year – what is going on??

By 19 June 2008

Usually at this time of year, I am a neurovore – that is, I am living on my nerves. (Thank-you Terry Pratchett for putting a name to my condition, finally)
The end of Financial year is usually filled with many requests for quotation, orders must go out by the 30th etc, etc. (BTW, I am a [...]

eBay trail bikes being stolen? Or a beat up?

By 19 June 2008

A police investigation in the nation’s capital Canberra has revealed goods are being stolen after being listed on the internet for sale, according to the Age.
Detective Sergeant Dave Harrison, from the Territory Investigations Group, says providing details other than a phone number effectively tells thieves where particular goods are housed.
“Thieves can click on a website [...]

Canberra fans try to hijack NRL poll

By 19 June 2008

The Herald Sun is reporting that one eyed Canberra Raiders supporters have blatantly tried to hijack The Daily Telegraph’s reader poll to find the NRL’s best player, posting messages on fansites to drum up votes for favourite son Todd Carney.
As at 2.55pm today Carney had a stunning 1408 votes – about a fifth of the [...]

when is canberra best?

By 19 June 2008

we’ve had lots of threads and posts about what to do or what to see in canberra, but wafting about between appointments in a cab today, and out at lunch kicking a footy yesterday, i was reminded about how much i particularly like canberra in winter – the fresh quality the air has, the stillness [...]

Bushfire art donated to Canberra uni

By 19 June 2008

ABC online is reporting that Canberra artist Bernard Hardy and his wife Jill have donated a series of paintings to the University of Canberra, which chronicle the loss of their home in the 2003 bushfires. The works aim to show hope emerging from the devastation and include an image of Mrs Hardy finding possessions in [...]

Budget highlights 2008 – 2009 pamphlet

By 18 June 2008

I just received the pamphlet telling me what the ACT govt money is being spent on for the next financial year.
the best example is the literacy on the $2m duplication for athllon drive – ANKATELL Street, not Anketell Street.
read it, i urge you…

Are all Canberrans this unhelpful?


Hello, and no, this isn’t the usual political post, nor is it a restaurant review, it’s really just a whinge (if you like), about what happened to me today.
I am a single mother of a 2 year old toddler. Not by choice, but by circumstances. I have full care for my child, I work part-time, and [...]

Outrage at poor sports screening decision

By 18 June 2008

Does anyone know where the Carlton v Essendon game is being shown LIVE on a big screen at a pub or club this Sunday at 2pm?
It is a pay per view Foxtel game and it was with serious outrage that I read the reply I received from my usual footy viewing haunt, the Ainslie [...]

Holy Grail Fined for Underpaying Staff

By 18 June 2008

Local ABC radio (666) is reporting that The Holy Grail bars in Kingston and Civic have been fined $30,000 by the Office of the Workplace Ombudsman for underpaying their junior staff. There’s nothing on the WPO website in terms of a press release as yet.
It’s kind of poignant really, given the sometimes robust discussion on [...]

You want a good Joinery Company?

By 18 June 2008

We have just had some custom cabinets designed and fitted by Anthony Le Lievre and his team at Touchstone Joinery, Queanbeyan. The service level, design, fit and price were first rate. His workers who fitted the joinery were polite and cleaned up fully after themselves. We cannot speak highly enough and suggest if you want [...]

Calling on Giralang Resident’s Action Group

By 18 June 2008

Has there been an update on what is happening at the Giralang shops?  Last I heard, Woolworths were looking at it, but the rumour mill is saying IGA – I can’t find any new info on the website and wondered if there were any fellow rioters who had an update.

Former defence chief buried

By 18 June 2008

Former chief of the Defence Force General Sir Francis Hassett has been farewelled with full military honours at a funeral in Canberra.
About 100 mourners and dignitaries gathered at the Duntroon Chapel to farewell General Hassett who headed the Defence Force for two years until he retired in 1977.
ABC story here

GDE Duplication

By 18 June 2008

I beleive I heard on the news the other day (wasn’t paying complete attention, but belive it was WIN) something about a decision being made to duplicate the GDE (IE, make it two lanes)
I haven’t been able to find correlating news links yet, but i’m surprised it hasn’t popped up here yet.
This raises a number [...]

Breakfast – Sat 28 June, 9.30am

By 18 June 2008

I flagged the idea of a Riot Act breakfast get-together a few weeks ago, and have had a couple of responses. Although I had originally suggested this weekend this Sat is now out.
 So I’m proposing Saturday 28 June at 9.30am at a central location. I am not going to post the venue in this thread [...]

Assembly passes Kaine condolence motion

By 18 June 2008

ABC online is reporting that the Legislative Assembly has passed a condolence motion in recognition of former chief minister Trevor Kaine who died earlier this month. Mr Kaine was elected to the first Legislative Assembly in 1989 as the Liberal Opposition leader.

Canberra man accused of attempted rape during household robbery

By 18 June 2008

Livenews has this report about a Canberra man who has been charged with attempted sexual intercourse without consent, an act of indecency without consent and burglary.
The assault occurred in Belconnen in the early hours of on Monday morning, police say

Stanhope faces no confidence motion

By 17 June 2008

The ABC online is reporting that the ACT Opposition will move a motion of no confidence in Chief Minister Jon Stanhope over his involvement in the gas-fired power station planned for Tuggeranong in southern Canberra.
Opposition Leader Zed Seselja has given notice of his intention to move the no confidence motion next Wednesday.

Public School spending ahead of recommendations

By 17 June 2008

It may surprise some but apparently the ACT has a higher ratio of investment public school facilities than private, bucking a national trend, and in theory making public education in the ACT a far better proposition than it might be in other states.
Andrew Barr has claimed that the $350 Million in capital works spending to [...]

ORGANised walk

By 17 June 2008

[ 22 June 2008 at 11:00 am; ] On Sunday 22nd June, students from Girls Grammar have organised a walk to raise Organ Donor awareness in support of 14 month old Cordelia Whatman who requires a liver transplant and to raise some money for Westmead Childrens Hospital. The students have designed T-shirts which will be available for sale on the day and are [...]

Surprising new charges at restaurants – and some oldies as well

By 16 June 2008

Talking to a mate today, he told me that he got slugged at a restaurant at a birthday party for the following charges:
Corkage – an oldie but still around
Cakeage – What the?? it is a cake, you get a knife, you cut it. Not really haute cuisine…
Service Charge – apparently similar to an american “tip”
Cancellation [...]

Post School Options Expo

By 16 June 2008

[ 24 June 2008 at 4:00 pm; ] Post School Options Expo ’08< /strong>PAVING THE WAY TO YOUR FUTURE 

The Post School Options Expo ’08 is an information forum aimed to provide students with a disability, their families, carers and teachers with appropriate and timely information and advice on: 
§         Transition Planning
§         Career Pathways
§         Employment Services and Options
§         Further Education and Training
§         Funding Eligibility
§         Advocacy [...]

Canberra’s best Sushi- Mee’s Sushi

By 16 June 2008

For as long as I can remember I have always considered Sizzle Bento to be the best place in Canberra to get good takeaway sushi- how wrong I was.
As a work colleague would not stop raving about the sushi at a place in Manuka called Mee’s Sushi, I decided this weekend I would [...]

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