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Free buses for seasonal drunks!

By 28 November 2013

Shane Rattenbury has dramatically announced that there will be no cost at all to ride the NightRider buses this year:
“To build on the success of the ACTION Nightrider bus service, and in recognition of the important role it plays for late night transport and safety, I have decided to trial the service for free this [...]

Nightrider gets 2,460 drunks home in December

By 25 January 2013

Shane Rattenbury is celebrating Nightrider patronage figures:
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury, today announced that ACTION’s 2012 Nightrider bus service shuttled over 2,460 people safely home throughout December 2012, breaking the New Year’s Eve patronage record on the way.
“ACTION’s Nightrider service again proved to be a popular and affordable option for Canberrans to [...]

The return of the Nightrider

By 28 November 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Mayor Rattenbury brings news that with the drinking season upon us the night buses are coming back:
“The Nightrider service is a convenient public transport option to help people home safely after a night out in Civic this festive season,” Mr Rattenbury said.
“ACTION buses will provide the service. Like last year, it will operate on 7-8 [...]

Nightrider redux?

By 26 March 2012

The Greens are wondering why the Nightrider buses are confined to the warm months, and if we can have it again?
Last Summer’s “Nightrider” bus service carried a record breaking number of patrons, according to data obtained by the ACT Greens.
The data also reveals the ACT Government trebled the advertising budget for the service for [...]

Nightrider Victory Declared

By 6 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Chief Minister Gallagher is thrilled by patronage for this summer’s Nightrider:
ACT Chief Minister and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Katy Gallagher, has declared the ACT Government’s Nightrider bus service a resounding success with 2,608 people utilising the service throughout December2011.
“The ACT Government’s Nightrider service proved a very popular and affordable option for people to [...]

Nightrider turns into success

By 12 December 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Katy Gallagher is celebrating a tenfold rise in people using the Nightrider bus service in its opening weekend.
“A total of 548 people used the Nightrider service on Friday and Saturday night. This is one of the busiest opening weekends in the history of the service,” the Chief Minister said.
“This compares to the 59 people who [...]

Nightrider rides again

By 18 November 2011

The late night inebriate needs an occasional bus service like a fish needs a bicycle.
But Simon Corbell has announced that the very expensive and doomed to fail exercise in keeping the Greens happy known as the the Nightrider bus will be returning this festive season.
“Nightrider will run most Friday and Saturday nights in December, with [...]

Nightrider condemned.

By 22 June 2011

Territory And Municipal Services have released their report into the operation of the NightRider bus service this summer.
Key Learnings from the trial were:
1. The service could not be seen to be cost effective in its current design at an average cost of $157 per passenger
2. The service carried most passengers on New Year’s Eve and [...]

Nightrider Trial ends – who’s to blame? [With poll]

By 28 February 2011

The ABC has the sad news that the Nightrider bus trial has ended with the average cost per passenger carried around $400.
That’s more expensive than a flight from Canberra to Hayman Island right now on the Virgin Blue Website.
The Greens are claiming the service was never advertised properly (certainly they did not advertise here), Mr [...]

Stanhope on Nightrider

By 12 January 2011

Chief Minister Stanhope’s website has returned giving us insight into his thinking on the operation of the Nightrider bus service.
“While nobody could ever put a price on potentially saving someone’s life, it is clear that the service is being under-utilised and the Government will need to review how it operates in the future.
“While take-up was [...]

Labor sharpens knives for Nightrider

By 11 January 2011

The Canberra Times is expressing the Government’s displeasure with the NightRider service which in its first three weeks was costing $326 for each passenger taken home.
What do they expect for a new service?
It takes years for these things to become habitual to users.

Nightrider buses
Need to be persisted with
Should be scrapped
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New Year’s Eve Nightrider

By 23 December 2010

Transport For Canberra has posted the special NightRider bus timetable for New Year’s Eve.
For anyone who’s ever had to try and get a taxi on New Year’s this will be very welcome.
Worth printing and sticking in your wallet just in case.

The Nightrider rolls for 2010

By 2 December 2010

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced tomorrow marks the start of another three month trial of the Nightrider buses.
Deanes Transit Group will run the service every Friday and Saturday night throughout summer, as well as providing additional services on New Year’s Eve.
“The three-month Nightrider trial is part of the reform of the Liquor Act, which [...]

Simon’s reform bought with another summer Nightrider trial

By 26 August 2010

The ABC informs us that the Greens concerns with Simon Corbell’s “reforms” of liquor laws have been assuaged by yet another three month summer trial of the Nightrider trial.
Because trying new things that come and go is a forte of drunks at 4am.
A real night bus trial should really be funded for a couple of [...]

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