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Simon get his industrial magistracy hat

By 29 October 2013

Simon Corbell is celebrating the creation of an Industrial Court:
An election commitment to improve the health and safety of all ACT workers has been delivered on today with the passage of legislation establishing a new ACT Industrial Court with its own industrial magistrate, Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, announced today.
“The new Industrial Court is the centrepiece [...]

High risk work licences need re-assessment

By 8 October 2013

WorkSafe is banging the drum about the need for licence holders to keep their skills up to scratch:
ACT Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe is advising people who hold a high risk work licence under Work Health and Safety legislation that they must have and maintain the competencies the licence indicates they hold.
“WorkSafe ACT will [...]

A worksafe app

By 26 August 2013

Justice and Community Safety have the strange news that there’s a funny little app for fruity devices only to appeal for Elf fanciers:
ACT Work Safety Commissioner, Mark McCabe today announced the launch of the new WorkSafe ACT app available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad through the Apple App Store.
“I am delighted to launch [...]

Simon shuffles up his paper Industrial Court

By 8 August 2013

Simon Corbell has announced he’s legislating to create a new hat for a magistrate to wear:
Attorney-General, Simon Corbell, will today introduce a bill which will create an Industrial Court in Canberra, to hear and decide industrial and work health and safety matters in the ACT.
“The safety of all workers, including those people working on ACT [...]

On the spot workplace safety fines kick off next week

By 24 June 2013

Simon Corbell is giving notice of on the spot workplace safety fines:
“From 1 July 2013, inspectors will be able to issue ‘on the spot fines’ for the following workplace safety breaches:
– not notifying WorkSafe ACT of notifiable incidents;
– not providing first-aid equipment;
– not providing personal protective equipment;
– not providing training and instruction on the use [...]

Seminar: “Work’s not working: How to shift to healthier more productive work” with ergonomist Wendy Elford

By 16 May 2013

A recent study of over 1300 Australian Public Service staff has found that more than 70 per cent experienced neck pain in the last year, well above the average of 12 to 34 per cent. Does the answer lie in improvements in ergonomics like sit-stand desks or in the way that work is organised-or what?
What [...]

Simon steps towards an industrial court

By 7 May 2013

Simon Corbell has announced he’s floating an exposure draft to give the magistrates some new hats to wear on industrial and health and safety matters:
Mr Corbell will today table an exposure draft of the Magistrates Court (Industrial Proceedings) Amendment Bill 2013 in the Legislative Assembly to open the public discussion on the government proposed legislation.
“Ensuring [...]

Worksafe aims for the heights

By 8 April 2013

Worksafe ACT have announced they’re going to be taking a long and beady look at what the construction industry is up to once their boots leave the ground:
The Work Safety Commissioner announced today that WorkSafe ACT will be conducting an inspection program focusing on working safely at height in the residential housing industry in the [...]

Master Builders and Worksafe cruising for a bruising

By 27 March 2013

The Master Builders have announced their thoughts on Worksafe’s “Getting Them Home Safely” report.
Worksafe has been quick out of the blocks to disagree.
The MBA’s lack of unequivocal support for the report’s call for a 35% improvement in the local industry’s safety record is potentially a serious setback for local workers. In many senses this is [...]

Safety concerns at the old country comfort site


A reader who wishes to remain anonymous has sent this in:
The following concerns are raised regarding demolition activity at 102 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon:
1. Unsafe building practices
No fall protection has been installed on demolished apartments. See below photo of construction worker washing out apartment without fall protection. Ground is slippery from washing out building materials and [...]

Getting Home Safely recommendations accepted by Government

By 27 February 2013

Simon Corbell has announced today that all of the 28 recommendations made by the Getting Home Safely report have been accepted by the ACT government.
“Work has already started within Government. We will introduce a package of measures to ensure the implementation of the recommendations and will ensure the improvements we make are sustainable.”
Mr Corbell said [...]

WorkSafe cracking down on Nishi?

By 5 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

WIN News’ Ellena Midgley has just tweeted on WorkSafe actions at the Nishi Apartments:
Worksafe ACT blitz on Nishi development #Canberra…
— Ellena Midgley (@EllenaMidgley) December 4, 2012

Improving Canberra’s woeful workplace safety record

By 26 November 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell has announced the release of the Briggs report into workplace safety in the ACT construction industry.
“The Government commits to providing a detailed response to each recommendation of the inquiry by the end of February 2013. In the interim, I can announce today that the Government will immediately take action on the report’s findings [...]

Safety Inquiry given more time to finish homework

By 20 November 2012

Worksafe brings word the much needed construction sector Inquiry Panel has been given until this Friday to report:
The Inquiry Panel looking into compliance with safety requirements in the ACT’s construction sector has asked the Attorney General for a one week extension to the deadline for completing their report in order to ensure the report includes [...]

WorkSafe going after employers who fail to report

By 23 October 2012

WorkSafe ACT is giving warning they’re preparing to prosecute employers who fail to report serious injuries and dangerous incidents:
“The ACT’s Work Health and Safety Act 2011 places a requirement on employers to report notifiable incidents, that is, serious injuries or dangerous incidents, to WorkSafe ACT,” Mr McCabe said today.
“Once the employer becomes aware [...]

Another worksite fall

By 22 October 2012

Patient treated for chest injuries following worksite fall
ACT Ambulance Service intensive care paremedics have treated a male patient following an accident at the Nishi Appartments on Edinburgh Ave, Canberra City.
The 22-year-old male has been treated for chest injuries following a fall from an internal shaft in the complex and has been taken to the Canberra [...]

78-80 Northbourne waving the asbestos in the wind

By 27 September 2012

The ABC reports that the demolitions of 78 and 80 Northbourne Avenue have ground to a halt over the handling of asbestos:
Workers are refusing to enter the hotel construction site at 78-80 Northbourne Avenue in Braddon because of fears over asbestos handling.
The CFMEU says asbestos is not being removed or disposed of correctly.
ACT branch [...]

Apprentice sparky shocked then injured in fall

By 20 September 2012

Worksafe is reminding people that stuff can be dangerous:
The reminder comes after a 20 year old apprentice electrician suffered serious injuries after apparently receiving an electric shock and then falling approximately five metres to the ground yesterday afternoon. The young man was working at the old bus depot in Phillip at the time of the [...]

Construction industry to cop an inquiry over their crappy safety record

By 28 August 2012

Simon Corbell has announced that the death toll in Canberra’s construction industry has reached the point where he needs an inquiry running to get him past the election:
Attorney General, Simon Corbell, has today announced that Ms Lynelle Briggs has been appointed to Chair a major inquiry into ACT health and safety laws in the local [...]

Greens want more workplace safety

By 9 August 2012

The Greens’ Amanda Bresnan has announced an OH&S policy for the election:
“Our vision must be to have no deaths on ACT worksites and we must commit to the funding and strategies that will achieve this.”
The Greens have released two key initiatives for the ACT building and construction sector:
– A proposal to raise approximately $2M annually [...]

Examine your own workplace safety policies, say ACT Greens

By 24 July 2012

After a call for the ACT Government to stop contracting the cheapest construction companies for their own projects two weeks ago, the ACT Greens have followed up by requesting that the Government includes an examination of their own policies and processes in their current investigation of construction site safety.
“We welcome the Government’s decision to investigate [...]

Doma Group on the Kingston contruction tragedy.

By 21 July 2012

This in via email:
Press release from Doma Group and Bloc:
At approximately 9am Saturday morning during a concrete pour the concrete boom appears to have broken from the truck and fallen to the ground. Two workers are injured and there has been one fatality. The site has been closed and handed over to authorities [...]

Crackdown on construction safety following Kingston death

By 21 July 2012

Simon Corbell and Chief Minister Gallagher have teamed up to announce they’re going to be taking a red hot look at safety on ACT construction sites following this morning’s tragic disaster at the Kingston Foreshore:
Attorney General, Simon Corbell, said this was the fourth death of a worker on a worksite since December last year, and [...]

Concrete boom collapse at the Kingston Foreshore


Three workers have been injured in an accident on a work site in Kingston this morning.
The ACT Ambulance Service and ACT Fire & Rescue were called to Dockside, Eastlake Parade were a concrete boom had collapsed.
Firefighters have rescued one of the men who was trapped under the boom.
Update to follow.
10:02am Saturday 21 July 2012

Intensive care [...]

How much safety can the lowest bidder provide?

By 11 July 2012

The Greens’ Amanda Bresnan is expressing concern that the cheapest companies win the tenders for ACT construction projects.
“Answers to questions we put to the Government show a startling pattern of rewarding the company that provides the cheapest service,” said ACT Greens Industrial Relations spokesperson, Amanda Bresnan MLA.
“Of 26 recent construction projects, the ACT Government awarded [...]

Greens twist the safety knife over Kenoss

By 29 March 2012

With Kenoss’ Turner truck driver electrocution turning fatal the Greens are raising a ruckus about contracting and safety in the ACT.
The Greens used question time to question the Government on the issue, citing the shutdown of two sites run by Kenoss Contracting, a company frequently used by the ACT Government.
“There are concerns that [...]

Worksafe shuts down Kenoss site in Molonglo

By 27 March 2012

WorkSafe ACT has let us know they’ve slapped a prohibition order on Kenoss Contractors Pty Ltd site in Molonglo:
“After visiting the site in Molonglo, WorkSafe ACT found a number of safety concerns. The recent incident at Kenoss’ Turner site is a stark reminder of just how dangerous construction work can be,” said Mr McCabe. [...]

Put a dump site under powerlines and what do you expect happens to dump truck drivers?

By 26 March 2012

The ABC has a story on trouble at a Turner building site which has put a dump truck driver into hospital in Sydney:
“There was a dump site which the worker was dumping material into and that dump site was directly under overhead powerlines,” he said.
“So clearly a key part of our investigation will be to [...]

Death in Macgregor

By 13 December 2011

ACT Policing in conjunction with Worksafe ACT is investigating a fatality at a building site in Macgregor this afternoon (Monday, 12 December).
Around 2:00pm, police were called to the Macgregor site after reports that a man, working at the site, had been struck by a grader.
As a result of the collision, the man sustained fatal injuries [...]

Should Police “Working on the roads” be different to “Roadworkers”??

By 31 October 2011

It’s confused me justy recently that working in the construction industry where you are “around machinery” or hazardous areas hi-vis wear is mandatory. However, numerous times now I have seen Police standing in the middle of the road handing out fines in 80 km/hr areas. I called up the Police enquries, because if you didn’t [...]

Workers Memorial begins consultation

By 18 July 2011

The National Capital Authority is letting us know they want to know what you think about establishing a “national memorial to honour, and pay tribute to, all working Australians who have died as a result of work related accidents, incidents and disease”.
They’re holding a drop in session at the proposed site in Kings Park on [...]

Worksafe to crack down on cafes

By 15 February 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

The ACT Work Safety Commissioner has announced that Cafes and Takeaways are to be the target of a compliance campaign:
Announcing the campaign today, Attorney General Simon Corbell said the campaign would focus on work safety practices in kitchens and service areas and what responsibility business owners were taking to eliminate or minimise risk of harm [...]

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