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Park that Monday right here

By 9 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Hey Rioters, Riotesses, and Rioteers!
Not that we’ve all partied down at a bunch of weddings over the weekend, let’s get down to some serious parking business.
It’s time for another dose of poor parking.
If you’ve got some shots you’d like to share send them to, make sure to use the word parking in the subject [...]

Monday Parking fights back

By 2 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Dear Monday People,
I’m sorry the weekend is over.
Here are some parking photos that demonstrate how sorry I am.
If you are sorry too you can give us parking photos, just email them to and we’ll do the rest. Make sure to include parking in the subject and let us know what name you would like [...]

Park on you crazy Monday!

By 25 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Happy Monday Humans!
You know what you’re here for, I don’t need to explain it.
You’ve probably scrolled past this intro already, dots of saliva landing on your keyboard as you prepare to gorge yourself on some sweet bad parking photos.
Once you’ve had your fill please remember to contribute to the cause by sending in your own [...]

Tales of Monday Parking

By 18 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Some call it a punishment from God for a world full of sin, some say it was a curse placed upon drivers after one cut an old witch off at an intersection once, most just assume there are lots of stupid lazy people out there…
But whatever the reason, the fact remains that poor parking is [...]

Monday Parking Showdown

By 11 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Oh no! It’s Monday!
Well back to work everyone… and by work I mean back to looking at photos of people parking poorly.
It’s a hard knock life.
If you’ve got some shots of people parking badly send them in to
Be sure to use the word “PARKING” in the subject line and let us know what name [...]

The ghosts of Constitution Avenue ride again

By 9 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Mayor Rattenbury is out for his first Constitution Avenue Rodeo.
A stretch of road dominated by gravel car parks and bordered by Canberra’s oldest graveyard will, we are repeatedly promised, be transformed into the Paris of the South.
Anyway, here’s Shane’s stab at it:
Work is progressing on the upgrade of Constitution Avenue with design plans now finalised [...]

Giulia Jones having a go at other people’s parking!

By 5 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Angels and Ministers of Grace preserve us, the Canberra Times has got Guilia Jones on record about the poor parking of people not in her liveried car!
Spokeswoman and Member for Molonglo Giulia Jones said several of her constituents had voiced concerns about services accessing clients in the suburb, including Staverton Place.
“It is not good enough [...]

The Legend of Monday Parking

By 4 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Hey, Listen!
It’s dangerous to go alone, take these parking photos with you!
If you happen to find some poorly parked cars along the way, snap a photo and send it in to the RiotACT at Be sure to include the word “parking” in the subject, and let us know what name you would like to [...]

Braddon Parking

By 31 October 2013

I made a casual observation today about the increasing number of new apartments, shops, and restaurants planned for southeast Braddon (area bounded by Northbourne, Haig Park, Torrens, and Cooyong) and the apparent decreasing number of places to park a car. 
Is ACTPLA planning directed towards making parking difficult for people who do not live in [...]

Monday Parking Justice Squad

By 28 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Fellow defenders of parking etiquette, it is Monday and Monday means it’s time to frown at photos!
We have a fresh crop of photos from our rogues gallery of automotive villains, time to dish out some judgemental justice!
If you snap a shot of some sloppy parking, send it to us at

1. Aeek hits us with [...]

Here’s some Monday parking for you

By 21 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Hey Rioters,
Here’s a fresh serve of Monday parking for you, so dig in.
If you spot some delicious poor parking out and about snap a shot and email it to so everyone can enjoy it. Make sure to include the word “parking” in the subject and let us know what name you would like to [...]

Parking returns to Monday

By 14 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

It feels like it has been forever since I did a Monday Parking post on an actual Monday.
Is it odd that I feel vaguely nostalgic about it?
It is, right?
At any rate we have a bunch of terrible parks for your to frown at this week, and also a surprising amount of free publicity for the [...]

Tuesday GOLIATH Parking Post

By 8 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Dear Lord you have been busy Rioters,
71 parking photos this week.
I’ve been cropping and editing and resizing and sticking little “RiotACT” labels over all the license plates all morning.
71! Madness!
So did everyone just take more photos, or is poor parking becoming an epidemic?
Have a poor parking photo you want shared? Send it to!
Be sure [...]

Tuesday Parking Adventures!

By 1 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Parking doesn’t stop on public holidays, but I do.
I hope your long weekend was as long as your sleep-ins Rioters, however the weekend is over.
It’s week-time now, and week-time is time to get serious.
Serious about bad parking.
If you’ve got any photos of bad parking to share send them to! Be sure to include the [...]

Monday Parking Blast

By 23 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

So a Monday has gotten right up in your grill has it?
Well I know how to deal with Mondays. You parking photo them right in their stupid Monday faces!
Here’s some ammo, now you show that Monday who is boss!
If you’d like to help restock the RiotACT armoury with more anti-monday parking photos, send them to [...]

iParkr – App for Canberra Pay Parking

By 17 September 2013

Hello Everyone,
MyndWorks is an Australian company and we have developed a smart phone pay parking solution for councils. Please see
You can check out the demo (including Canberra parking) at or just scan the QR.
Users can

Search meter
find nearest pay parking on the map,
see the parking details
select parking duration
and use reminder function

Obviously this is still [...]

Hey parkers, it’s Monday!

By 16 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

So have any of you ever spotted your own car on here?
I wonder what that would be like? You’ve wandered in to have a good Monday laugh at some poor parking then you are suddenly faced with your own shortcomings as a parker.
Would you laugh?
Would you cry?
Would you swear never to park poorly again?
If you’ve [...]

Have Your Say in Belconnen Town Centre parking planning

By 11 September 2013

The Belconnen Community Council are conducting a survey to determine actual parking requirements in the Belconnen Town Centre.
We are holding a public meeting to begin our project to improve parking in Belconnen on Tuesday Sep 17th at Margaret Timpson park at 12.30PM. Look for the silver sculpture on the corner of Chandler St and Benjamin [...]

Monday Parking Parking Monday Monday Thing

By 9 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

It’s time to reward last weeks top parkers, and in doing so make everything rainbows and happiness with positive reinforcement.
That’s a lie, it’s actually time to laugh at those who cannot or will not park properly, as is our tradition.
Send in your bad parking photos to, be sure to include the word “parking” in [...]

Was it Zed’s disability that stopped him completing his candidate questionnaire?

By 7 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

A bonus parking photo in today from Charnwood by a source that chooses to remain anonymous.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to .

Monday is a parking day

By 2 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

It seems every week more and more Canberrans are being infected by the bad parking epidemic, it’s getting frightening.
Just check out this massive haul of poor parking shots.
If you’ve seen an outbreak of bad parking, take a photo as evidence and send it to
Be sure to include the word “parking” in the subject line [...]

Parking Seselja Style

By 29 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

We’re still waiting to hear from the Liberals as to why their candidates Zed Seselja and Merinda Nash were nominated as having the same home phone number.
And we’re also still waiting to get any sensible clarification about Liberal marked vehicles parked in disabled spaces.
So it’s nice to come full circle in a way with this [...]

Parking Day is Monday is Parking Day

By 26 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Goooood morning Rioters!
It’s a new working week and it’s time to set the tone for your work week by immediately slacking off and looking at some parking photos!
If you happen across a terrible example of parking, make sure to snap a photo and send it in to
Include “parking” in the subject and make sure [...]

Just another parking Monday

By 19 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Are you ready for the challenges this week bring Rioters?
Are you sufficiently pumped?
Do you need help reaching the the recommended level of pumpage?
We’re here to help, with pump inducing photos of Canberra worst parkers.
If you happen to see, or if you happen to be, one of Canberra’s worst parkers please take a photo and send [...]

Parking squeeze for Telopea Park

By 13 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

TAMS have announced they’re changing the parking in Barton around Telopea Park:
“From Monday 19 August 2013, parking on the west side of Telopea Park will be prohibited,” Ken Marshall, acting Director of Roads ACT said today.
“Currently, vehicles are parking on the side of the road along Telopea Park which restricts the space available for [...]

Monday Parking shame pit

By 12 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Morning Rioters!
It seems our ongoing crusade against the bad parkers of Canberra is finally bearing fruit, as we have less photos this week than we’ve had in a fair while.
The only logical explanation for this is that all of these crappy drivers have seen their cars on this site, felt bad about it, and sworn [...]

Monday dose of bad parking


Morning Rioters!
When leaving the wild excesses of the weekend behind and beginning the task of preparing yourself for the week ahead, be sure to remember these few important steps:
1. Brush your teeth.
2. Find and put on your trousers, or trouser equivalents.
3. Check out the RiotACT bad parking photos.
Now you’re ready to go!
If you would like [...]

Monday is for bad parking


Morning Rioters!
Time for your recommended weekly dose of bad parking!
We treat you so well.
If you’d like to treat us well then make sure to send any photos of bad parking to
Be sure to include the word “parking” in the subject and tell me what name you would like to be credited as.

1. Neanderthalsis utilised [...]

ANU Exchange car park closed this Friday

By 25 July 2013

Just a quick FYI post for those of you who work/study/park your car at the ANU.
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that ANU Exchange will close the car park next to Street Theatre on Friday 26 July 2013.
The car park will be closed from 7 am to 12 pm for [...]

Monday afternoon parking


Hey Rioters! I just got back in the ‘Berra after a week away and I immediately craved photos of people parking poorly.
It’s like there’s something in the air here.
Thank goodness for you lot, you’ve delivered again and my cravings are satiated.
Have a photo of a terrible parking attempt?
Send it to us at and feed [...]

Monday Parking Round up


Hey Rioters!
We here at RiotCorp know what you need to get you through your Monday. You need some nice photos of some awful parking.
We hear you, and because we like you we’re gonna help you get what you need.
We’re here to help. – RiotCorp.
Speaking of help, if you happen to spot an awful park please [...]

Monday parking hootenanny


Start your day right Rioters with a cheap bit of breadish substance from the bakery, a Redeye, and a big pile of parking photos to peruse!
That’s it!
Feeling better now?
Alrighty then, OFF TO WORK!
Perhaps you have procured a perfect picture of poor parking?
Please post it to!
Be sure to include what name you would like to [...]

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