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Is ‘exposure’ appropriate as a ‘pay’?


I have heard all of the recent controversy about the 100 dancers that were asked to work for 11hours for a Video Clip filming – and then a selection would be asked to perform at The Logies – for free.
The basis of this would be that their pay would be the ‘exposure’ they would receive.
This [...]

Wage freeze at the top

By 20 June 2013

The Remuneration Tribunal has decreed that Members of the Legislative Assembly shall not get a pay rise this year:
Having balanced these considerations the Tribunal decided not to make any changes to salary, allowances or other entitlements for Members pending an independentreview to be held during 2013. The Tribunal decided to consider the review findings at [...]

How much does your IT job pay?

By 22 April 2012

I have been looking for a new job in the IT field as the writing is on the wall for the one I have now. The new game seems to be contracting. No more solid walk in jobs based on years of experience. So, I dressed up and went to pimp myself and my skills [...]

Teacher protest 2011 style

By 27 September 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

They came to Civic Square, they waved their red flags, they lurched slowly left to right in time to John Lennon covers, they congratulated each other for being there, and they were very sure that giving themselves more money is in the best interests of the future of civilisation.
They really don’t like funding for football [...]

MLA pay rise

By 14 June 2011

The ABC brings word that the ACT Remuneration Tribunal is giving our leaders a pretty small 2.5% pay rise.
That will take the base salary of an MLA to just over $121,000 a year.
Ministers also receive an additional salary on top of that, ranging between 70 per cent and 110 per cent of the base [...]

Fair pay to slug the community sector dependent

By 16 May 2011

The Greens are worried that a community sector pay ruling will lead to a cut in services to the disadvantaged who rely on community sector services.
The problem is that over the years Government have outsourced essential services to non profit orgs that only make economic sense if they can run leaner than Government agencies.
Now those [...]

More pay, less perks for MPs

By 18 November 2010

The Herald Sun has word of planned changes for the pay of the Members of Parliament who walk amongst us.
Significant increases to base pay while cutting back on the much abused benefits is a good idea in theory.
But which leaves the most cash behind in the ACT economy?

Community sector wants equal pay

By 10 June 2010

As RiotACT readers no doubt no well there are two great instincts at the heart of any bureaucrat.
1) To cover their arses against potential future criticisms of their actions
2) To expand their empire
The “Community sector” is what happens when the Government decides services are important but instinct 1 overpowers instinct 2.
While there are some [...]

ANU – Underpaying Workers or Rewarding Volunteers?

By 12 August 2009

The ANU marketing machine is busily humming away with a call for students to ‘work’ at it’s annual open day. While the ANU (and other institutions) have been calling these activities volunteering and rewarding their ‘volunteers’ with cash-equivalent vouchers to supermarkets for years, this recent email has to make you wonder if the ANU truly [...]

1.5% pay rise for the legislative assembly

By 15 June 2009

Jon Stanhope has waited until the evening news bulletins were in bed to make mention of a 1.5% pay rise for members of the Legislative Assembly.
The pay of ACT MLAs remains the second-lowest in the nation and is almost $13,000 a year less than the base pay rate for Commonwealth Parliamentarians.
The Remuneration Tribunal also [...]

Holy Grail Fined for Underpaying Staff

By 18 June 2008

Local ABC radio (666) is reporting that The Holy Grail bars in Kingston and Civic have been fined $30,000 by the Office of the Workplace Ombudsman for underpaying their junior staff. There’s nothing on the WPO website in terms of a press release as yet.
It’s kind of poignant really, given the sometimes robust discussion on [...]

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