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A new solution for tracking ACT fuel prices – #CBRFuelWatch

man filling up at petrol station

With the demise of ACT Fuel watch, here’s a simple solution for tracking Canberra’s fuel prices via Twitter.
All drivers need to do is take a photo of the fuel price sign when they fill up (obviously not WHILE they’re filling up) and tweet it along with their location (just the suburb will do) and add the [...]

ACT Fuel Watch fighting for fairer petrol prices

By 9 January 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
ACT Fuel Watch

Tired of paying more for petrol than their Sydney counterparts, a group of Canberrans are using social media to take the fight for fairer petrol prices into their own hands.
The group created ACT Fuel Watch, a Facebook page that monitors petrol prices in the territory and surrounds, on Sunday evening (4 January 2015). In just [...]

How low will petrol prices go?

By 31 December 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Canberra motorists have been treated to a drastic reduction in the price of fuel since the opening of Costco’s petrol station in early December.
On a trip to the Majura Park precinct just before Christmas, I was surprised to see unleaded fuel down to $1.17 a litre at both the Costco and the nearby Woolworths petrol [...]

Shane takes up cudgels on the petrol price boards


The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury has introduced a bill to get a straight published price on petrol station price boards:
“The Fair Trading (Fuel Prices) Amendment Bill 2013 will ensure that petrol stations display the fuel price that is available to all consumers and not the price available to consumers who have already shopped with the retailer [...]

Simon moves on servo price boards

By 10 May 2013

Simon Corbell has made it known we’re joining in a national campaign to make sure the displayed petrol prices are actually available to motorists (rather than just the lucky ones with the applicable shopper docket):
“At the July 2012 Consumer Affairs Forum (CAF), Ministers agreed to consider a national approach to the display of price information [...]

Petrol price round up 1st May

By 1 May 2013

Johnboy asked you to send is photos of the price boards at various petrol stations so we can keep track of ‘what costs what where’ and we’ve started getting out first batch sent in.
If you’re at a petrol station in the morning Rioters send us a photo of the price board to
Also if you’re [...]

Photograph your petrol station. A call to arms

By 30 April 2013

Between news that Canberra is getting badly ripped off and Barcham getting bailed up for daring to take a picture of a price board this morning we think it’s time to do something.
So get snapping with your phones people and send in pictures of your local petrol station.
If they arc up remind them you’re on [...]

25c a litre for the Canberra petrol markup?


The Canberra Times has a story on just how badly we’re being ripped off on petrol:
The price of petrol in Canberra was more than 25 cents higher than in Melbourne, and close to 25 cents higher than in Sydney over the past week, according to the latest fuel price update.
While price falls of 10 cents [...]

Fuel Prices in Canberra vs Sydney

By 6 December 2012

All the petrol stations in Canberra seem to have high prices, even the independents. I can’t use any words, but to me, “Something is rotten in the State of Denmark”. Read in to it what you will.

Petrol rip-off continues….

By 23 June 2012

Canberrans paying too much for petrol. Sydneysiders pay $1.20 while we pay $1.50/litre!

Forget petrol prices for a minute. What about gas?

By 7 March 2012

I drive a dual fuel petrol/gas vehicle.  Due to economy reasons, my preferred fuel is gas.  When I bought the vehicle around June last year, gas was 64.5 cents per litre, and it stayed steady at that price, seemingly immune from the constant fluctuations in the price of petrol.  I was aware that as of [...]

The Canberra petrol ripoff

By 20 February 2012

The Canberra Times is having a screech about Canberra petrol prices being much higher than the rest of the country.
The price of unleaded fuel reached a high of 149.9c per litre yesterday, 10c higher than in Sydney and almost 20c dearer than Melbourne.
Canberra also had the second-highest minimum price in the country, with its cheapest [...]

Cost of Fuel in Canberra?

By 10 November 2011

So I’ve heard all the excuses in the past about fuel costs but why on earth are we paying approximately 13 cents a litre more than Melbourne and Sydney right now??? 
Motormouth advises ULP in Melb is 135.7 and Sydney 136.9 and poor ol Canberra up at 147.9
There has to be someone challenging this?  Isnt there??

Fuel up again!

By 15 September 2011

From $1.349 at 6p.m. to $1.49.9 at 8:30pm, same day at the New 7-11 at Holt WTF???
How’s your area coping?
Thursday 14, September.
Mark that as another slash on the throats of motorists.

The skyrocketing price of petrol


The Canberra Times notes that the price of middle eastern democracy movements is being felt at the petrol pumps with a swingeing $1.50 per litre out there and another 3 to four cents a litre predicted.
CommSec economist Savanth Sebastian said escalating tensions in the Middle East could drive this figure even higher to a [...]

Canberra Petrol Prices

By 1 February 2010

It’s probably not the first time someone has raised this topic on RA, but it really gets under my skin.
I just spent a few days in Sydney, and filled up on the M4 for $1.15 per litre, only to come home and find prices close to $1.30. It’s just absurd.
No one can tell me that [...]

Petrol companies ripping off Canberra again?

By 27 June 2009

The ABC informs us that petrol prices are running 15 cents a litre higher than Sydney, or even Goulburn or Yass.
It also seems we have both too much competition, and not enough.
One suspects maybe we just have too much money.

Petrol cheaper in Goulburn

By 31 May 2009

I was in Goulburn yesterday and interested to see that petrol was 10c a litre cheaper than Canberra.  I filled up before leaving at $1.28.9 in Canberra and wish I didn’t bother as it was around $1.17.9 in the Goulburn main street (admittedly that may have been after shopadocket discount).
If you’re heading to Sydney and [...]

‘Ere we go, ‘Ere we go, ‘Ere we go! Petrol to drop under $1 a litre.

By 26 November 2008

If this is recession I say give me more!
The ABC informs us that Canberra petrol prices are going to go under $1 a litre this week despite the gloomy prognostication of the peak oil doom-mongers who bravely said it would never happen.
Interest rates plumetting, petrol prices down by more than a third. That Kevin Rudd [...]

Cost of Fuel in Phillip

By 7 November 2008

There seem to have been some pretty wild fluctuations in the cost of fuel in Phillip this week.  For most of the week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), both the Shell and BP outlets on Melrose drive were selling fuel for about $1.22 per litre, there was a difference of about 2c PL between the two [...]

Petrol Prices Over The Phone – “Not Our Policy”, Coles Express

By 23 September 2008

After reading the news today about the huge jump in global oil prices, I thought I’d call a couple of local petrol stations to inquire what the current price of fuel is to decide which station I’d drop past on the way home from work.  Why would I go to the effort you ask, other [...]

End of the cheap oil?

By 12 September 2008

I walked past a petrol station in Tuggeranong at lunchtime today and watched in amazement as the price of their discount ULP was changed from 128.9 to 157.9.
They must have run out of all that cheap oil.

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