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Yellow Pages in Canberra. Your final use?

By 3 June 2013

It has been quite a while since I had the spare time to post here, but – I’m back!
Recently, I was surprised by the arrival of the Yellow Pages beside my letterbox. This was remarkable as I believed that in this era of smartphones, everybody simply did a quick Internet search when they wanted [...]

Issues with TransACT

By 17 October 2011

Last weekend, starting Saturday morning, mother-in-law had issues with her (TransACT connected) land line in Dunlop. Her line dropped out completely, with no ability to phone out or take incoming calls. This also had the effect of causing her monitored security system to go offline (blue light flashing outside and annoying warning ping inside). [...]

Ring, ring!!! “…goodbye”

By 29 January 2011

Has anyone else been receiving calls with nobody on the calling end, a long pause, then an automated “goodbye”? We had 2 last night, one well after 10pm, and another today at 130pm…
Any idea who it is?
I rather suspect it has something to do with the lovely people that ring telling me my [...]

Etiquette question … nude phone calls …

By 15 January 2010

[ED - not in any way Canberra specific but I found the mental image funny enough I couldn't help but let it through. No surprises I wasn't able to find a safe for work image to accompany the submission! ]
This morning I was wandering round the house in the nick and had to make [...]

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