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In ACTPLA we trust


With the NCA moving to hand over significant planning powers to the ACT Government, the focus now shifts to how the ACT Government handles such an increase in responsibility for national aspects of this capital city.
I have long held the view that the ACT Government should have far more control over much of the land [...]

They’re ripping up parking lots


Canberra’s planners in the 1950s and beyond delivered an infrastructure made for cars. There were even major freeways planned (a story for another day).
The road infrastructure until lately has been fairly successful and, in turn, has encouraged locals to use cars rather than public transport. Cars are part of most people’s daily lives.
We might be [...]

Proud to be a NIMBY


Almost every day I walk by a set of new apartments here in Dickson. These are now part of the history of the push by residents not to have rubbish developments plonked in the area.
It is sad to watch yet another community, namely Red Hill, now being put through the mill. They are not objecting [...]

The fog around the ACT’s Heritage Strategy


The ACT Government has commenced a period of consultations for the development of a five-year heritage strategy (see links below this post).
Many heritage debates are contentious. Especially when things get complicated given the political influence of the property sector who constantly bang on about cutting ‘red tape’ on heritage matters which usually means they want [...]

Plaza would revitalise Civic’s iconic Sydney and Melbourne Buildings: Barr

An artist's impression of the revitalised Sydney and Melbourne buildings precinct.

A proposed plaza between the Sydney and Melbourne Buildings in Civic would help Canberrans reclaim the iconic art deco landmarks and revitalise the precinct, according to ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr.
Mr Barr has today invited Canberrans to have a say on a Government strategy to create a series of “urban villages” at key points on [...]

Is Mr Fluffy planning variation worth a Backyard Bonus?

facebook mr fluffy demolition

Maybe the answer to DV 343, which is causing angst among Mr Fluffy owners and their neighbours, lies in a Backyard Bonus or BYB. Readers will recall the ACT government is allowing dual occupancy building on established residential blocks cleared due to asbestos contamination under this planning variation. It’s a nice little earner [...]

A Christmas wish: urban leadership


When Jon Stanhope commented on his disappointment – or was it frustration – with the lack of the ACT Government’s achievement in delivering on social housing, it struck a note with anyone who likewise considers that the LDA/directorate is focused on land sales at the expense of urban development and issues such as social housing.
I [...]

Assembly’s maturity in planning a matter of opinion

Yarralumla Brickworks

I see amendments to the National Capital Plan are due for approval before Christmas. Essentially this will pass greater responsibility for local planning decisions to an ACT government.
Granted there have been two rounds of community consultation on an exposure draft prepared by the National Capital Authority (NCA). Thus, while the final approval will again be [...]

Locals should be tram’s priority


Just when most locals probably thought that there have been more than enough discussions and surveys about the Canberra’s new light rail (or trams), the ACT Government has launched another consultation on the topic.
But wait – do not despair just yet – this time the focus is not about whether or not, or when or [...]

Have your say: draft Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan

By 2 October 2015

The Belconnen Community Council had a very active role in facilitating community engagement in initial consultations on what should be in the Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan. The eagerly awaited draft Master Plan has now been released and this again presents an important opportunity to have your say on issues you feel strongly about – [...]

Housing project to revive Downer


Many years ago the suburb of Downer had a thriving shopping centre and a bustling school next door. All this became a distant memory when the school closed and with the rise of the nearby Dickson shops, the local shops went into slow decline. Eventually the school building was demolished.
The situation could be about to change, [...]

A new look for Belco?

Belconnen Master Plan aerial view

Do you think the CIT Bruce campus should move to be next to Westfield Belconnen? Do you want 18-storey high-rises on the sites of the old Belconnen Remand Centre?
Consultation officially starts today on the draft Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan. It’s an important document that will shape both Belconnen and the broader ACT for the [...]

August 2014 Belconnen Community Council Public Forum: Omnibus Territory Plan / Belconnen Town Centre Survey results

By 18 August 2014

[ 19 August 2014 at 7:30 pm; ]

The August 2014 Public Forum for the Belconnen Community Council will be held at:

7.30pm, Tuesday 19 August 2014 in the
Community Room above the Belconnen Library
Chandler Street, Belconnen

Representatives from the Community Services Directorate and the Economic Development Directorate will discuss the Omnibus Territory Plan Variation sites, especially those in Belconnen at Kaleen (former bocce club) and [...]

Fast-track planning bill withdrawn

By 9 May 2014

The ACT Government has bowed to local pressure and withdrawn a fast track bill for development, according to the ABC.
The Project Facilitation Bill was due to allow major projects to gain rapid development approval, bypassing many planning laws.
As discussed on The RiotACT, the plan was proving controversial.
Chief Minister Katy Gallagher decided to withdraw the bill, [...]

Belconnen Community Council Public Meeting: Does every suburb need a local centre? Why/why not?

By 17 March 2014

[ 18 March 2014 at 7:30 pm; ] This months public meeting will be in the form of a community discussion about the future of local centres.

Belconnen is unique amongst the Canberra town districts in having so many local centres in a state of decline. Three no longer exist and six have lost their supermarket. Come along and tell us what [...]

Wedding Information Night

By 4 March 2014

[ 5 March 2014 at 6:00 pm; ] This may be of interest to couples planning their wedding day…

Wedding Information Night

Planning a wedding?  Want to know more?  Come along to The Chapel Crew wedding information night to find out all the tips from the industry experts.

Date: Wednesday 5th March 2014
Time: 6PM to 8PM
Where: The Chapel at Gold Creek - 17 O’Hanlon Place, Nicholls, ACT

Free [...]

Behold the Draft City Plan

By 21 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Chief Minister Gallagher and Simon Corbell have this morning unveiled their draft city plan, which has it’s own website and the draft plan as a snapshot pdf and a full report.
The draft City Plan sets a vision for the development of the city centre, including improved public spaces, transport choices and opportunities for growth.
“This [...]

Coe calls for planning reform

By 18 September 2013

Won’t anyone think of the property developers?
Well, the Liberals Alistair Coe is bravely taking up cudgels on their behalf:
Shadow Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Alistair Coe will call on the Government to undertake a comprehensive review of the Territory Plan with a view to simplifying the document.
At present, the ACT’s planning system is far too [...]

Simon says give me your thoughts on Kingston

By 5 August 2013

Simon Corbell is asking you to come along to his Kingston consultation this Saturday morning:
The proposal includes increasing building heights, improving pedestrian connections and increasing protections for the centre’s character. The proposal also looks at the possibility for one or more supermarkets in the area.
The variation draws on the recommendations of the Kingston [...]

Royalla industrial solar marching on

By 2 July 2013

Simon Corbell has announced his approval for a 20MW solar farm on the Monaro Highway:
“I have used my powers under Sections 158, 159 and 160 of the Planning and Development Act 2007 to approve this proposal because it responds to a major policy issue and will deliver a substantial public benefit,” Mr Corbell said. [...]

Simon says give me your thoughts on planning Kingston


Simon Corbell has announced the kickoff of Draft Variation 314 to nut out the future of the Kingston Centre:
“Draft Variation 314 (DV314) to the Territory Plan draws on findings from the Kingston Centre master plan and includes controls on development of the car park on Eyre Street and increases to some building heights in the [...]

ACT Government needs to lift its game on planning

By 28 June 2013

The Government’s decision to use call-in powers to allow the Brumbies’ development in Griffith to proceed, when it does not comply with the Government’s own planning regulations, has set a dangerous precedent. As the current legislation stands, when the Planning Minister uses his/her call-in powers to approve a development, an appeal to the ACT Civil [...]

Majura Parkway planning fail

By 6 June 2013

Brendan Smyth is having some fun with Simon Corbell’s planning efforts with the Majura Parkway:
It was revealed that Simon Corbell as Planning Minister was asked by businesses at the Majura Park Shopping Precinct to provide on and off access from the Majura Parkway to the northern end of the Majura Park Shopping Precinct. He declined, [...]

Gawler Crescent explained

By 23 May 2013

There’s been a lot of heat and smoke coming from Gawler Crescent in Deakin lately.
Finally the ABC has unravelled the issues.
I’m not going to name names here, but well worth a read and oh so many familiar faces.

Battle Turn To Starboard* orders Coe!

By 8 May 2013

The Liberals’ Alistair Coe has announced a doomed run at de-railing Draft Variation 306 because he wants poor people to live in darkness.
Shadow Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Alistair Coe will today try to block Draft Variation 306 which has been widely condemned by the building industry. The Government’s changes to the planning rules will [...]

An end to Stalinist supermarket planning. Now incumbency to rule

By 7 May 2013

Andrew Barr has announced he’s going to stop playing dollhouses with supermarkets in the ACT:
In its response the Government notes that there have been several important changes in the Territory’s supermarket sector since 2010, when the Government introduced the Supermarket Competition Policy Implementation Plan (SCPIP).
These changes include:
– The new ‘full-line’ supermarkets to be built in [...]

11 Gawler Cres Deakin, Not So DA Exempt

By 1 May 2013

Despite the claims of the high profile owner, last week Actpla quietly informed neighbours that 11 Gawler Cres is not DA Exempt and that it would be treated as a ‘proposed’ demolition and rebuild. The proposal will now be Merit Tracked by Actpla.
Anyone who is interested can review the DA application – 201323512 and should [...]

Canberra: Planning for the next 100 Years

By 18 April 2013

Genevieve Wauchope, Executive Director of the Canberra Environment Centre, is inviting us along to think about and discuss what Canberra should look like for the next 100 years.
Does the Canberra you want to live in have higher density living areas? Does it have community vegetable gardens in public parks or recycling stations throughout Civic? [...]

Yarralumla Stirling Ridge embassy plans dumped by NCA

By 17 April 2013

Yarralumla residents seem to be opposed to any sort of development at all according to the ABC.
Given that the area seems to already include a large number of embassies and given the suburbs proximity to the Parliamentary precinct it seems to make sense to locate the additional embassies in Yarralumla.
Yarralumla already has plenty of open [...]

Gungahlin Community Council goes into bat for Magnet Mart

By 13 March 2013

The GCC is kicking up a fuss over the Stalinist command and control based land planning in the ACT which is going to plonk a Bunnings down next to the Magnet Mart.
The Gungahlin Community Council meeting on Wednesday 13 March will hear a presentation on pre Development Application consultation relating to the proposed development of [...]

Angela Shanahan’s strange whinge

By 19 January 2013

The Australian is running a perverse piece by Angela Shanahan both praising and cursing Canberra. (tip for new players, google the headline to get around the paywall)
Basically she seems to have rather liked the Canberra of sprawling bungalows.
She as much as acknowledges that it was unsustainable financially, but then continues to berate the ACT Government [...]

Marco Bohr on the limits of planning in Canberra

By 20 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Thanks to Sam for the tip. Marco Bohr’s Visual Culture Blog has turned its global blowtorch to the subject of Canberra’s footpaths.
My new photographic project Right of Way addresses the failures of a modern project and the clash between urbanity and nature. Photographed in Canberra – an early example of a completely planned city [...]

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