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When road rage goes beyond the blast of a horn

By 4 September 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Following Steven Bailey’s article on road rage in the Capital last week, I considered my own experiences on our roads. I strongly agree with Bailey’s call for greater police presence on the road. It’s an absolute necessity, especially in wet weather when people drive like maniacs, but also for the police to crack down on [...]

Pontificating Police


Do you wanna know what annoys me? Probably not. Anyway, heaps of things do.
As an over 65 year old, I have a duty to pick things which give me the irrits and whinge about them. It comes with the right to hiss at noisy children in supermarkets, the right to [...]

Police road safety team doubled

By 18 April 2014

ACT police have doubled their road safety team, with the addition of eight new officers and three vehicles, focused on targeting dangerous driving and random breath testing.
Police Minister Simon Corbell has denied any set targets on roadside arrests, making it clear that high risk drivers are not welcome on Canberra roads.
“The expansion of [...]

Fleeing suspect tries to hide from officers at police station

By 7 March 2014
It’s like something out of those carry on movies, you would just love to see the face as he realised where he was..

Car stolen with baby inside – police asking for public’s help

By 20 February 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

The ABC reports that a car was stolen this afternoon with an eight-month-old baby inside, and police are asking for the public’s help to find the car.
The car is a silver 1999 Mazda 323 Protege with ACT registration YEZ 70R, like the attached picture, and was stolen from Gunghalin at around 2pm. Cases like this [...]

Smashed Car Windscreen – asking for assistance from the lovely Bonner People.

By 20 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

Hello Fellow Rioters,
Long time reader first time poster
First I would like to say have been reading this site for a good 5+ years now, very much entertaining, especially on your Cyclists vs Cars topics haha, you guys crack me up
The Reason I am writing this in for today is that I have a [...]

Try not to commit any crimes if you can help it

By 9 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell today asked if Canberrans could try and behave this Summer, and not commit any crimes. Nobody has simply asked everyone to follow the law before, and I hope Simon’s bold strategy pays off. Not one to put all his eggs in one basket, Simon also informed people that there are these guys called [...]

Outside the Raiders. Now with police statement.


These in from Adam:
Someone got hit so hard they saw Green… and Red&Blue.
The police interaction was particularly pleasant, but they didn’t have anything to say about the incident

So which of you readers can invent the best fictional back story?

UPDATE: We now have a statement from ACT Policing:
ACT Policing is investigating an altercation at the Canberra [...]

Operation Crossroads this Easter

By 28 March 2013

Drive safe these holidays Rioters! Remember it’s double demerits! Not than any of you ever do anything wrong while driving.
ACT Policing will join forces with NSW Police Monaro Local Area Command in support of Operation Crossroads this Easter holiday season, the fifth in an ongoing series of coordinated road safety initiatives to reduce road [...]

Police Operation on the Federal Highway

By 23 March 2013

I drove into Canberra on the Federal Highway on Saturday arvo about 4pm. Just before the big roundabout at Antill Street there was a major police gig happening. The left lane was blocked by a police car with flashing lights, and in a clearing on the side of the road there were maybe half a [...]

Canberra man failed the d***head test cleared of hindering police

By 26 August 2012

Call me naive but I thought it was an offence to give the plod a fake name?

I found this article in the Canberratimes hilarious.
I wonder if this has been a sobering experience for Nabel Quzag or if the fact he was let off will only encourage him next time?
The best part is how [...]

Kambah house torches up

By 16 July 2012

ACT Fire & Rescue on scene at a house fire on Mackay Crescent, Kambah.
House well alight.
Update to follow.
12:54pm Monday 16 July 2012

ACT Fire & Rescue has conducted a search of the three bedroom house to find no persons inside.
Crews are continuing to extinguish the fire with mopping up operations.
Three fire pumpers, the Breathing Apparatus Van, [...]

Batman Corbell to reduce crime by 10%

By 31 May 2012

Simon Corbell has announced his grand plan to cut crime in the ACT by 10% by 2015 and motorvehicle theft by 20%.
Mr Corbell said the government had developed a clear plan to achieve the new property crime
reduction targets.
“The government believes that stopping the cycle of reoffending, intervening early before offences take
place, creating a more robust [...]

Integrity testing for Commonwealth law enforcement


The ABC has the good news that long overdue integrity testing is coming for AFP, Crime Commission and Customs officers:
Under the plan, Australian Federal Police, Crime Commission and Customs officers could be offered fake bribes, or confronted with valuable items planted in suspicious shipping containers or crime scenes to tempt them.
The so-called ‘integrity tests’ would [...]

Lights down on the corner of Northbourne and Alinga

By 21 February 2012

Spare a thought for the boys and girls in blue having to manually signal traffic on one of Canberra’s busiest intersections this afternoon.
One hopes the lights are fixed before the afternoon rush starts.

Black pyjamas taking over Woden bus interchange

By 23 January 2012

Territory and Municipal Services are warning that southern commuters won’t have a Woden bus station tomorrow:
Territory and Municipal Services wishes to advise the public that Woden Bus Station will be temporarily closed between 8.30 am and 4 pm on Tuesday 24 January 2012.
The closure is to assist ACT Policing with a training exercise which [...]

Operation RAID catches 66 drunk drivers

By 14 December 2011

More than 5000 breath tests were conducted over the past 14 days in the ACT as part of Operation RAID: Remove All Impaired Drivers.
The operation, which ran from Monday November 28, came to a close at midnight Sunday night (December 11).
On Thursday December 1, in a joint operation with NSW Police, ACT Policing conducted a [...]

CPO slapdown for the CT on traffic quotas

By 2 November 2011

The Chief Police Officer has chosen to tweet a rebuttal to a Canberra Times story on quotas for traffic police.
Given that the crux of the story is police concern an officer was given out too many fines this all seems a bit peculiar.

Should Police “Working on the roads” be different to “Roadworkers”??

By 31 October 2011

It’s confused me justy recently that working in the construction industry where you are “around machinery” or hazardous areas hi-vis wear is mandatory. However, numerous times now I have seen Police standing in the middle of the road handing out fines in 80 km/hr areas. I called up the Police enquries, because if you didn’t [...]

Barbarians to teem through the gates as Canberra Airport gets less police.

By 16 August 2011

Liberal Senator Gary Humphries is warning that reductions in the numbers of police at Canberra Airport are a grave threat to national security:
“Federal Labor have slashed the AFP’s air marshal program by $17 million over the next four years, axing police numbers from Darwin and Canberra airports in an effort to improve their budget bottom [...]

Drug Bust in Woden??

By 12 August 2011

Looks like a drug bust going down outside Noble Palace in Woden. Plainclothed cops everywhere, a 4WD ute being searched by a dog.
Anyone know anything??

AFPA salutes Zed’s Laura Norder flag

By 9 August 2011

The Australian Federal Police Association has sent its members a message saying how much they love the Liberals’ proposal to increase the penalties for assaulting police.
In late May 2011 an AFPA member advised the AFPA that as a result of ACT DPP advice, the specific Commonwealth offence for assaulting an AFP Member is now not [...]

Gutless Coppers and neighbourhood hoons

By 2 July 2011

I have an issue with some people who live in my street they regularly have friends over doing burnouts outside their home, I have spoken directly to these fools and was given very direct instructions as to what I should do with my concerns. Several residents have spoken to the Police who have told [...]

Police officer impersonating an air marshal?

By 30 June 2011

The ABC has a piece on a weird story involving an AFP officer at Canberra Airport:
Media reports have suggested the officer had attempted to get into a Virgin plane’s cabin by pretending to be an air marshal.
An AFP spokeswoman says she cannot comment on the details of the incident.
But she says there was no [...]

Overland resigns in Victoria

By 16 June 2011

Simon Overland was something of a golden boy during his 19 year career with the AFP here in Canberra.
He has degrees from ANU and UC, he worked on the Colin Winchester murder taskforce and was involved in setting up the Australian Crime Commission.
But in his two years as Victoria’s Chief Commissioner things have been harder.
Crikey [...]

Cube Drug Raid?

By 26 March 2011

Just heard from a mate that police just raided Cube nightclub in civic?
Sniffer dogs and a few people caught with drugs.
Not sure if its true but anyone heard anything?

Police in Dickson, lunch time Thursday

By 24 February 2011

I came from Dickson about an hour ago and I saw at least 15 police cars, most unmarked, speeding with their lights on. One police car was doing about 100km/hour through a school zone, they headed toward Downer/ Northbourne.
Does anyone know what was going on?

Dangerous driving practices. Fatigue on the roads.

By 16 February 2011

I have a young close relative who I know for a fact drives on the roads while fatigued. This might be due to doing an all nighter for school or just irregular sleeping patterns. Not only is this a great concern for mentioned relative but also the public, and I’ve mentioned time after time the [...]

AFP Association shows it hand on drug testing.

By 16 January 2011

ABC online has a story “Off-duty police could face drug testing“. The Australian Federal Police Association has proposed that officers be drugs tested 24/7, 365 days of the year.
The Australian Federal Police Association has put forward a proposal that would see officers subjected to random drug tests while off duty, as well as while they [...]

Flame Of The Week – RushHour

By 12 December 2010

I’ve got a lot of time for the RushHour kids. Most of them are OK, and the value of their charity cruises is often over looked.
But when it comes to their public advocacy, well they’re right up there with small business owners.
And so in a recent discussion on the impounding of a purple Commodore we [...]

Police Wrap – 8 November 2010

By 8 November 2010

1. Say Something Day:
ACT Policing and Crime Stoppers ACT are gearing up for a national phone-in day on Friday November 19, as part of a nationwide offensive – codenamed Operation Unification – against amphetamine production and distribution.
The national Crime Stoppers campaign kicks off today (Monday, November 8 ) as the lead-up to “Say Something [...]

Sunday night incident?

By 2 November 2010

I was coming back to Canberra from Murrumbatman at about 10.15 on Sunday night.
Around half way back I passed 5 police cars with their lights flashing, travelling at high speed in convoy heading away from Canberra.
I figured it’d have to be something significant but I haven’t seen anything in the news. Does anyone [...]

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