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Tuggeranong – The Cinderella of the south


There was no surprise that the latest survey of migration in Canberra had Tuggeranong losing so many of its burghers to Gungahlin. Tuggeranong is indeed the Cinderella of the South and always was and always will be.
This is because the planners, pollies and mandarins both commonwealth and territory have decided it shall be so.
I saw [...]

400,000 Canberrans before the next election

By 14 January 2014

Andrew Barr has released new estimates of the ACT Population growth.
While still expanding it’s slower than last projected which is going to have some big bad effects on the local economy and anyone who’s leveraged to take advantage of the old figures:
New official population projections for the ACT are being issued today. The ACT Government [...]

ACT Population to grow. Official

By 26 November 2013

Many media outlets are getting their panties in a bunch over today’s ABS population numbers.
And it’s true there’s one set of projections which have the population up to nearly a million by 2061.
There’s another series that gets us to a more sedate 612,000.
It’s worth bearing in mind that Washington DC has a population of 600,000 [...]

Important Planning Issues for South Canberra

By 9 September 2010

[ 14 September 2010 at 7:00 pm; ] Important Planning Issues for South Canberra
Public Meeting – All Welcome

Presented by Inner South Canberra Community Council (ISCCC)
At Eastlake Football Club Tues 7pm 14 Sept 2010
Speakers invited from ACTPLA & NCA

• What is the optimum population level for the ACT and how does the Government sees its role in facilitating residential growth to [...]

Half a million Canberrans or bust

By 28 June 2010

The Canberra Times has the intriguing news that our leader Jon Stanhope wants a population of half a million:
Mr Stanhope said he believed continued population growth was essential to keep the territory’s economy growing and to provide the enhanced level of services that Canberrans were coming to expect. ”I’m not dreaming of a big [...]

Canberra keeps growing.

By 1 July 2008

The Canberra Times is reporting that, even though four people a day are leaving the ACT, a baby boom and an influx of immigrants boosted the capital’s population by almost 4500 last year. The population now stands at 340,800.
The biggest increase to Canberra’s population came from births. A record 4750 babies were born in [...]

Bored of sleeping at School? Do it on the Government’s dime.

By 20 March 2008

The ABC has an intersting tid-bit, on the Gubbmint’s push to increase its workforce by allowing Year 12 students to do on the job training while working towards their Year 12 certfiicate. Awesome. One wonders where they will be? Canberra Connect, InTACT, ACTTAB, Canberra Hospital or the ESB? Either i hope that the students teach [...]

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