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Spray tanning oranges?


I wonder if Rioters have any knowledge about the practise of ‘spray tanning’ oranges?
Today I purchased a 2kg bag from the local supermarket, what a surprise I had when one of the orange has very obviously been coloured to look more orange.  It seems in the process, one segment has been double coloured, leaving another [...]

Banana Watch in Canberra

By 4 February 2011

Last Sunday, bananas at my local Aldi store were $2.45/kg. Today, less than 24 hours after Cyclone Yasi crossed the Queensland coast, some old and very spotty bananas were on sale in my local IGA store for $6.99/kg. Perhaps the only kind thing to say about this is that bananas at $7/kg will seem like [...]

Government regulations shut down the southside farmer’s markets

By 20 January 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Over the weekend there was great consternation over the sudden cancellation of the Southside Farmer’s Markets.
Today the market’s website explains a sorry tale of incompetence and red tape (thanks to trevar for the heads up):
Dear valued customers,
As many of you are already aware, unfortunately we were in the position where we had to cancel the [...]

Low Hanging Fruit

By 19 December 2010

Fruits of the urban forest now is the best time of year.

Disgusting peaches at Coles Chisholm

By 18 December 2010

I’ve become used to buying mouldy onions, rancid potatoes, fruit that rots within two days of purchase, and wilted/slimy vegetables. But today when we visited Coles at the Chisholm shops I encountered a display of rotting peaches covered in insects. They were flying all over the place and crawling on other fruit nearby. About 50% [...]

We are looking for a vacant retail space 200m-300m

By 29 September 2010

G’day all
We are looking for a vacant retail space in a suburban shopping centre, Ideally in the Inner South/Woden/ Weston Creek area. does anybody know of any empty shops? We would prefer to be in a small suburban shops as this would suit our business better. We have been in North Lyneham for nearly 3 [...]

Cherries from Young every Sat till Christmas!

By 22 November 2009

On my travels today I came upon a cherry stall on Isabella Drive, between Kellett Street and the Chisholm shops (Gowrie side of Isabella Drive). As Christmas and cherries seem to go hand in hand, I thought some Rioters may wish to indulge!
I bought a $10 punnet (aproximately the size of a lunchbox, ie [...]

What’s New at Southside Farmers Market

By 17 August 2009

I go to the Southside Farmers Market every Sunday morning, and thought some of the readers here might like to know what’s there or what’s changed recently (other than the usual fruit & veg in season).
* Capra Goats Cheese come up from Gippsland in Victoria. They’re not there every week, but do come once or [...]

Is sticky black rice the best comfort food or what…

By 6 July 2009

Thai style black sticky rice with rich, sweetly warmed coconut cream…mmmmm mmmmm. I’d like to give making it at home a go, and wondered if anyone knows where to buy the necessary ingredients in Canberra? – black sticky rice, pandanus leaf, palm sugar etc.
And any recipes?
My other comfort food is steamed pudding [...]

The Capital Region Farmers Market wants your feedback

By 26 June 2009

[First filed: June 26, 2009 @ 10:34]

Every Saturday the early risers and the abstemious of Canberra are rewarded by the chance to buy up all the good stuff at the Capital Region Farmers Market staged at EPIC by the Rotary Club of Hall.
The club are currently taking stock of their wild success to date with [...]

In search of advice on Supermarkets

By 16 June 2009

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced that he’s dragging a former Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Deputy Commissioner, Mr John Martin, in to figure out what’s needed in the ACT’s supermarket sector.
Mr Martin will advise the ACT Government on a range of issues that surround the review, in particular the local implications of the ACCC’s [...]

What’s happening with Wilsons Organics?

By 13 June 2009

I have been driving past once a week in the hopes that the doors will be open once again for trade  but so far, no luck.
They have been closed for renovations for over a year now, does anybody know whats going on and when  this great little organic grocer will be open again?

Are Farmers Markets Really Farmers Markets?

By 9 May 2009

G’day all,
Just a quick question are the Farmers Markets in Canberra really Farmers Markets?
It seems every winter there is very little change in whats available to purchase!
I struggle to grown anything in my little veggie patch during the colder months. Can the variety offered really come from local farmers?

Buying Local – Southside Farmers Market

By 4 January 2009

Living in the depths of the south, I had made the pilgrimage to the Farmers Market at EPIC a couple of times and decided it was not sensible to do an 80km round trip to buy local produce as a regular thing. Life intervened and I never got around to going to the Southside [...]

soft shelled crabs

By 30 March 2008

Hi, does anyone know where i can purchase soft shelled crabs either in Canberra or in Sydney? i am obsessed with it! or alternatively suggest restaurants that sell them? My favourite is Kenny’s in Dickson

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