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ACT & Queanbeyan Weekly Property Market Wrap

By 17 April, 2014

The below real estate market snapshot has been compiled based on the last week’s activity throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan.
Highest Sale: $2,200,000
Lowest Price: $200,000
Average Sale Price: $583,078
51 sales properties had price reductions
86 properties went under offer
110 properties SOLD!
144 properties have come onto the market
0 Properties up for auction this coming weekend
Highest Rental: $1,200 per week
Lowest Rental: [...]

ACT & Queanbeyan Weekly Market Wrap

By 11 April, 2014

The below real estate market snapshot has been compiled based on the last week’s activity throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan.
Highest Sale: $1,500,000
Lowest Price: $110,000
Average Sale Price: $569,870
62 sales properties had price reductions
110 properties went under offer
126 properties SOLD!
196 properties have come onto the market
47 Properties up for auction this coming weekend
Highest Rental: $1,955 per week
Lowest Rental: [...]

Who to complain to?

So anyway, I have had some lovely neighbours for a while, who have decided to open a museum of rusting items in their front yard – it is a thing of beauty, about 8 cars, a couple of boats and what appears to be a replica of Sputnik 2, fantastic stuff.
Anyway, I am planning on [...]

Our house is being held for ransom by a dodgy building company….

By 26 March, 2014

My partner and I are first home buyers and have purchased a house and land package in Gungahlin. We were taken in by a slick sales pitch, by a well known real estate agency, which included a computer rendered image of the completed home on allhomes.com.au. The listing and subsequent marketing all included an impressive [...]

Residential Tenancy Issue

By 20 March, 2014

Hope someone can help or guide me with this one.
I rent a flat-tin-roofed 2bdr property in Fisher and have had a couple of instances with the gutters overflowing during major storms and leaking into the house.
The first time this happened, a couple of years ago, there was some leaking in the master bedrooms which I [...]

Who’s property?

By 23 February, 2014

Property next door is going on the market. Since glory knows when their driveway has encroached onto our property by about 4 feet at the kerb.
Seems this encroachment is not identified by any searches during the transfer, but getting a bit peed off that I have had to narrow my driveway to allow for this [...]

Rights on property photos

By 14 February, 2014

Hello Rioters,
Does anyone knows about who has the rights of the photos taken by property agent. I thought we have the rights because it’s our property and we paid for the photos taken through the agent. But the agent said that the photos are belong to them and we can’t use them. Thank you.

Land Rent Scheme/Scam

By 14 February, 2014

Yesterday I was sent an advertisement for a property available under the infamous Land Rent Scheme. I was suprised by the $1.2 million+ price tag. especially since the scheme is supposed to assist with housing affordability and there are eligibility criteria for the scheme that would surely preclude anyone eligible from getting such a pricey [...]

DIY Conveyancing in Canberra (house sale)

By 3 February, 2014

I’ll be selling my house soon and am really considering doing conveyancing on my own. The cost of putting the house on the market is huge, and while I can’t avoid paying for advertising and building/compliance/pest/EER report, I could have a go at conveyancing to save about $1,000.
If anyone’s done it, please post as much [...]

The ‘New York Appartments’ Ross Rd Queanbeyan.

By 29 January, 2014

Hi, Does anyone have any information or have any experience with the New York Appartments on Lower Ross Rd Queanbeyan? I was looking at one of the units last weekend and had a long conversation with a resident who ‘warned’ me not to. This block does not look well finished from a inexperienced buyer. I [...]

Five beautiful Canberra residences?

By 17 December, 2013

Property Observer is taking us through “five of the most gorgeous properties currently listed”.
I don’t think any of them will be troubled by Kevin McCloud.
I mean seriously. O’Malley twice?
They are taking votes but at the moment appear to only have two votes, one of which is mine, and I didn’t like any of them.

Work in the City? Imagine being able to walk to work! Apartments in O’Connor from just $329,000

By 24 October, 2013

GEOCON are excited to announce the group’s latest release of 23 exclusive apartments located on Macarthur Ave in the inner north suburb of O’Connor. Chelsea Village is like nothing else you will find in the inner north, set amongst wide tree-lined streets and established houses, you’ll find it hard to imagine yourself anywhere else.
Chelsea Village [...]

Is there something wrong in Hawker?

By 2 July, 2013

My friend lives in Hawker and I have noticed that a particular group of units on Springvale Drive all seem to be selling up. What gives? Is there something wrong with these units? Are they falling to pieces? Asbestos? Termites? Fear of a property bubble? (so many new units being built that this last fear [...]

Nobody bought Fletcher Jones

By 29 May, 2013

According to the Property Observer, Canberra’s favourite abandoned suit-store, Fletcher Jones, went to auction and nobody bought it.
Let’s all chip in and buy it for You Are Here.
View Larger Map

“we are not forecasting any positive growth in the Canberra housing market over the next couple of years”

By 11 April, 2013

The Australian is running with* the advice of one Tim Coates who sees a quiet time over the next few years for the Canberra housing market due to the glut of apartments coming onto the market:
“People always tend to invest in areas they understand — some invest within 20km of their family home,” he says. [...]

Canberra office vacancies lead the nation

By 7 February, 2013

The Property Council has some good news if you’re thinking about renting an office in Canberra over the next few years:
The office vacancy rate in Canberra rose over the six months to January 2013 due to an increase in supply, with all vacancy across all grades of space above 11 percent, according to the latest [...]

Property Council screaming over “commence and complete” fees

By 17 September, 2012

In a speech to over 200 industry representatives at a Property Council function held on 21 June 2012, ACT Treasurer Andrew Barr said:
“Today I can announce that the Government will waive commence and complete fees for commercial, mixed use and multi-unit residential developments. Commence and complete provisions will now only apply to the construction of [...]

Real estate agent commissions in Canberra?

By 9 May, 2012

Hello fellow ACT rioters,
I plan to sell my property for the first time soon, so this query is for those property owners/landlords who recently sold their properties through a real estate agent.
What are the common commission and charges around at the moment?
Is it worth using a real estate agent or is it better to sell [...]

Rental Property Management rates

By 26 April, 2012

Hello fellow rioters.
This query is for those investors/landlords who lease out their properties through a property management agency. What are the common rates and charges going around at the moment.
Is it worth going through a property management agent or is it better renting out by yourself? Any advice/suggestions is much appreciated.

New housing crisis?

By 2 March, 2012

Liberal leader Zed Seselja is banging the drum on housing affordability:
The number of ACT dwellings approved for building has plummeted by 60 per cent in trend terms since June 2011, while the average cost of a median priced home in Canberra has skyrocketed to the nation’s highest at $505,000. This comes after information obtained [...]

Surveyor to define property boundaries in Canberra?

By 9 February, 2012

I want to find out where my property boundaries are at our house and understand that I’ll need a surveyor to do this. We’re looking to extend our home and knowing where the boundaries are and what the laws are about how close you can build to them would be useful in the design stage.
Can [...]

Journey back to the 19th century to see the Northbourne Flats design entries

By 31 October, 2011

Joy Burch has announced that designs for the Northbourne Flats redevelopment are on public display in Garema House on City Walk.
If you venture down there in person (in the manner of your ancestors) you can vote in a people’s choice ballot.
Earlier this year Ms Burch announced a national design competition to redesign the [...]

Property prices going down. Dinner party bores take note

By 28 July, 2011

Well look at that.
The Canberra Times reports that median property prices in the ACT fell 2.8% in the past 12 months.
Markets are at their most dangerous when there are idiot investors who believe prices can never go down, because that belief leads them to over-leverage.
Canberra has sadly been afflicted by vast numbers of such idiots [...]

Changes to land administration in the ACT

By 12 July, 2011

Andrew Barr has unveiled significant changes to the way land is controlled in the ACT:
the Government has opted for a model that retains the independent expertise and commercial focus provided by the LDA Board while closely integrating the activities of the Land Development Agency (LDA) and the Economic Development Directorate (EDD). These arrangements aim to [...]

Village Building Company goes over the odds to win Gungahlin dogfight

By 18 June, 2011

The Economic Development Directorate has triumphantly announced that they’ve flogged off 35 hectares of Ngunnawal for $36.25 million.
Spirited bidding by 11 registered parties representing both local and interstate companies has seen a 35.14ha site in Ngunnawal sell for $36.25 million.
The site is 18 kilometres from the CBD and only four kilometres from the Gungahlin [...]

LAPS unloads the Indicative Land Release Program

By 4 May, 2011

Land And Property Services have published their Indicative Land Release Programs 2011-12 to 2014-15.
Here’s the nub of it though:

$12.3 million for Flemington Road blocks

By 22 March, 2011

Jon Stanhope has announced that the Harrison and Franklin blocks on Flemington Road have been sold:
Spirited bidding by 15 registered parties has seen the sites sell for a total of $12.3 million.
Three of the sites permit the development of multi-unit housing, restaurants, shops and non-retail commercial uses, with the blocks ranging in size from 6,318 [...]

House values on the slide, units on the rise.

By 6 March, 2011

For those of you who missed it, the ABC released an article last Monday on declines and rises in the ACT housing market.
Reportedly, home values plunged by 4% whilst units increased by 4% in the 3 months to January.  Perhaps an indication of preferences moving away from the traditional suburban standard?  Who knows.
At the very [...]

Tips for getting into a rental property in Canberra

By 9 February, 2011

Traditionally this is the toughest time of year for people searching for a rental property, with the influx of DFAT, Defence and other posted people, as well as a large contingent of students putting a lot of pressure on the market.
In a market where the rental prices are already uncomfortably high, this added pressure just [...]

Why Public Transport will never catch on

By 28 November, 2010

There are many problems with public transport that could be resolved with a reasonable amount of effort and expense. However, there is one major problem that would take several generations, a great deal of political will and the expenditure of billions of dollars to fix.
I am going to use Action buses in Canberra as an [...]

How do we get someone to clean up his yard?

By 9 November, 2010

Hey everyone,
We have a neighbour who has all sorts of junk in his front yard including an old truck piled with stuff, falling down old timber scaffolding and grass a meter tall.  We live near a creek and already have a problem with rats and mice invading no matter what we do to stop it [...]

Rents $130 a week over the national average

By 9 July, 2010

The Liberals’ Zed Seselja is pointing out new research showing just how high rental prices have come in this town of affordable housing plans:
The latest RP Data figures on rents in major cities shows the squeeze for housing continues in the ACT with rents increasing by four per cent in the last quarter to an [...]


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