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Bill to block anti-abortion protests

By 29 October 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Anti-abortion protests will be banned outside ACT abortion clinics after government MLAs rejected Liberal amendments to a Greens bill on exclusion zones in such scenarios.
Labor MLAs will support a Greens bill that would secure exclusions zones around abortion clinics; despite the Liberals submitting a proposal that removes critical parts of the legislation, according to Minister of Health Simon Corbell.
“People requiring [...]

Helen Razer on Canberra’s protest scene of the 1980s (and Nelson Mandela)

By 13 December 2013

Helen Razer’s written an excellent article on Crikey (the most excellent articles annoy peckerheads and this seems to have hit the spot) about Nelson Mandela and the hoopla surrounding his death.
But for Canberrans there’s a lot on the 1980s protest scene that is worth revisiting.

Pussy Riot: Because we love a good protest…


Who/what is Pussy Riot?
This is Pussy Riot and here they are performing the “punk prayer” for which three of the band’s members are facing a 7-year jail sentence.
You might have heard of Pussy Riot before. Earlier this year they made news with their colourful performance of their song, “Putin Pissed Himself”. (Translation here.)
Amnesty International has [...]

Two protests, one bench

By 26 August 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

It’s trench warfare outside ACT Health’s Alinga Street offices on Friday mornings as pro and anti abortionists try to get their messages across.
RiotACT can also report we’ve started getting emails, from the anti side, demanding we remove stories relating to this issue.

Goons at the Hyatt

By 21 June 2010

“fgzk” has sent in some pix of the protests outside the Hyatt for the Chinese Vice President’s visit (the Chinese can manage to turn up unlike the leaders of the current hegemon) with the following note:
Some of you may have seen the dual protest outside the Hyatt on the way to work. One group from [...]

Carbon Protests?

By 27 May 2009

Does anyone know what was going on outside the Hyatt this morning? 
I did beep my horn in support of the sign that read ‘No taxpayers money for big polluters’, but have no idea what it was in relation to.

Forestry protestors to make Kate Lundy do some work

By 23 January 2009

[ 29 January 2009 at 12:30 pm; ] Help save the Upper Florentine – Forestry Tasmania is smashing into Pristine Wilderness RIGHT NOW!!!!

At the heart of Tasmania’s Southern Forests, wild rivers flow through valleys containing forests which evolved from the ancient continent of Gondwanaland. In the valleys of the Styx, UpperFlorentine, Middle Huon, Weld, and Upper Derwent flourish some of the world’s oldest [...]

3 February gets busier with indigenous protest piled on.

By 13 January 2009

We already know about the plans for a carbon-protesting human chain around Parliament House on the first sitting day of 3 February.
Now the SMH reports that indigenous protestors are planning to descend demanding the Government butt out of how they spend their welfare payments.
Apparently they’re trying to drag the ACT Human Rights commissioner into the [...]

Protest against Scientology

By 11 April 2008

[ 12 April 2008; ] So I hear there’s to be a protest on Saturday against Scientology in Civic – is anyone here going? Perhaps it’s not the place to put your hand up for it as some protesters wear masks – but I’m just curious as to how many people are planning on turning up, or if it’s [...]

Olympic Torch protests

By 10 April 2008

Does anybody know much about the Canberra pro Tibetan protests that are supposed to be taking place at the olympic torch relay? Who is organising it, where are people supposed to meet etc?

We kinda saw this coming right?

By 28 March 2008

Courtesy of
A TIBETAN protester jumped a plastic barrier and ran towards the Chinese embassy in Canberra during a demonstration today against human rights abuses in his homeland.
The man ran towards the embassy waving a Tibetan flag and shouting “shame, China, shame”.
He was tackled to the ground by Australian Federal Police and taken to [...]

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