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Residential rates up only 4.5pc but levies on rise


ACT home owners will be relieved to learn that residential rates will rise by 4.5 per cent rather than 8.75 per cent as flagged in the last Budget, however unit owners are set to contend with larger increases and all rate payers will face some unexpected hits to their hip pockets in the form of [...]

Canberra – what’s happening to this place???

By 23 June 2014

Canberra used to be a great place.  Now, look around you.  Use some of Mr Barr’s “vision” if u need.  This is what I see happening to my city :

Debt.   M$300+ and growing.  Given what the Fed’s have planned for Canberra, I’m astounded that the Chief Minister can say that the Territory can not let [...]

Are we all dead yet? (Libs on tripling rates)

By 1 November 2013

Jeremy Hanson and Brendan Smyth are teaming up to band the drum on rates again.
Andrew Barr has been forced to table documents in the Assembly that show the analysis and models for his tax reform program. Despite vehement claims to the contrary during the election campaign, the documents show there is no possible scenario for [...]

Canberra Rates Rant

By 6 October 2013

Well, I have just received my latest rates notice, and it is almost $1000 more than last year. This is because I am just above the magical “you are a sponging plutocrat” level of of my land apparently being worth more than $450,000.
I would not mind so much if it was being matched by genuine [...]

Are the rates tripling?

By 24 September 2013

The Liberals’ Brendan Smyth is triumphantly pointing to rising rates as proof rates will triple (as of course they will over sufficiently long time frames, just as all of us will die).
Mr Barr can end this argument today. Surely, before he embarked on his tax changes, he calculated what the effect on the rates of [...]

Ten years, 11 years, what’s a rates tripling between friends?


Liberal Leader Jeremy Hanson is taking this opportunity to say “we told you so”:
During the election campaign, the Canberra Liberals used a graph from the Quinlan Tax Review that showed rates would triple in 10 years throughout campaign brochures, flyers, letters and television advertisements.
“Throughout the election, Katy Gallagher and Andrew Barr both denied this [...]

That ACT Labor double-dip on “stamp duty swap for rates” ?

By 12 November 2012

“THE states and territories are preparing to offer the federal government a deal under which they will slash inefficient stamp duties in exchange for a $13 billion slice of the nation’s income tax.” The Australian, this week.
Can Katy Gallagher’s ACT Labor Government seriously argue that they weren’t already discussing and planning this arrangement [...]

Will Rates Triple?

By 11 October 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

By now anyone who has been paying attention to the key campaign issues for next weeks election will have noticed that the Liberals campaign is very heavily pushing the fiscal argument that under a labor government that ACT rates will triple as a result of the abolition of stamp duty. Its hard to miss Zed’s [...]

Ratepayers association joins forces with the Liberals on that tripling thing

By 6 October 2012

So at 9.32 this morning the Ratepayers Association of the ACT issued a media release supporting the Liberals on the vexed issue of rate rises in the place of stamp duty:
Budget papers do not lie, at least the 2011-12 ones don’t. The figures show that rates would have to triple in order to abolish [...]

Liberal joy on rates in Standard and Poor’s report

By 28 September 2012

Yesterday Andrew Barr was celebrating Standard and Poor’s AAA credit rating of the ACT Government.
But the Liberals have found things to like in it too:
In an embarrassing disclosure for ACT Labor today, ratings agency Standard & Poor’s has confirmed that the ACT Labor Government is proposing to phase out duties over a 10 year time [...]

What’s with the scare story about rates tripling?

By 21 September 2012

Does anyone know the facts about “rates tripling” as per the Liberal Party ads?
I can’t afford to pay $130 a WEEK for rates on the average wage!
What is Katie Gallagher thinking? And this will affect tenants surely?

UPDATE 21/09/12 12:30: Andrew Barr’s office have sent in this reply:
The Liberals are using an Abbott-style scare [...]

If you don’t like the rates at least stamp duty is coming down when you try to sell

By 27 June 2012

Andrew Barr is busily trying to draw our attention to his stamp duty cuts for all but the very wealthy.
More than 97 per cent of properties sold in the ACT are set to be subject to a lower rate of stamp duty under the ACT Labor Government’s taxation reforms, new figures show.
Figures issued to the [...]

Michael Pascoe likes our tax reform

By 7 June 2012

Michael Pascoe is one of the best economics and business commentators this country has ever produced.
So it’s really something when he comes out in the Sydney Morning Herald singing hosannas to the greater glory of ACT Treasurer Andrew Barr and the tax reforms started in the recent ACT Budget.
it’s been easy to miss that there [...]

Quinlan review in the light of day


The ACT Taxation Review is now online as is the Government response.
Recommendations agreed or agreed in Principle are:
– Recommendation 1
Adopt taxation instruments and settings that deliver stable revenue growth proportionate with economic growth.
– Recommendation 2
With regards to long term structural reform, over a period of time that is adequate for appropriate transition:
a) abolish duty on [...]

Rental Property Management rates

By 26 April 2012

Hello fellow rioters.
This query is for those investors/landlords who lease out their properties through a property management agency. What are the common rates and charges going around at the moment.
Is it worth going through a property management agent or is it better renting out by yourself? Any advice/suggestions is much appreciated.

Who’s responsible for undelivered mail? [With Poll]

By 1 December 2011

Zed Seselja is shedding a tear for a property owner who didn’t keep the Revenue Office up to date with their movements:
One Canberra resident was hit with a $4,000 bill because the ACT Revenue Office did not follow up on its own undelivered mail notices, and there may be hundreds more facing similar shocks, ACT [...]

Canberra water bills

By 3 January 2011

Yesterdays Canberra Times carried articles critical of ACTEW – and questioned the buying of water from Tantangara Dam.
This article highlights how cheap water is in the Riverina and central NSW downstream from the ACT.

Are we getting value for our rate $?

By 16 February 2008

In light of the recent revenue surplus for the ACT government, am I the only rate payer that is wondering what I am actually getting for my rate dollars, and how it compares with other areas around Australia?
My only comparison is relatives who own properties with land values around 8 times higher than mine [...]

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