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Simon worries about the honesty of real estate agents

By 20 September 2013

Simon Corbell is expressing concern that real estate agents don’t seem to have had any enthusiasm for learning about their obligations to inform potential buyers:
“Recent months have shown a general lack of awareness by some people in the real estate industry about their obligations to disclose information to potential buyers when selling property or land [...]

Being taken to ACAT by Real Estate. Good lawyers?

By 27 March 2013

We have just been served a notice to attend ACAT for dispute resolution for breaking a lease. They have lied througout their application (the real estates).
Looking for a lawyer in Canberra who is good with ACAT matters.
Does anyone have any recommendations?

Real Estates Bullying Ways

By 21 February 2013

I am curious to hear if anyone has had any success taking a real estate through the Tribunal and Fair Trading?
We decided to break a 12 month fixed term lease by 6 weeks. Since the moment we told the real estate, we have copped hell from them. They were given 5 weeks’ notice prior to [...]

Getting money out of Canberra Real Estate Agents?

By 18 December 2012

Has anyone else had any problems with Real Estate Agents not paying for completed work/services?
Does anyone have tips on how to chase them for the money?

Real Estate commissions?

By 2 July 2012

Can anyone tell me what seems to be a fair comission to pay a real estate agent in Canberra?
Both upfront costs as well as final commission?

Problems with Real Estate agents at final inspections?

By 25 May 2012

Hi fellow Rioters,
I had been renting or a number of years, and have recently just moved out of a property after living there for a number of years. As usual when I move out, I spent the weekend scrubbing the house from top to bottom to make sure everything was I would want it if [...]

Do any real estate agents work in reverse?

By 20 March 2012

Question for the hive mind -
I’m looking to change my living situation in/around June/July of this year. Is it worthwhile me sending my details and the kind of place I’m after to real estate agents and asking them to contact me if anything suitable turns up? Or is that just going to be too much [...]

Go Gecko has been bought out by Independent, who else has low capped fees?

By 22 January 2012

Just trying to find someone to sell my home in Chisholm, its for a deceased estate and I cant sell it myself as my rellos are jerks.
I had a couple of real estate agents have a look and they said there commission alone would be $12,000 + on a home valued at $360,000.  A house [...]

Real Estate in Murrumbateman

By 5 December 2011

Hi people,
I will be putting my house up for sale in the new year. It is in Murrumbateman. My question is:
Can anyone on RiotAct recommend a good realestate agent who CAN CONFIDENTELY sell a top of the market level home and property? Anyone who specialises in top end properties? Because seriously in January, I will [...]

Is there any point in getting a real estate agent to sell your house in Canberra?

By 27 May 2011

AllHomes has a [virtual] monopoly so all real estate agents list through them anyway.
There is heavy demand for houses. I’ve been to a number of house inspections and essentially, the agent is just there to open up the door and let people through.
It doesn’t sound awfully hard, and some of the agents I’ve [...]

Real estate agent for selling house?

By 9 March 2011

We’re selling our house in the next few months.
I’ve done a search on the Riotact and have found posts and advice on renting and buying houses, but not selling.
Any suggestions for good agents to sell a property in the Northside/Belconnen area?

Renting in Canberra – nothing but trouble?

By 21 September 2010

There’s been plenty of previous discussion on RA around issues for renters in Canberra. There are plenty of stories of tenants who are kept in the dark about their rights, or treated by their landlords or property managers as second class citizens. 
On the other side there’s plenty of times when a landlord either has issues [...]

Rental repair advice – heating

By 17 June 2010

Rioters, I need some advice.
I have tried to call the Tenants Union for the last week and a half, and as they are impossible to get ahold of, hopefully you can help.
I live in a townhouse that has two forms of heating, ducted and small wall heaters in the main living areas. My housemates and [...]

Agents and renters

By 19 March 2010

I’m recently back in the rental market, just selling and waiting to buy and build on ‘to be released land’.
I’ve rented with a company in Gungahlin and couldn’t believe how completely dodgy these agents were and how terrible they treated renters.
My rent ended up being different to what was advertised, something to do with monthly, [...]

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