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Buying off the plan in Canberra, advice requested.

By 28 July 2010

I am looking to buy in the mid 2012 timeframe and a friend recommended looking into buying off the plan.
I have already owned a home before but have never bought off the plan and am not sure where to start.
What do people think if buying off the plan is a good idea in [...]

No naming of dodgy developers

By 27 July 2010

The Canberra Times has the unsurprising news that after the big boys have all sat around the table any talk of naming and shaming sub-standard builders has been shelved.
The forum decided on some quick action, such as an increase in the percentage of developments subject to spot-check audits, but stopped short of ordering that [...]

Selling a unit in Canberra?

By 27 July 2010

Can i auction my own unit for sale in the ACT?
Does anyone know if there is a web site that allow me to auction my place, rather than paying the ridiculously high fees charged by agents?

Buying into the Belconnen Town Centre?

By 27 July 2010

Hi All
I recently bought at the Oracle Apartments as an investment property. I want to know what people’s prediction are about capital growth in the Belconne Town Centre itself, now they are doing extensive redevelopments, including making the waterfront area more trendy (with bars, cafes and that new Arts centre).
Belconnen to me has always been [...]

Civic’s invisible abomination

By 27 July 2010

I stumbled on this while checking out my house on Google Earth (yes, that’s oh so passé these days).
Strange I never noticed this, given it sits atop the Melbourne Building. It’s creator calls it “Euphoria’s Abomination“:
The Abomination is a 145m office building built over the site of the historic Melbourne building. The construction was allowed as [...]

Developing the Eastern ACT

By 23 July 2010

[First filed: Jul 22, 2010 @ 9:59]

What else can we dump onto the NSW Border?
That’s the question Andrew Barr is asking under the heading “planning for employment growth”.
What it’s really about is a discussion paper titled: Eastern Broadacre planning project – Potential employment corridor.
The ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) is starting long-term planning [...]

Brumbies real estate brawl

By 22 July 2010

The Canberra Times is having a go at explaining the turgid drama surrounding efforts by the Brumbies to redevelop their training facilities in Griffith.
The Brumbies want to redevelop the Griffith oval and an adjoining block bounded by Captain Cook Crescent, La Perouse Street and Austin Street for new headquarters and 150 residential units.
The ACT [...]

Homeless turned away in City with the most affordable housing in Australia

By 22 July 2010

Due to high average incomes Jon Stanhope likes to proclaim that Canberra has the most affordable housing in Australia.
It’s curious for a Labor leader to announce that, because the wealthy and middle class are able to get by, the most vulnerable can go hang.
The ABC today informs us that Australian Institute of Health and Welfare [...]

Another swing at heritage listing the bus depot

By 21 July 2010

Our Brave Leader has announced that on the second attempt the ACT Heritage Council has agreed to provisionally list the former bus depot in Kingston on the ACT’s Heritage Register.
Mr Stanhope said the listing acknowledged the historical significance of the site, which dates back to the 1940s…
In making its decision, the Council noted the significance [...]

ANU & Canberra Housing

By 17 July 2010

I am a domestic student studying at the Australian National University, and recent headlines about people being kicked out of “slum housing” was a reminder i should write to the RiotACT and put my experience into words. I’m not writing this as a ‘whinge’, but more to share my experience with others, and hopefully provide [...]

Slum shutdown

By 15 July 2010

In a blow to housing affordability the Chief Minister has announced that four of the most affordable accomodations in Canberra, home to 80 odd people, have been taken down.
Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said he had been briefed today on the emergency closure of the houses and the Government had established a quick-response team to [...]

Where’s the water going?

By 13 July 2010

A friend, who has lived in the first stage of Macgregor West for about 18 months, recently received an unusual water bill; featuring excess water charges of well over $400.
This is unusual for many reasons, but mostly because it is only her living there, and besides the usual washing and toileting, she uses [...]

Rents $130 a week over the national average

By 9 July 2010

The Liberals’ Zed Seselja is pointing out new research showing just how high rental prices have come in this town of affordable housing plans:
The latest RP Data figures on rents in major cities shows the squeeze for housing continues in the ACT with rents increasing by four per cent in the last quarter to an [...]

Crace Terraces & Toilet Humour

By 8 July 2010

The image is a follow up to the recent “Crace – A place like no other” post.
Behold, a terrace floor plan with the toilet tastefully opening into the kitchen!
The shot is from a poster on the wall.  Floor plans used to be available  on the Crace website, but appear to have been taken down.
The terraces [...]

Sting finally coming out of rental market?

By 6 July 2010

The Canberra Times has a muddled story both bemoaning that many workers in Canberra are choosing to live elsewhere than pay the extortionate rates, and at the same time noting that there’s finally capacity in the market:
The boosted first-home owners scheme has helped people vacate rental accommodation, investors have returned to the market and [...]

No Building Industry Inquiry

By 1 July 2010

Andrew Barr has put out a statement on why Labor killed off Liberal efforts to start up an inquiry into poor building practices in the ACT.
(Interesting that the voice of the property council that is the modern Liberals went for this, they must think it’s the pro-Labor developers and the CFMEU that will cop it [...]

Upping the regulation of energy assessors

By 1 July 2010

Andrew Barr is announcing new legislation to codify the regulation of the nice people with clipboards who decide how many stars your house has for energy efficiency.
People need to feel confident about the system and that they are getting what they paid for. That’s why I want to bring energy assessors under the same licensing [...]

Belconnen Markets revamp plans attract mixed reviews

By 30 June 2010

The Canberra Times has a story on the plans to redevelop the Belconnen Markets and the mixed feelings of the existing operators to the plans:
A development application lodged with the ACT Planning and Land Authority shows the Rock Development Group project includes a mixed-use, seven-storey apartment block, including 212 apartments, a two-storey underground parking facility [...]

‘Rent by negotiation’

By 28 June 2010

I’m looking for a rental property through allhomes, and I keep coming across this – ‘rent by negotiation’.  Can anyone tell me how this works? 
I know it might sound like its obvious – but I’m wondering if there is more to it?  Is it essentially a rental auction?  Am I missing something?

Half a million Canberrans or bust

By 28 June 2010

The Canberra Times has the intriguing news that our leader Jon Stanhope wants a population of half a million:
Mr Stanhope said he believed continued population growth was essential to keep the territory’s economy growing and to provide the enhanced level of services that Canberrans were coming to expect. ”I’m not dreaming of a big [...]

The Government gets an architect

By 24 June 2010

The Chiefly Stanhope has announced that the ACT Government has acquired for itself an architect, one Alastair Swayn:
“In a city with a global reputation for its strength and quality of design, there has been a growing conversation about the need for a dedicated ACT Government Architect,” Mr Stanhope said. “Someone with vision and expertise, [...]

Affordable housing – get thee to the trailer park

By 23 June 2010

Katy Gallagher has the happy news that from 1 July there will be no stamp duty on caravans:
Stamp duty will be abolished on applications to register caravans and camper trailers in the ACT from 1 July, after the Legislative Assembly today passed the Duties Amendment Bill 2010, ACT Treasurer, Katy Gallagher announced.
“The changes will [...]

London Circuit Car Parks fail to sell

By 22 June 2010

The Canberra Times has a typically complex planning story on the failed auction of the Baileys Corner car park and the matching one across Northbourne Avenue.
A glut of commercial development space in Canberra and fears of a legal challenge over a planning amendment on City Hill are being blamed for two premium development blocks [...]

final inspection

By 16 June 2010

We had the final inspection yesterday,the Real Estate was very happy.
Later they rang to let us know,that the owner likes to do an inspection on his own on friday.
So they withheld our Bond Money until the Owner gives his OK.
Can they do it???
I am so upset. We done everything right,and now we have to wait [...]

Save McGregor Hall?

By 16 June 2010

[First filed: Jun 15, 2010 @ 10:07]

The Canberra Musician’s Club is launching a campaign via Facebook to save McGregor hall.
The hall, notionally home to the Canberra Pensioner’s Club has been an on and off redoubt of local entertainment endeavour (and also rightly famous for the devastatingly handsome bar staff) for many long years but the [...]

ANU to squeeze in another 1023 accommodation units

By 15 June 2010

The ANU has the welcome news that they’re throwing up another 1023 new accommodation units over the next two years.
The ACT Government is making land available and the Commonwealth’s National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) is putting in some of the money.
ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Chubb said: “When the Commonwealth and ACT contributions are [...]

Units, units, units…

By 11 June 2010

If it’s an apartment/unit (what is the difference?) you want, your options will be a lot broader soon it seems.
The DA notices in today’s paper alone, with no doubt more to come tomorrow, have:
Braddon – 59 units
Braddon – 50
Dickson – 18
Narrabundah – 70
Yarralumla – 11
Yarralumla – 34
Duffy – 14
Kambah – 9
Everyone getting in before the [...]

Big houses on small blocks

By 9 June 2010

One thing that always strikes me as strange when I’m driving through the new suburbs of Gungahlin is how the majority of the houses are single storied.  My understanding is that most blocks being released up north are between 400-600 metres square (with some as small as 230 metres square).  
If you build a large [...]

The donut city looms as NSW slashes stamp duty

By 9 June 2010

The Canberra Times has a piece on the fallout of yesterday’s NSW Budget (note how NSW cleverly wait until after they’ve seen the Federales).
The big thing for us is that in NSW houses under $600,000 will be exempt from stamp duty. This in turn will allow developments in the surrounding Canberra region to be priced [...]

Lake access fears?

By 8 June 2010

In the Canberra Times John Thistleton is raising fears that a tiny part of the newly created harbour at Kingston will not be accessible to the public.
The work will remove a 3m-wide access path around the harbour edge on Kingston Island, which contractors developed from reclaimed land in a $31 million project.
”The proposed harbour [...]

When Cosmetic surgery goes wrong….. The new look Canberra Times

By 7 June 2010

They started the teasers weeks ago and it got me hooked……“ The new look Canberra time launching Saturday June 5th” I had really predicted a  massive change I would go  one step further a monumental change, I wanted to walk into my local newsagents and be put in a position of searching high and low [...]

Who’re you callin’ a shonk? Building Industry meets Government

By 4 June 2010

Andrew Barr is sending his people to talk to Canberra’s recently maligned builders about how to improve standards.
“Possible solutions contained in the Minister’s ten-point plan will be discussed as will any
solutions that industry might propose. After the meeting ACTPLA will develop a strategy under ACTPLAn to give to the Minister next week that covers possible [...]

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