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Andrew Barr nixes Federal Golf Course redevelopment plans

By 2 March, 2011

Minister for Planning Andrew Barr has announced that he’s giving a red light to Federal Golf Course’s plans to convert their land to apartments.
I have written to the Federal Golf Club today formally advising that the Government will not support a residential redevelopment proposal at the Golf Course in Red Hill.
I formed this view [...]

UC Starts gobbling up the Cameron Offices for student housing

By 28 February, 2011

The Canberra Times has a piece on the ever expanding University of Canberra snagging a wing of the old Cameron Offices to shove more foreign students into.
The university has secured ACT Government agreement to help clinch the $23 million deal and believes it could have its new student accommodation in one of the offices’ five [...]

Zed savages land release

By 25 February, 2011

Liberal Leader Zed Seselja has jumped on the Auditor-General’s verdict on land release in the ACT.
“This is a nine year old ACT Labor government, who keep saying we’ll now see better outcomes, when their policies have made things worse, pushing up prices for young families,” Zed said.
“Programs touted by the Government as innovative, like the [...]

Trouble with the land rent scheme

By 24 February, 2011

The Auditor-General has announced her latest work: Residential Land Supply and Development.
It indicates there’s been a lot of trouble with the land rent scheme amongst other mismanagements:
– The Land Rent Scheme was introduced in July 2008 as an initiative of the Affordable Housing Action Plan, to allow buyers/lessees to make lease payments for LDA estate [...]

Too many houses under construction?

By 21 February, 2011

The ABC has the happy news that so many houses are under construction at the moment there’s a possibility prices could come down.
To avoid the horror of housing affordability BIS Shrapnel are recommending builders slow down to manipulate the market.
At least they’re being honest about it one supposes.

Property Managers

By 21 February, 2011

Being about to jump into the world of investment property I would love to hear of peoples experiences ( I know its been done before with regards to specific issues) with property managers.
In particular I would be interested in any experience with LIVEin as we’ve been approached by them and whilst on the surface they [...]

Development in the Inner North report tabled

By 17 February, 2011

The Greens’ Caroline le Couteur has noted the tabling of the Standing Committee on Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services report on residential zoning in the Inner North.
It’s important that we grasp the opportunities being presented in the Inner North Precinct to create a truly cosmopolitan and sustainable community along Northbourne Avenue”, [...]

Tips for getting into a rental property in Canberra

By 9 February, 2011

Traditionally this is the toughest time of year for people searching for a rental property, with the influx of DFAT, Defence and other posted people, as well as a large contingent of students putting a lot of pressure on the market.
In a market where the rental prices are already uncomfortably high, this added pressure just [...]

French Australia pre-school expansion

By 9 February, 2011

The Department of Land and Property Services is asking for your thoughts on an application by the French Australia Pre-school in Red Hill.
The French Australia Pre-school has received in-principle approval from the Government
for the subdivision and purchase of part of Block 11 Section 27 Red Hill, which it currently
occupies in the child care centre at [...]

221 London Circuit – an address you’ll remember

By 8 February, 2011

Walking down London Circuit today I noticed the enormous signage now advertising the address of the former ActewAGL building.
I then wondered if I was going mad and it had been there forever. But I’m reliably informed it went up in December.
The building even has its own website covering the history of the building. (and plans [...]

More Hawker groups brought inside the tent

By 8 February, 2011

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced he’s creating a new reference group to make enraged community bodies in the suburb of Hawker feel as if they’re being listened to in the re-development process.
Representatives from the Friends of Hawker Village and Belconnen Community Council are among the members of a new reference group which will help [...]

Liberal plan for housing affordability

By 29 January, 2011

Liberal leader Zed Seselja has noted that Canberra’s dysfunctional housing market is edging ever closer to complete breakdown as rents surge again.
He offers these solutions:
“We currently have before the Assembly, the Infrastructure Canberra Bill. The Bill is designed to streamline infrastructure delivery with a co-ordinated and detailed infrastructure plan backed up with an Infrastructure Commissioner [...]

Your thoughts sought on the Brumbies redevelopment

By 28 January, 2011

The ACT Planning and Land Authority has sent out a media release asking for comment on Draft Variation 307 which would let the Brumbies to turn their Griffith headquarters into a three storey apartment complex.
Chief Planning Executive Neil Savery, said that ACTPLA had prepared a draft variation to the Territory Plan after the Brumbies Rugby [...]

Greens feel the love in the 2030 consultation

By 25 January, 2011

After yesterday’s release of the 2030 consultation the Greens are letting the world know that it’s an affirmation of their policies.
“There was a really positive environmental and sustainability tone to many of the comments in the ‘Time to Talk’ report, which reflects a great desire for Canberra to improve it’s green credentials,” Greens Parliamentary Convenor, [...]

Bonner land ballot opens at Noon

By 25 January, 2011

The Land Development Agency is letting the world know that they’re opening up a land ballot at noon today for blocks in Bonner.
Good luck!

Canberra makes the unaffordable top 50!

By 24 January, 2011

Holden Caulfield has been in touch to point out the Demographia global survey of housing affordability.
Despite the Chief Minister telling us what a great job he’s doing Canberra’s made the top fifty.
Are we proud yet?

Time to talk outcomes released

By 24 January, 2011

In a busy morning Chief Minister Stanhope has announced that he’s released the outcomes of the Canberra 2030 consultation.
Canberrans want a more compact city that will better support a public transport system and deliver a better mix of housing across the ACT, according to the outcomes of the Time to Talk – Canberra [...]

canberra building questions

By 24 January, 2011

hi everyone,
two questions for the hive.
Firstly, I was wondering if anyone out there had built their homes with the following builders and has anything to share about them, i would love some feedback.

gracious living
deemro homes
revolution homes
andara homes

Secondly, I am very new to this home building and buying thing and i am worried about forgetting something. [...]

Live in Canberra charges ahead in 2011

By 21 January, 2011

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced he’s going to keep pouring resources into the Live In Canberra program trying to entice more people into a Canberra in the grip of a major housing crisis.
“The Live in Canberra team will work with the ACT Government’s Skilled and Business Migration Unit to attend an international migration expo in [...]

Bob Winnell gets his land half price from the ACT Government

By 18 January, 2011

The Canberra Times has the thrilling news that after deciding to discard the transparency of land auctions the ACT Government decided that a good price for land direct to favoured developers in 2009 should be nearly half the price charged in 2007.
At auction in 2007 the Government sold housing blocks in Canberra’s north for [...]

The future challenges to ACT Prosperity

By 17 January, 2011

The Canberra Times has a story on CommSec’s assessment of the ACT’s economy and its prospects:
ACT political and business leaders have welcomed the good news in the CommSec report, which puts the territory at the top. But the report also said Canberra was troubled by skilled labour shortages, one of Australia’s most rapidly ageing [...]

Suburb recommendations for a new resident

By 16 January, 2011

Hi Rioters,
I am an inner-north resident of 7 years, but need some advice for a friend moving from Canada to live in Canberra.
I fear I am slightly biased towards recommending an inner-north location, and would prefer to have a more balanced view for her to consider before deciding on the best place for rental accommodation. [...]

Construction still not satisfying existing demand as rental prices rise

By 14 January, 2011

The ABC brings word on continuing rental price rises as the ACT continues to fail in taking real action on housing affordability.
“Canberra has one of the nation’s leading employment rates, it’s down around 3.3 per cent, so we have a full employment economy for all intents and purposes,” he said.
“Also we have a significant underlying [...]

Is there more to business in Canberra than real estate speculation?

By 11 January, 2011

The Liberals’ Brendan Smyth is very excitedby research from the Institute of Public Affairs which he says shows the ACT’s tax regime is comparatively unfriendly to business.
But what are the headline taxes?
– land taxes in the ACT are 38 per cent above the state/territory average; and
– land transfer duties are 10 per cent above the [...]

Zed mocks ongoing Stanhopian frustration with the ACT planning system

By 11 January, 2011

Opposition Leader Zed Seselja is making merry with Mr Stanhope’s ongoing blame shifting of planning failures to a bureacracy Mr Stanhope has been the master of for the best part of a decade.
“Jon Stanhope has no one to blame but himself and his Ministers for what he described as ‘excessive red tape’ in the planning [...]

18 stories is medium density – The Greens

By 7 January, 2011

The Greens’ Caroline Le Couteur has come out swinging for the proposed vast high rise development of Woden Green.
Even more intriguingly she describes it as “a sustainable, medium-density development in a town centre“.
She does make some good arguments in its favour:
“It is in the right location for high quality infill development.”
“There are real potential environmental [...]

Land demand shooting up! Chiefly Celebration

By 6 January, 2011

Chief Minister Stanhope is thrilled that new land for apartments in the planned suburb of Wright in Molonglo has shot over reserve at auction:
Two multi-unit sites were sold by tender to local developers for prices above the reserve.
A 7,456 sqm site on the corner of Cotter Road and the future John Gorton Drive sold [...]

Development application Casey

By 4 January, 2011

I came back from a lovely holiday to have a letter in my mail box from ACT Planning and Land Authority indicating the vacant block opposite my front yard has received the following development application:
“Multi-dwelling 45 Unit, 3 storey building, basement carkparking” etc
Must be confident that it will be going ahead, given the developer has [...]

The best way to spend $20 million? 90 slightly cheaper rentals in Crace?

By 22 December, 2010

Housing in Canberra is woefully over priced because there are more people trying to find somewhere to live than there are houses to put them in.
And yet. Brace yourselves this might make you angry when you think it through.
Chief Minister Stanhope has announced that the ACT Government is lending $20 million to CHC Affordable Housing [...]

Casey, Crace, and Foreshore changes withdrawn

By 20 December, 2010

ACTPLA have announced that they’re not pursuing changes to increase the density of Casey and Crace.
ACT Planning and Land Authority (ACTPLA) Chief Planning Executive, Neil Savery, said that following an assessment of submissions and having regard to the provisions of the Planning and Development Act, some of the changes would no longer be progressed as [...]

Do you think they could have fitted a bigger one on?

By 17 December, 2010

As seen in Turner.
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to images@the-riotact.com

Your Canberra postcode reveals your income

By 16 December, 2010

Hi rioters.
This is in response to the recent post Follow the money – Canberra postcodes mapped for wealth.
In the thread the question was asked
Are there other maps which illustrate other aspects of “wealth” apart from “investment habits” such as income, assets, etc.?
Actually, I was also curious as there are perceptions in Canberrans’ mind of which [...]


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