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LAPS unloads the Indicative Land Release Program

By 4 May 2011

Land And Property Services have published their Indicative Land Release Programs 2011-12 to 2014-15.
Here’s the nub of it though:

Katy kicks back on change of use charges.

By 28 April 2011

Yesterday we had scrapping between the Greens and Liberals on change of use charges.
If you haven’t been following the issue it comes down to this.
When a developer buys a lease (remember there’s no freehold here) to land in the ACT currently in use as a house they need to apply to change that [...]

Change of use fees outrage Liberals

By 27 April 2011

Zed Seselja is beating his breast for the newly discovered renters he says will be smitten by a Green/Labor deal to get some money out of developer windfalls when they get their lease purpose clauses changed.
“In supporting Labor’s massive tax on units, the Greens have agreed to tens of thousands of dollars more tax per [...]

Residential Building Reports in Canberra.

By 12 April 2011

Looking to buy a new home? Need to rely on the requisite building report? Has it been useful?
My conclusion after reading six or so reports by different inspectors in recent weeks is definately, NO!
ACT house vendors are required by law to provide building, energy and pest inspection reports to potential buyers and are charged in [...]

PCA’s Vuvuzela Defends Tame Planners

By 11 April 2011

Catherine Carter, the Property Council’s vuvuzela (loud, monotonal, obnoxious), along with the Master Builders’ John Miller, are (predictably) staunchly defending their good mate, Neil Savery.  They claim that the ACTDAA (ACT Development Approval Authority) is just following the rules when assessing development applications.
Oh that they were!  They have so much discretion built into the planning [...]

Bonner planning makes property council finals

By 6 April 2011

Chief Minister Stanhope is congratulating the Land Development Agency (LDA) after their work in Bonner made the finals of the Property Council of Australia 2011 Innovation and Excellence Awards.
Bonner is a residential housing estate in North Gungahlin, Canberra’s fastest growing region, and is located close to the Gungahlin Town Centre.
The suburb features tree-lined streets, [...]

Should I buy in Belconnen or elsewhere?

By 2 April 2011

I’m moving to Canberra and am trying to decide where to buy/rent. I’ve noticed that rent is pretty high so am leaning towards buying probably a townhouse or small house with 2-3 bedrooms.
I was trying to research decent suburbs but a lot of information on the net is old and so may be outdated. One [...]

28 Sydney Avenue goes under the hammer


Chief Minister Stanhope has proudly announced the sale of a car park on 28 Sydney Avenue, within a stone’s throw of Parliament House, for $6.8 million.
Local developer BDC (ACT) Pty Ltd bought the 4,498sqm site today, which is located less than 500 metres from Parliament House and fronts onto Sydney Avenue.
The site has a maximum [...]

Housing ACT to start doing it’s job

By 29 March 2011

Joy Burch has put out a media release rejoicing in the following headline:

Housing ACT to use vacant properties to house homeless

Gosh golly, you don’t say? What on earth did they think they were doing before with their billions of dollars in assetts?
The ACT Government has made 12 vacant public housing properties available for crisis accommodation [...]

Weetangera Oval development?

By 25 March 2011

Following on from the recent spate of community planning fora, and pronouncement about the ACT Govt’s commitment to engagement and transparency on these issues, we have credible rumours about the proposed construction of more than 200 units on a chunk of the Weetangera Oval. 
While some local shopkeepers (of whom there are precious few) have [...]

Supabarn kills off Giralang Woolies

By 23 March 2011

The Canberra Times has the sad news for Giralang residents that plans to redevelop their shops around a new Woolworths have been scuppered by the opposition of Supabarn and others:
Giralang shops closed in 2005. The site’s owner, Dimitri Nikias, proposed a redevelopment of 13 townhouses and small shops, which planning authorities rejected. With Woolworths [...]

$12.3 million for Flemington Road blocks

By 22 March 2011

Jon Stanhope has announced that the Harrison and Franklin blocks on Flemington Road have been sold:
Spirited bidding by 15 registered parties has seen the sites sell for a total of $12.3 million.
Three of the sites permit the development of multi-unit housing, restaurants, shops and non-retail commercial uses, with the blocks ranging in size from 6,318 [...]

Molonglo planning forum this Thursday

By 21 March 2011

[ 24 March 2011 at 6:30 pm; ]

The ACT Planning and Land Authority is asking for you to come along and have some input into the planning of the new Molonglo region:

A community display and forum will be held this Thursday on the planning for the next suburbs to be developed in Molonglo Valley.

Chief Planning Executive of the ACT Planning and Land [...]

The other shoe drops at Westridge House

By 11 March 2011

The National Capital Authority is letting people know that as sure as night has followed day the new owner of Westridge House (purchased for $3.2 million) would like to rezone the land:
The National Capital Authority is proposing an amendment to the National Capital Plan to change the recognised land use of Westridge House (Block [...]

Who owns the land? And how to rezone and subdivide it?

By 9 March 2011

My husband and I would like to buy land in a rural area on the outskirts of Canberra. We are quite taken with one area in particular and would like to approach the owner to see whether they are interested in selling or subdivision. There are many paddocks but we have been unable to locate [...]

Prestige Development or Future Slum at Jamison?

By 9 March 2011

Does 250 one bedroom apartments, 67 two bedroom apartments and only five three bedroom apartments  on the site of the old Jamison Inn sound like a presteige development for Jamison to you?
To me it sounds like a future management headache for the community and the unlucky body corporate to bear.
Parking at Jamison will be [...]

Real estate agent for selling house?

By 9 March 2011

We’re selling our house in the next few months.
I’ve done a search on the Riotact and have found posts and advice on renting and buying houses, but not selling.
Any suggestions for good agents to sell a property in the Northside/Belconnen area?

House values on the slide, units on the rise.

By 6 March 2011

For those of you who missed it, the ABC released an article last Monday on declines and rises in the ACT housing market.
Reportedly, home values plunged by 4% whilst units increased by 4% in the 3 months to January.  Perhaps an indication of preferences moving away from the traditional suburban standard?  Who knows.
At the very [...]

Andrew Barr nixes Federal Golf Course redevelopment plans

By 2 March 2011

Minister for Planning Andrew Barr has announced that he’s giving a red light to Federal Golf Course’s plans to convert their land to apartments.
I have written to the Federal Golf Club today formally advising that the Government will not support a residential redevelopment proposal at the Golf Course in Red Hill.
I formed this view [...]

UC Starts gobbling up the Cameron Offices for student housing

By 28 February 2011

The Canberra Times has a piece on the ever expanding University of Canberra snagging a wing of the old Cameron Offices to shove more foreign students into.
The university has secured ACT Government agreement to help clinch the $23 million deal and believes it could have its new student accommodation in one of the offices’ five [...]

Zed savages land release

By 25 February 2011

Liberal Leader Zed Seselja has jumped on the Auditor-General’s verdict on land release in the ACT.
“This is a nine year old ACT Labor government, who keep saying we’ll now see better outcomes, when their policies have made things worse, pushing up prices for young families,” Zed said.
“Programs touted by the Government as innovative, like the [...]

Trouble with the land rent scheme

By 24 February 2011

The Auditor-General has announced her latest work: Residential Land Supply and Development.
It indicates there’s been a lot of trouble with the land rent scheme amongst other mismanagements:
– The Land Rent Scheme was introduced in July 2008 as an initiative of the Affordable Housing Action Plan, to allow buyers/lessees to make lease payments for LDA estate [...]

Too many houses under construction?

By 21 February 2011

The ABC has the happy news that so many houses are under construction at the moment there’s a possibility prices could come down.
To avoid the horror of housing affordability BIS Shrapnel are recommending builders slow down to manipulate the market.
At least they’re being honest about it one supposes.

Property Managers

By 21 February 2011

Being about to jump into the world of investment property I would love to hear of peoples experiences ( I know its been done before with regards to specific issues) with property managers.
In particular I would be interested in any experience with LIVEin as we’ve been approached by them and whilst on the surface they [...]

Development in the Inner North report tabled

By 17 February 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Greens’ Caroline le Couteur has noted the tabling of the Standing Committee on Planning, Public Works and Territory and Municipal Services report on residential zoning in the Inner North.
It’s important that we grasp the opportunities being presented in the Inner North Precinct to create a truly cosmopolitan and sustainable community along Northbourne Avenue”, [...]

Tips for getting into a rental property in Canberra

By 9 February 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Traditionally this is the toughest time of year for people searching for a rental property, with the influx of DFAT, Defence and other posted people, as well as a large contingent of students putting a lot of pressure on the market.
In a market where the rental prices are already uncomfortably high, this added pressure just [...]

French Australia pre-school expansion

By 9 February 2011

The Department of Land and Property Services is asking for your thoughts on an application by the French Australia Pre-school in Red Hill.
The French Australia Pre-school has received in-principle approval from the Government
for the subdivision and purchase of part of Block 11 Section 27 Red Hill, which it currently
occupies in the child care centre at [...]

221 London Circuit – an address you’ll remember

By 8 February 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Walking down London Circuit today I noticed the enormous signage now advertising the address of the former ActewAGL building.
I then wondered if I was going mad and it had been there forever. But I’m reliably informed it went up in December.
The building even has its own website covering the history of the building. (and plans [...]

More Hawker groups brought inside the tent

By 8 February 2011

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced he’s creating a new reference group to make enraged community bodies in the suburb of Hawker feel as if they’re being listened to in the re-development process.
Representatives from the Friends of Hawker Village and Belconnen Community Council are among the members of a new reference group which will help [...]

Liberal plan for housing affordability

By 29 January 2011

Liberal leader Zed Seselja has noted that Canberra’s dysfunctional housing market is edging ever closer to complete breakdown as rents surge again.
He offers these solutions:
“We currently have before the Assembly, the Infrastructure Canberra Bill. The Bill is designed to streamline infrastructure delivery with a co-ordinated and detailed infrastructure plan backed up with an Infrastructure Commissioner [...]

Your thoughts sought on the Brumbies redevelopment

By 28 January 2011

The ACT Planning and Land Authority has sent out a media release asking for comment on Draft Variation 307 which would let the Brumbies to turn their Griffith headquarters into a three storey apartment complex.
Chief Planning Executive Neil Savery, said that ACTPLA had prepared a draft variation to the Territory Plan after the Brumbies Rugby [...]

Greens feel the love in the 2030 consultation

By 25 January 2011

After yesterday’s release of the 2030 consultation the Greens are letting the world know that it’s an affirmation of their policies.
“There was a really positive environmental and sustainability tone to many of the comments in the ‘Time to Talk’ report, which reflects a great desire for Canberra to improve it’s green credentials,” Greens Parliamentary Convenor, [...]

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