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Ask RiotACT: Would you pay for this?

Ask RiotACT

Back in 2014 we had some renovation work done on our house.  They ran out of materials and didn’t return until 9 months later to finish it off. We knew full well we owed them 50% on completion – but they never asked and we considered it a discount for our inconvenience; not to mention [...]

The 360 story

By 1 December 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

What a year! A relatively new comer to the Canberra building scene (10 Years) and a first time entrant into the HIA awards, 360 Building Solutions was awarded best CUSTOM BUILT HOME for $350,000 – $500,000.
Dean, the director of 360 Building Solutions is a proud Canberra man who is a qualified Carpenter by trade. Dean [...]

Using your current home loan for new renovations

By 13 October 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

If you feel that your home no longer meets your needs, you may not have to go through the lengthy, stressful process of finding a new home and moving. Renovations let you upgrade your current property to regain that cosy feel. However, renovating your home is a major financial decision. One option that’s available to [...]

Recommendations for home Improvements/renovations

By 2 September 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

Hi there
I’m looking to do some improvements on my home and would appreciate some recommendations on reliable, great quality businesses who can help me with the following:

New wardrobe cupboards
Removal of old carpet and installation of new flooring (floating timber floors)
Kitchen/Bathroom renos (incl. floor and wall tiling)
Painting (interior)
Concreting/Paving/Landscaping (small area)

I am on a budget and would like [...]

Carpet Laying Recommendations

By 19 February 2014

Can anyone recommend any businesses/tradies who can supply and install new carpet in a three bedroom plus study house? Most of the recommendation threads appear to be on tiling/floorboards.

Any recommended bathroom renovators?

By 20 February 2013

Any suggestions who to choose for bathroom renos?

Wood floor sanding and polishing

By 4 February 2013

Hi all,
I have just purchased a house and the wooden floors have seen better days.
Has anyone used and can recommend any local operators?

Someone to install wallpaper?

By 30 June 2012

Hi Rioters
Can you recommend someone to install wallpaper in Canberra?
Is it expensive and where do you get wallpaper from these days?
Thanks so much!

Paint for concrete in Canberra?

By 1 April 2012

I’m thinking of painting a concrete path.
I was thinking of Berger paving paints.
Has anyone used this, or can suggest another product?

facade suggestions required

By 30 March 2012

Hello people,
I need some suggestions for a cheaper front facade.
Rendering the whole front is costing me a 1,500 to 2,000. Stack stone is costing me around the same.
But are there any cheaper solutions? I have rendering bricks in front of my house and would like to make my facade appear better.
Thanks in advance.

Shower waterproofing regulations?

By 29 February 2012

I’ve searched the ACT Government site and have had no luck in finding the regulations covering the waterproofing of shower areas in residences.
Can anyone tell me what the building regulations are and when they came into play re having a waterproof barrier behind the tiling of a shower area in Canberra residences?
How long does a [...]

Looking for a good renderer

By 29 October 2011

Having experienced two renderers failing to supply promised quotes, I am seeking recommendations for a good renderer. Preferably one experienced in rendering to a variety of substrates, including blueboard. Heck, right now I’d settle for someone who makes an effort to return calls.
The job is small, perhaps 100 sqm. I appreciate that it might be too [...]

Julia moving out of the lodge

By 11 October 2011

Finance has a lengthy explanation of the works they’re doing on The Lodge which will see the Prime Minister seeking alternative accommodation over the next 18 months.
The main issues are the roof and the wiring.

Building Up (House Extension) in Canberra?

By 27 September 2011

My fiance and I have looked around the Canberra market and cant work out how we can buy a bigger house and afford the repayments so we are thinking of building up on our existing home. Its just a small 3 by 1 but we are hoping to look at the possibility of building a [...]

WorkSafe increasingly alarmed by cavalier asbestos handling

By 19 September 2011

ACT Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe is banging his shoe on the table to attract the attention of the local building industry and they way they handle asbestos:
“I am extremely concerned at the cavalier attitude to the handling of asbestos by a small number of builders,” Mr McCabe said.
“While the majority of people in [...]

Floor tiling help in Canberra?

By 19 August 2011

I read through some old threads regarding tiling, but was hoping for some more up to date recommendations.
My better half and I are in the process of getting quotes to renovate the kitchen and European laundry (2 are from previous RA recommendations).  In doing this it’s become apparent that the floor will be an issue; [...]

Recommendations for Bathroom Renovations in Canberra?

By 28 June 2011

We are looking to do a complete bathroom renovation (not just a makeover) and don’t just want to start cold calling from the paper or phone book.
Can anyone recommend a good, reliable company or tradesman (preferably who you may have used) who can undertake the whole job – from taking out the old to completing [...]

Advice on contractors – small laundry renovation

By 22 January 2011

We are wanting to do a small reno on our laundry & downstairs loo – essentially ripping out the old laundry tub, repositioning the waste, sealing up the tub taps (we’re not replacing the tub), installing a bench over the washer and dryer (custom joinery), replacing the small washbasin and retiling the whole area.
We are [...]

Kitchen Renovation recommendations? (another reno thread)

By 12 October 2010

Hi all
I know this has been done before but…
We are about to to a rip and replace for our kitchen and would like to hear recommendations from fellow Rioters who have gone thru a Kitchen reno lately(or are doing one currently).
- Which company is best?
- Which company is worst?
- What to look out for?
Not looking [...]

Tiler Reccomendations

By 23 August 2010

Hey Rioters,
Just wondering if anyone can reccomend who to go with/avoid in regards to getting a tiler for bathroom work and potentially flooring?

Roof reconditioning that doesn’t suck?

By 7 August 2010

For about 12 months now I have been considering having the roof of my place ‘reconditioned’. It has previously had the ridge capping etc. redone and is functionally perfect.. but aesthetically it’s coloured concrete tiles are fading to white.
I am wondering if anyone has had their roof repainted / reconditioned by a local company that [...]

Canberra houses and where you can stick a garage

By 25 May 2010

We have made the move to Canberra from Sydney and bought a house in the South (and generally can’t say enough good things about Canberra).  I get the whole keeping buildings back from the street so everything looks nice and having an enormous nature strip out the front (although it does seem to stuff up corner [...]

Backyard blitz advice sought

By 1 November 2009

After ignoring it for too long now in the hope it would go away, I have decided that the wasteland that was once our backyard needs a major revamp.
I’ve consulted the Yellow Pages and there are plenty of professionals advertising their services – too many, really, to knowledgeably settle on a likely few.
My [...]

Roofing, gutters and water tanks.

By 30 June 2009

Hi all,
I’m currently looking at having some roof work done here in Canberra.  As part of this fun task I’d like to get a water tank installed.  So to add to the fun of the roof and water tank, you can throw the gutters into the equation too.
What I’m after is tips, tricks, good news [...]

How bad is the High Court?

By 16 March 2009

The SMH has a snippet on how some of the dispersed High Court justices are settling into palatial digs in Sydney’s Queens Square Law Courts.
Of more interest was the mention of the scale of works required to fix the relatively new building:
Weakness in the foundations of the Canberra building is causing the forecourt to sink [...]

Looking for a builder for renovations

By 27 February 2009

My turn to utilise the hive-mind that is RiotACT.
We’re looking to do some renovations to our house in the next 6-8 months and are looking for any recommendations/warnings for builders.
The plans are done and now we need the builder. We’ll be knocking out some walls and putting in an ensuite among other things.
So who is [...]

Kitchen renovations recommendations?

By 5 March 2008

As I’ve seen a few posts on here seeking advice on Canberra products/services, I thought I’d try my luck and see if anyone on The RiotACT could recommend a good person/company to do our kitchen renovations (planning/drafting –> installation). We’ve finally decided to do away with the standard 1970s stylings..!
Happy to pay a premium for [...]

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