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Diplomatic / posting clause in residential tenancy agreement

By 10 April 2014

I am on the verge of taking out a 3 year tenancy on a rental property in Canberra. Having successfully negotiated the rental amount and some capital works with the landlord via the RE agent, I have been lobbed a last minute surprise in the form of a Diplomatic/Posting Clause which gives the landlord [...]

Rent for pets

By 16 February 2014

Hi guys,
Can anyone suggest for websites or forums to find a rental property which accepts pets. I just need a single bedroom dwelling and a place that allows my pets. I have 2 beautiful dogs.

Rents going down

By 11 July 2013

The ABC has the happy news that Canberra’s hideous rental market is finally coming down:
The latest report by Australian Property Monitors shows the median asking rent for units dropped nearly 5 per cent in the past three months, or $20, to $410 a week.
Over the year, rents fell nearly 7 per cent or $30 [...]

$1.4 million owed in public housing rent

By 26 June 2013

ABC News have reported that documents revealed under the Freedom of Information act show quite a large amount of rent is owed by public housing to the ACT, most of it from the southern suburbs.
The Freedom of Information request also asked for the number of tenants facing termination orders but the request was denied, saying [...]

Are Canberra tenants selfish?

By 6 February 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

As a follow up to an earlier post titled Are Canberra Landlords Greedy, here is an article to balance the view on things. Thanks to Holden Caulfield for the title.
With the information age has come a considerable improvement in the treatment of tenants when compared to days gone by. This coupled with the improved education [...]

Are Canberra landlords greedy?

By 23 November 2011

Here’s what ACT residential lessors (landlords) understand very well:
Traditionally Canberra’s rental market sees considerable seasonal fluctuation. The transient nature of the population regularly sees high prices and strong competition for vacant properties in the Summer months, particularly around January when everyone is moving in and out of town.
Here’s what ACT residential lessors (landlords) rarely know:
Beyond [...]

Tips for getting into a rental property in Canberra

By 9 February 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Traditionally this is the toughest time of year for people searching for a rental property, with the influx of DFAT, Defence and other posted people, as well as a large contingent of students putting a lot of pressure on the market.
In a market where the rental prices are already uncomfortably high, this added pressure just [...]

Phillip and Janet Graney the first shared equity tenants

By 1 November 2010

The ACT’s Minister for Housing, Joy Burch, has announced the good fortune of the Graney family as the first Housing ACT tenants to use the ACT Government’s Shared Equity Scheme to buy their Kambah home of 14 years.
Under the Shared Equity Scheme, tenants who cannot afford to buy the full value of their home [...]

Rents $130 a week over the national average

By 9 July 2010

The Liberals’ Zed Seselja is pointing out new research showing just how high rental prices have come in this town of affordable housing plans:
The latest RP Data figures on rents in major cities shows the squeeze for housing continues in the ACT with rents increasing by four per cent in the last quarter to an [...]

‘Rent by negotiation’

By 28 June 2010

I’m looking for a rental property through allhomes, and I keep coming across this – ‘rent by negotiation’.  Can anyone tell me how this works? 
I know it might sound like its obvious – but I’m wondering if there is more to it?  Is it essentially a rental auction?  Am I missing something?

Bond loans easier to get

By 10 May 2010

Joy Burch has announced that the ACT Government’s Rental Bonds Housing Assistance Program is now going to be available to more people for an interest free hand paying a bond.
ACT Minister for Disability Housing and Community Services Joy Burch said the changes would enable more people to enter the private rental market by increasing [...]

The ESA’s empty offices

By 9 July 2009

The Canberra Times brings word of another egregious stuff up by the ACT Government.
It seems that $180,000 is being paid every month to lease seven buildings at Fairbairn for the Emergency Services Agency. Of which one is being used, one is being refurbished, and the other five are doing nothing at all.
So far $7 million [...]

Canberra rents bite

By 22 January 2009

The ABC informs us that Canberra rents are the highest in the country and the fastest rising:
A leading property data group has found Canberra’s rental market is the most expensive of all Australian capitals.
Recent figures from the Australian Property Monitors show Canberra recorded the biggest increase to average weekly rents in the December quarter.
Rent prices [...]

Anyone with experiences with rental increases related to s35 and 37 of the standard tenancy agreement?

By 18 January 2009

Hi all
I am seeking clarification about the application of clauses 35 and 37 of the Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement. They state:
35.        The rent may not be increased at intervals of less than 12 months from either the beginning of the Tenancy Agreement for the first increase, or after that, from the date of the last [...]

Target exceeded! Anyone noticed their rent coming down?

By 14 July 2008

Our brave leader has announced that the target for land release has been exceeded!
“I am pleased to announce the ACT Government has exceeded its residential land release target for 2007-08, by releasing 3,400 blocks of land,” Mr Stanhope said. “Increasing the supply of land is one of 62 initiatives in the ACT Government’s Affordable Housing [...]

Rent on the rise again

By 9 June 2008

The ABC is reporting that rents are again on the rise.
The March quarter report indicates rents in outer south, west and northern suburbs are now close to those charged for properties in the inner south. The report also says ACT house prices have dropped 6.8 per cent, taking the average house price to just over [...]

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