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Diplomatic / posting clause in residential tenancy agreement

By 10 April, 2014

I am on the verge of taking out a 3 year tenancy on a rental property in Canberra. Having successfully negotiated the rental amount and some capital works with the landlord via the RE agent, I have been lobbed a last minute surprise in the form of a Diplomatic/Posting Clause which gives the landlord [...]

Rental prices falling

By 10 October, 2013

If the previously unprecedented sight of “for rent” appearing on Canberra’s streets wasn’t enough the ABC has data on the long awaited holes opening up in the market:
The latest Australian Property Monitors report shows median asking rents for houses in Canberra dropped 3.6 per cent, from $480 to $463 a week, in the September [...]

Are Canberra tenants selfish?

By 6 February, 2012

As a follow up to an earlier post titled Are Canberra Landlords Greedy, here is an article to balance the view on things. Thanks to Holden Caulfield for the title.
With the information age has come a considerable improvement in the treatment of tenants when compared to days gone by. This coupled with the improved education [...]

Are Canberra landlords greedy?

By 23 November, 2011

Here’s what ACT residential lessors (landlords) understand very well:
Traditionally Canberra’s rental market sees considerable seasonal fluctuation. The transient nature of the population regularly sees high prices and strong competition for vacant properties in the Summer months, particularly around January when everyone is moving in and out of town.
Here’s what ACT residential lessors (landlords) rarely know:
Beyond [...]

Tips for getting into a rental property in Canberra

By 9 February, 2011

Traditionally this is the toughest time of year for people searching for a rental property, with the influx of DFAT, Defence and other posted people, as well as a large contingent of students putting a lot of pressure on the market.
In a market where the rental prices are already uncomfortably high, this added pressure just [...]

Renting in Canberra – nothing but trouble?

By 21 September, 2010

There’s been plenty of previous discussion on RA around issues for renters in Canberra. There are plenty of stories of tenants who are kept in the dark about their rights, or treated by their landlords or property managers as second class citizens. 
On the other side there’s plenty of times when a landlord either has issues [...]


By 8 May, 2010

I’ve never been to ACT before and know nothing about it and am heavilly considering taking a job in Canberra. Can anyone help me by giving me an idea of which suburbs are best to live in (thinking modern 1 bed apartment). I don’t know anyone there nor do I know anyone who has lived [...]

Pet rights in body corporates coming today.

By 26 August, 2008

When I kicked off a debate about a right to have companion animals in body corporates and rental properties I wasn’t actually aware that Andrew Barr had already fired the starters’ gun on the issue and had introduced the Unit Titles Amendment Bill 2008 which, amongst other things, addresses part of this issue.
With debate on [...]

How do you break a lease in the ACT?

By 1 August, 2008

We simply can’t stand our house any more. It’s overpriced and dull. There are gorgeous properties for lease in Bungendore, Gunning and towns like those for half the cost. The petrol sums add up. The only problem is that we’ve still got six months on the rental contract left to run.
None of us have ever [...]


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