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Where’s the Ladies? Seeking culinary pleasure at The Cupping Room


When ‘The Cupping Room’ was suggested as a brunch venue for our latest review, there was a suitable amount of tittering among the group.  We thought we were pretty clever (sometimes we are…), but as we read through the menu we realised it had been said before and ‘no, it is not in reference to [...]

Kusina Breakfast – delicious and well-priced

By 14 May 2014

Over the weekend my partner and I decided to take ourselves out for breakfast.
Of course, it was Sunday and we all know Sunday was.. Mothers Day! We decided it would be best to try somewhere out of the way because everyone and their mother would be out eating breakfast to celebrate.
We live in the Weston [...]

Where’s the Ladies? Restaurant Review – Pistachio Torrens


If we weren’t having such a good time, it would have been awful.
We are four Canberra girls who enjoy good food and company (and a good bottle of wine doesn’t go astray, although at times a bad bottle can be alright too). We are by no means food experts – or snobs [...]

Breizh at Ainslie. It’s hard to review what you cannot eat

By 13 January 2014

Breizh Cafe at Ainslie shops promises to bring “Treasures from Brittany” but treasure is rarely easy to come by and at Breizh it’s harder than it should be.
Last week we rolled in around 11.30 to be told the kitchen would not be re-opening until 12.
By the time we’d looked at a menu, ordered orange juice [...]

Final 2013 foodie adventures

By 1 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

2013 has whizzed by and there have been many worthy newcomers to the Canberra food scene. Here are my last reviews for 2013.
I was excited to try out The Cupping Room, a new venture by Ona Coffee. The place was packed but it didn’t take long to get in. I had trouble deciding what to [...]

November foodie adventures

By 2 December 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Lots of new restaurants and cafes opened up in November. I haven’t tried all of them yet, but I’ll get there eventually. Here are some of my foodie adventures for the month.
I tried the eggs benedict at the newly opened European in Kingston which were satisfying, particularly on a thick slice of bread from Autolyse. [...]

Jamies Italian Canberra. A restaurant review

By 20 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Goosepig and her colleagues were going to the new Jamie’s Italian and I was able to tag along on their booking.
Despite my invite to the bloggers lunch somehow going missing I’ll admit to being somewhat intrigued despite never really taking to Jamie Oliver’s many televisual outings.
First impression was just how busy they are down there [...]

Restaurant review. Griffith Vietnamese

By 15 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Restaurant review – Griffith Vietnamese Restaurant
Rarely do I take the time to bother writing a review of a restaurant. I’ve made exception on occasion, usually for an exceptionally great dining experience. Tonight, unfortunately that is not the case.
My wife was tempted by a couple of positive reviews of this place on Yelp. This was our [...]

In The Taratory – proving Canberra’s not boring

By 9 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

In The Taratory is a Canberra blog reviewing anything and everything to do in the ACT and surrounds. It’s been a busy few months – here are some of the highlights:
Love him or loathe him, one of the biggest events on the foodie calendar was the opening of Jamie’s Italian earlier this week. My verdict? [...]

October foodie adventures

By 1 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

October has gone by so fast. Canberrans have been spoilt for choice this month with great dining options as part of Good Food Month and the Taste It Festival. Here are my foodie adventures for the month.
I checked out 38 Espresso – the Kingston Foreshore’s only espresso bar for a coffee and croissant. They don’t [...]

Suburban restaurant recommendations

By 26 October 2013

Hi all,
I live in the west belconnen area and I travelled to narrabundah recently and had an amazing Italian meal at the local shops.
I was just wondering if there was any more suburban gems anywhere as I’ve been to most of the restaurants around the main town centres and would like to try some new [...]

September foodie adventures

By 1 October 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

A busy month of food – here is a breakdown of my September foodie adventures.
I headed back to C Dine Bar at the Kingston Foreshore to try out the other alternatives on their $25 breakfast prefix menu – this time I chose the fruit salad, and a mushroom omelette. It was lovely sitting outside in [...]

August Foodie Adventures

By 5 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

I get so excited about food – taking photos of it, tasting it and telling people about it. I recently started a food blog to share my love of food with others. So here’s a breakdown of my foodie adventures in August.
Brunch at Mocan & Green Grout in civic – a cute and [...]

Frank and Beanz. A hotdog review

By 3 September 2013

Strange tides took me to the Majura Park foodcourt in need of a feed.
But there I saw Frank and Beanz amongst the other uninspiring offerings and thought “Why yes, I would like a gourmet dog”.
$8.50 got me a Hoff, sauerkraut, caramelised onion, cheese, mustard, and a big thick sausage.
The food comes in rather snazzy brown [...]

Cholo’s Peruvian Cuisine. Restaurant Review

By 30 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

I’ve been eyeing up Cholo’s on Dickson’s Challis Street since the little Sichuan Restaurant gave up the ghost.
They’ve got some extravagant signage filling up their windows with an Andean vista and their website plays pan pipes.
There’s something lovely about the way their signage gives the impression “PERUVIAN CUISINE IS FINALLY HERE!!! WHAT YOU’VE ALL BEEN [...]

Lamb curry at the H20 cafe. Restaurant Review

By 20 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

H20 Cafe nestles around the corner from Tonic in the Bus Interchange.
The menu has a lot of vaguely italian cafe fare on it as is standard for milking office drones.
But the owners have some nods to their Sri Lankan heritage on the menu and that was what had attracted me.
And so for just south [...]

Treehouse. $10 lunch review

By 16 August 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Following a hot tip Nancy Porker and I ventured to Treehouse for lunch today.
Getting there at the dot of 12 it was looking very swish, very empty and a little intimidating.
But I went inside, the staff were extremely friendly and I ordered a pint of Little Creature’s Rogers while I waited.
The first shock. The pint [...]

Kudos Taste. $11 lunch review

By 6 August 2013

So my meal cost more than $10 and it doesn’t look that hot in photo form, but don’t let that put you off. Kudos Taste was great.
On an island in the middle of Canberra House, lacking any noticeable sign (I had to stare check their menu to find out the name of the place), a [...]

Mon Thani. $10 lunch review


A new player on Petrie Plaza, Mon Thani is a strong showing in the sub $10 lunch space.
Borrowing heavily on the style of the iconic Burmese Curry Place; Mon Thani serves up two dishes, requested by number on rice for $8.
I had the prawn cakes you can see pictured. They were awesome, as was the [...]

Delhi 6. A restaurant review


Last night Goosepig and I needed somewhere to get dinner close to Theatre 3 and Delhi 6 on Childers Street seemed to fit the bill as the tumbleweeds blew through the supposedly revitalised and vibrant precinct.
I’d had a reasonably good lunch there a couple of years ago so why not do the sit down dinner [...]

Best yum cha in Canberra?

By 4 June 2013

Where’s the best yum cha in Canberra? There was a thread on this back in April 2012 that wasn’t particularly conclusive. I’m keen to find out the latest.
I had a wonderful yum cha in Sydney recently at a place named Eight above the Haymarket, and would like to try the Canberra yum cha scene.

Jimmy’s Place. A lunch review


Jimmy’s Place has been around in Dickson for many years now, but recently they’ve moved to the far end of Woolley Street, where the Elders real estate agency briefly dwelt.
I have memories of going there in the mid 2000′s, ordering too heavily off their specials menu, and being overwhelmed by bone marrow and jellyfish and [...]

Copa. A restaurant review


I do believe I have a new favourite restaurant in town.
Sure Copa got off to a bad start. But I figured the most scrutinised kitchen in Canberra was worth a go and so we set off last night to check it out on Woolley Street in Dickson.
Arriving at 6.30 the restaurant was very quiet. While [...]

Prince’s Palace. A Lunchtime review

By 21 May 2013

Today we ventured out of the inner-north and made the long journey all the way up to the middle-north.
We went to Belconnen to have Yum Cha for lunch, and I ate so much I feel a little ill.
This is what I wanted.
The Yum Cha costs $22 a head, and I easily ate my $22 worth. [...]

Koochi Afghan Cafe. A review


Went out for a late lunch over the weekend at Gungahlin, we didn’t feel like Asian food which seriously limited our choices, it was suggested by Mrs Jonnie that another cafe had opened that was Middle Eastern of some type.
We walked over to Hibberson Street and found the Koochi Afghan Cafe – we were shown [...]

Soulfood Kitchen, a restaurant review

By 6 May 2013

Dined with friends at SoulFood Kitchen in Erindale last night. Interesting. It’s Cajun themed, and run by a bloke who looks as if he should know what he’s doing.
The prices are “good restaurant” prices, but the ambience is pure McDonalds – you have to order from a counter; the floors are hard-surfaced as are the [...]

86. A lunch review


Having heard significant buzz about 86, Braddon’s hippest new joint, Goosepig and I ventured down for lunch today.
We had a truly magnificent meal but it is not without flaws and reservations.
For a start there are no menus. There is a chalkboard inside, but if seated outside you’re at the whims of the waiter’s memory. With [...]

Lunch at Loading Zone. A restaurant review


Loading Zone has been causing a lot of buzz since it opened last month in the middle of the Melbourne Building. (Odgers Lane to be specific)
Barcham and I tried to have lunch there a couple of weeks ago but they were all full up.
We made a point of getting in at noon today and it [...]

Pancake Parlour’s Red Dawn. A breakfast review


The Pancake Parlour in the Civic Bus Interchange has been around so long it’s passed from its cool phase, to a daggy phase, and might just be re-emerging into the warm sunlit uplands of cool.
Barcham and I have been ensconced this morning for the mobile office review (to come later) but we kicked things off [...]

Breakfast at Pulp Kitchen. A brunch review


I normally wouldn’t think of going to a fine dining restaurant for breakfast.
But a strange series of events lead me to Ainslie’s Pulp Kitchen in search of breakfast and I was very pleasantly surprised.
You’d think going out for breakfast would be a simple enough undertaking. But Braddon was absolutely chockas and there was no where [...]

Edgars Inn at Ainslie. Lunch review


Barcham and I lunched at Edgars in Ainslie today.
A touch north of $50 secured two pints of Squire’s Golden ale a charcuterie plate and some wings.
So it’s a bit more pricey than chowing down for Burmese curry. On the other hand you don’t put your used plates into a garbage bin at Edgar’s either.
The beer [...]

Mr Shabu Shabu. A lunch review


Mr Shabu Shabu nestles beneath Unilodge just off Childers Street in Civic West.
Barcham and I were attracted by the pleasant looking tables under the big Unilodge awning and the authentic sounding yet very affordable menu.
At 12.15 we were the only ones in, but it began to really fill up as we were leaving.
Impressively a complimentary [...]

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