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Sabai Dee lunchbox. $10 lunch review


Barcham and I attempted to lunch today at the new cafe in Odgers Lane. But they were full. So we decided to take up a reader recommendation and try the new Sabai Dee which has taken up residence where the old Shalimar used to be.
Praise be on arrival they had a $8.50 lunch box deal [...]

Lunch at the new Debacle. A review


For lunch today Barcham and I were upon our bicycles and down to the newly reopened and relocated Debacle.
For those who’ve missed the news this is what the old Debacle currently looks like with George Rose’s evolving wall animation shamefully tagged over by the mindless falsies crew.

And a very short stumble down the road one [...]

Lyneham Pide Hut chicken lunchbox. $10 lunch review


The Lyneham Pide Hut is under new management. On one level that’s a shame as I rather liked the old management. On the other hand they new guys are offering a $10 lunchbox.
There’s a choice of chicken or lamb.
For that you get a fair whack of salad, including tabouleh and a whack of hummus, rice, [...]

Where should RiotACT have lunch?


So this is where John, myself, and George the RiotACT dog have lunch most days. It’s not ideal, we think we can do better.
Occasionally we find enough shrapnel in the RiotACT couch and go splurge on lunch somewhere, we attempt to justify this expense by reviewing the places we visit. These tend to be some [...]

Brodburger review


When asked about reviewing something south of the lake in his $10 lunch reviews Johnboy said “When I find something good south of the lake I’ll let you know about it.”
He’s making me write about Brodburger. Draw your own conclusions about that.
So Brodburger is apparently a thing. Everyone has heard about about it. Well, everyone [...]

East Kitchen Chicken Mee Goreng. $10 lunch review


East Kitchen is a long serving stalwart of the Dickson scene, tucked into the courtyard next to Zeffirelli’s.
And they have a fairly large menu of lunch dishes which go for $8.50 take away.
I went with a Mee Goreng with chicken.
There was a 10 minute wait. But hey, I can be fiddling on my phone anywhere [...]

Me & Mother Jones in Kingston, awful, just awful

By 26 February 2013

I had lunch at Me & Mother Jones with two friends and it was talked up in advance. What a disappointment.
The service was so abysmally slow (we arrived on time at 1 pm; ordered 1.10; main course arrived at 2.00 pm).
Now, at MMJ you are talking restaurant prices – including $7.00 a glass corkage for [...]

Kagawa teriyaki chicken bento. $10 lunch review

By 15 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Being a sucker for a sandwich board promising a sub $10 lunch Dickson’s Kagawa lured me in today.
I walked in the door at the dot of noon to find the place mostly empty, but not ready to do anything so crass as take my order.
After a couple of minutes playing around with a cash register [...]

Ploy Thai. $10 lunch review

By 13 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Walking down Lonsdale Street in Braddon today (as one does) I noticed the Ploy Thai restaurant and with the promise of an $8 deal how could I resist?
Curry puffs come extra at a dollar a throw and with a can of coke I had lunch and a drink for a mere $11.
I should have had [...]

Smoque. Restaurant Review

By 11 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Smoque (Pronounced Smoke) is a relatively new player in the restaurant game. It’s on Petrie Plaza just next to Ted’s Cameras off London Circuit.
They’ve gone to the trouble of making a sexy video which gives a feel for the place:

I had a dinner meeting for three to organise so foolishly thought booking a table a [...]

Good food in Barton?

By 23 January 2013

Rhetorical question really. Quite a few good cafes although many are hidden in office blocks.
But a few months ago Pride of Asia opened on the corner of National Circuit and Bligh St, opposite the Hotel Kurrajong. This place is fantastic. Good cheap tasty Asian food, with a choice of four premade hot dishes plus [...]

Ace Sushi Belconnen Markets

By 21 January 2013

For those looking for authentic sushi in Canberra, I highly recommend Ace Sushi at the Belconnen markets. Been there twice now and the sushi is excellent – very fresh and reasonably priced at $2.90 a plate. The sushi chef there trained in Hokkaido in northern Japan for a number of years and really knows his [...]

Red Chilli Sichuan. Restaurant Review

By 17 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

On our way to the Phoenix last night for Bad!Slam!No!Biscuit! GoosePig and I stopped into Red Chilli, which has taken over the spot formerly occupied by the Singaporean based La Pasa.
Red Chilli is part of a Sydney chain of restaurants promising Sichuan food.
The fitout is certainly ornate but also tends to foodcourt with chain flyers [...]

The Elk and Pea. Restaurant Review

By 16 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Do you see that there? That’s a goat enchilada!
How can anyone see a goat enchilada on the menu and not try one?
Let me tell you it was seriously delicious too.
The Elk and Pea is on the ever more hip Lonsdale Street in Braddon and describes itself as an “eating house”. With some of the interior [...]

Hangari Kimchi at Dickson, restaurant review

By 8 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Kimchi in Dickson is one of those restaurants I’ve peered through the window of for a while now but never managed to eat at.
Last night GoosePig and I gave it a go and were pretty impressed.
A word of warning though, not being au fait with Korean fine dining we made some mistakes and you can [...]

(Just over) $10 lunch review: Sweet Bones

By 14 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Feeling a little hungover, I decided I needed something healthy for lunch, breakfast having been an impossibility.  The new bakery and café Sweet Bones on the non-city end of Lonsdale Street has been beckoning for a while now; I kept trying to get in before they were open.
Now, from recent threads I know that some [...]

New cafe/restaurant in Weston – Kusina

By 1 November 2012

Hi RA-ers.  
There’s a new cafe/restaurant in Weston which opened less than two weeks and is worth a visit.  
It’s called Kusina and is Filipino-based in its cuisine – I’m not aware of any other Filipino places in Canberra.  
I’ve had good coffee there and a breakfast.  As well as good eggs benny etc, they [...]

Good breakfast in Canberra??

By 21 September 2012

I love breakfast and am desperate to find a great breakfast spot in Canberra but everywhere is terrible and overpriced.
I went to Beess & Co in Yarralumla on the weekend and it was appalling…even the toast was bad (and how can you mess that up??). A few weeks ago had Urban Food and nearly $60 [...]

Three Mothers Thai, Pad Thai. $10 lunch review

By 3 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Always on the lookout for a sub $10 lunch to review I was intrigued to see the Garema Place stalwart Three Mothers Thai offering $9.90 Special Lunch (not to be confused with Lunch Special we presume).
And always being keen for a Pad Thai I was delighted to see noodly goodness on the discount menu.
Sadly though [...]

Guzman y Gomez Quesadillas. $10 lunch review

By 17 August 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

After yesterday’s excitement today the much hyped Guzman y Gomez commenced normal operations.
Even at 11:50 the joint was jumping. They run a clever “take the money first” system which gets you a number which in turn emerges from the kitchen.
They’re definitely staffed up for a rush, probably more than 1 employee per square metre in [...]

Butter Chicken and Black Truffle…. hmmm..


We dined last night at the Flavours of India Spices and Truffle dinner. When I was told we had tickets to a Truffle dinner I was excited – when my partner said it was at an Indian restaurant, Flavours of India at Phillip, I was cautious and baffled. Surely Indian food and Truffle was too [...]

Curry noodles $6 at Woden bus station


At Woden bus station, between the Christian Bookshop and Westfield entrance (close to JB-Hifi), is a new takeaway with Malaysian food. It seems to be part of the existing Chinese grocery shop.
I’ve had the noodles (promotional price) twice, i.e. it’s quite tasty. It is served in a plastic bowl, with chopsticks and a plastic spork. [...]

Rice Thai Tapas lunchbox. $10 lunch review (A much improved second look)


Last March we reviewed Rice in Garema Place for their lunch box and it was OK.
Not bad. Not good enough to get me back in the face of the hot competition in this space.
But with La Pasa (my go-to Chinese lunchbox) closing down I was in the market for this sort of thing.
A hot german [...]

Seoul Palace spicy pork lunchbox. $10 lunch review


You know that moment after you’ve just done something amazing? That instant of slight sadness that it’s never going to be that amazing again, if only because it will be weighted with expectation. But you’ll keep going back anyway, just for the memory of that near-perfect experience.
That’s how I’m feeling right now about the lunch [...]

The Bakery Cafe. A lunchtime recommendation


They’re a little over the $10 mark (generally around $11.50) but the burgers at the Bakery Cafe are one of the highlights of my working week.
(I am the mayor on foursquare)
The specials menu brings constant variety and the flavours are invariably well chosen.
There are two serious highlights; the first of which is the chips which [...]

iPho. A lunch review


iPho is a new player in Garema Place and while at $11.50 it’s not eligible for the $10 lunch review I thought I’d Give it a go.
Pho (pronounced “fur”) is a staple of Vietnamese cuisine. A rich noodle soup with all the taste fireworks you’d expect from Vietnam.
I first encountered it on a wet night [...]

Review: cupcake joint featured on ABC 7.30 …

By 26 May 2012

We happened across the Jazz Apple shop in town today. Not sure whether to call it a cafe, although it has tables and chairs and an espresso machine. It is the outlet where a businesswoman featured the other week on 7.30 sells her cupcakes. The staff are very nice and friendly.
Coffee was moderately OK [...]

Joey’s Kitchen: Review

By 26 May 2012

I had the pleasure of redeeming my RiotAct gift voucher at Joey’s Kitchen last night and wanted to pass on some praise for the fine meal they provided.
On what was a blissteringly cold evening it was nice to sit in a nice little restaurant and indulge in some fine food and wine.
The meal, [...]

Joey’s Kitchen, Watson: Review

By 30 April 2012

Disclosure: Reviewer is a paid RiotAct subscriber, and as luck would have it was therefore eligible for a draw to win a $100 voucher to dine at Joey’s Kitchen. Many thanks to current and former RiotAct staff, Tim and Rachel, for helping me out with re-emailing that voucher, after I failed to print it [...]

Italian and Sons, a review


One of the consolations of being a single man is, every now and then, buying a beautiful woman a wonderful dinner.
So on Friday I’d rustled up a date and we went to Italian and Sons (aka Restaurant No 7 for reasons not immediately obvious) in Braddon.
My first surprise was calling just after lunch on Friday [...]

In The Taratory mid-Autumn wrap


It’s been a busy two months in the Taratory since our last wrap in February – but that’s because there’s been plenty to do in and around Canberra!
First of all, we’ve quite simply done a lot of eating. On johnboy’s recommendation, T1 checked out what all the fuss was about at Sage, and was totally [...]

New Indian restaurant at Holder shops

By 2 April 2012

We went with some friends to Jehangir at Holder shops on Friday evening, only to discover that it’s no longer Jehangir, but a new Indian restaurant sporting the curious name of “Tomatoes Curries and Grill”. Apparently they took over about three weeks ago, but have kept the old phone number.
Anyways, the six of us were [...]

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