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Giulia demands more government support for shopkeepers

By 20 March 2013

In most parts of the world shopkeepers can be seen cleaning up the areas outside their own shops because it’s a smart thing to do. (And the right thing to do considering the messes are made at least in part by their customers)
Here in Canberra we roll a bit different and so today the Liberals’ [...]

Gungahlin Community Council goes into bat for Magnet Mart

By 13 March 2013

The GCC is kicking up a fuss over the Stalinist command and control based land planning in the ACT which is going to plonk a Bunnings down next to the Magnet Mart.
The Gungahlin Community Council meeting on Wednesday 13 March will hear a presentation on pre Development Application consultation relating to the proposed development of [...]

One mall to rule them all?

By 20 February 2013

The Economist has an article on the future of retailing.
It’s UK centric, but it rings true for what makes a pleasing shopping experience.
Shops must become “brand ambassadors”, complementing websites. That means keeping the whole range in stock, having good customer service and being sufficiently appealing that people will travel a long way to visit [...]

Wanna be a MyWay reloader?

By 18 January 2013

Mayor Rattenbury is calling for tenders to provide MyWay reloading around town:
“These ten additional MyWay reload providers will increase access to MyWay facilities for bus patrons, which is all part of making ACTION a more convenient and accessible service for Canberrans,” said Mr Rattenbury.
“The new recharge agents will expand the reload provider network to sites [...]

Simon back on his gift card hobby horse

By 17 January 2013

Perhaps my social circles are too narrow, but I’m yet to meet anyone who gives a damn about gift cards.
Simon Corbell on the other hand appears to care about them deeply and has again taken up cudgels on the issue.
“It is important that consumers know their rights and get maximum use from their gift-cards which [...]

Simon warns about extended warranties

By 16 January 2013

Simon Corbell is warning that extended warranties are mostly rubbish:
“Fair trading agencies across Australia have raised serious questions about the value of extended warranties, and whether they offer any greater protection than that already provided by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).
Most consumers are offered an extended warranty, particularly when purchasing electrical equipment or whitegoods and [...]

Zara makes its move on the Canberra Centre

By 20 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Thanks to Tootza for sending in confirmation the long awaited Zara is coming to the top floor of the Canberra Centre.
The agile Zara will give the other retailers nearby a run for their money:
It is claimed that Zara needs just two weeks to develop a new product and get it to stores, compared to [...]

Small Business Owners Battling Exorbitant Rent Increases

By 22 July 2012

Many commercial tenancies in local shops are forced to endure rental increases of 300% and are walking away from their businesses. Many tenants are on monthly agreements and so have no security. Commercial tenants may have agreements that include water; insurance and other add ons to rent that increase these costs.
Small business owners are [...]

There goes the parking in Dickson as the biggest car park becomes a supermarket


To great fanfare this morning Andrew Barr has announced nothing much we didn’t already know.
The site for the second full-line supermarket at the Dickson Group Centre has been released for sale.
The site is the car park adjacent to Woolworths and the library. The development will also include the construction of an Aldi supermarket.
This project will [...]

Kingston Commercial Developments

By 6 May 2012

I’ve had a quick look through the thread’s but haven’t been able to find anything – Anyone got any knowledge on the work currently going on in the Kingston shopping precinct? They’ve ripped out all the shopfronts on the corner of Giles and Kennedy streets, and I think they are doing something on the corner [...]

Hyperdome flooded – staff evactuated Thursday 19/04


People have been evactuated from the Hyperdome due to flooding. Three Fire Brigade Trucks were in attendance.
No ESA link yet.

The ACT State Emergency Service (ACTSES) has received a total of 30 calls for help as a result of the wet weather in past few hours.
Most jobs attended by ACTSES volunteer crews and ACT Fire & [...]

Simon Corbell goes in to bat for the miserly

By 14 April 2012

The ABC reports that Attorney-General Simon Corbell is courting the vote of miserable penny pinchers.
Since time immemorial if one was in receipt of a gift voucher or card it was accepted that in most cases one would have to overspend a couple of bucks to get the full value out of it.
And reasonable people, since [...]

Anyone want to buy DFO?

By 10 April 2012

Smart Company has the news that Canberra’s DFO is up for sale.
The DFO outlet in Canberra has been put up for sale by receiver McGrath Nicol as fallout from Austexx and its financial troubles continue to ripple through the industry.
The centre was placed in receivership last month with the Canberra’s Direct Factory Outlet and [...]



The amount of shopping options is crazy in Canberra.
It really does cement my idea that all there is to do in Canberra is to go shopping.
But the malls are empty…

A real Apple store for Canberra?

By 24 March 2012

Seek is indicating that a genuin Apple Pty Ltd store is coming to Canberra.
Apple Retail Genius – New Store Opening – Canberra
– Tired of being trapped behind your desk? A technical support role with Apple will have you feeling inspired again!
– You’ll be surrounded by an amazing group of people & let’s not forget products!
– [...]

New Queanbeyan Kmart store to open end of 2012

By 17 March 2012

It’s confirmed that the Canberra region will get its third Kmart this year. However the sneaky way they obtained the ground floor of City Link Plaza is noteworthy, I know most tenants weren’t happy with the sudden cancellation of their leases at relatively short notice. I only know of a handful of stores having [...]

DFO goes to the wall


The ABC reports that McGrath Nicol is overseeing Fyshwicks DFO:
Partner Shane O’Keeffe says it may take up to six months to find a buyer for the centre.
“We’ll run a very orderly campaign, it’s not a quick fire sale of the premises. We’ll seek a buyer over the next three to six months,” he said.
“There [...]

Online supermarket shopping and bags in Canberra?

By 27 February 2012

I’m wanting to sign up to do my grocery shopping online and have it delivered and wondering what happens about bags?
Do I have to pay the supermarket the 50c per plastic bag each time (or $1ea for the polypropylene non-disposable bags)?
I can’t see any reference to bags on either Coles or Woolies websites.

Hardly Normal shutting down in Woden

By 23 February 2012

Smarthouse has the news that Harvey Norman are closing down their Woden operation after thirty years trading:
Harvey Norman COO John Slack-Smith claims that the decision not to renew the Woden lease after 30 years of trading at Woden was based on “commercial grounds”.
A NSW franchisee said “This is just the start, I think you [...]

Hawker hits the too hard basket

By 14 February 2012

Andrew Barr has announced that as you can’t agree on what you want at Hawker shops there shan’t be any development at all.
I am announcing that I have placed a three-year moratorium on any ACT Government sponsored development at the Hawker Group Centre.
The moratorium is a commonsense decision, which will give everyone time to reflect [...]

Masters to open on 31 July

By 7 February 2012 bring word of all Woolworths’ discount pack sized plans for Majura Park with a big opening for the hardware megastore Masters slated for 31 July:
The first Masters store for the ACT region is set to open on 31 July in Canberra’s Majura Park retail district, just around the corner from the Costco warehouse that [...]

Aldi for Dickson

By 3 February 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Andrew Barr has announced there will be two new supermarkets going into Dickson and one will be an Aldi:
I am pleased to announce today that the Government will be seeking expressions of interest for the construction of two new supermarkets at Dickson. One of these supermarkets will be Aldi. The other will be a [...]

What’s going in at the new Bonner Shops?

By 20 December 2011

I’ve heard the new shops at Bonner are due to open in March 2012.
Does anyone have the low-down on what we’re getting? So far I’ve heard rumour of Woolies and Chicken Gourmet.
I suspect we’re in for the standard franchises so would I be foolish to hold my breath for a nice coffee shop?

Christmas decoration competition in Civic

By 17 November 2011

Canberra CBD have announced a competition for the best decorated retail story in Civic or Braddon:
As part of the Christmas in the City celebrations we are running a competition for the best decorated retail store in the City.
To enter, simply decorate your shop window with a Christmas theme and submit a photo of [...]

Goodbye thin plastic bags, hello thicker plastic bags used in exactly the same way

By 1 November 2011

The Greens’ Caroline Le Couteur is celebrating her puissance and the end of thin plastic bags in Canberra.
(Never mind that nearly every shop has just replaced them with thicker plastic bags, still used disposably. Total win for the environment there.)
“Plastic bags have been a recognised environmental issue for a long time. They are created from [...]

Greens kiss QIC donations goodbye and stand up for Civic

By 26 October 2011

The Greens’ Caroline Le Couteur has announced her plans to move against the QIC takeover of Civic in the Legislative Assembly:
“My motion raises a number of issues which have been of growing concern to shoppers and small businesses in Civic. These small businesses in City Walk and East Civic provide retail diversity to Canberra’s commercial [...]

Development application confirms Myer’s Hyperdome exit

By 21 October 2011

I happened across this development application for an extension of the Tuggeranong Hyperdome today which, amongst its extension plans confirms that Myer is closing it’s doors with a remodel of the layout will be replaced with a Big W and other smaller stores.
I can’t say I’m that surprised by the impending closure, as the store [...]

Brendan blames flat retail sales on cost of living pressures

By 13 September 2011

The Liberals’ Brendan Smyth is using a new report on flat retail sales in the ACT to remind us that Katy Gallagher recommends we cancel Foxtel if times are tough:
“It is clear that Canberra consumers continue to face increasing pressures on their cost of living as a consequence of the decisions of ACT Labor.
“Increases in [...]

DIfference between Canberra milk and Costco milk?

By 19 August 2011

I have realised both canberra milk and costco milk are packed by the same company (Capitol Chilled Foods) and have exactly the same nutritional information label. However, the price difference is obvious.
I am certain that these two milk are different. Does anyone know what’s the difference between these two?
(Please, no comments on costco’s price [...]

Top five cosmetic products in Canberra that work.

By 17 August 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

It’s funny the things we become attached to, like cosmetics and grooming products. Working in and around the cosmetic and makeup industry for over twelve years now I’ve tried so many things and to be honest, most products, especially cosmetics don’t do what they say they will and many can be harmful (more about this [...]

Please Support Scullin 5Star

By 12 August 2011

Dear All,
Please support your local supermarket 5Star in Scullin.  Next week is the first anniversary  for the new owner since taking over but sales has been down so much its really depressing especially after the stabbing incident.  The shop owner and his workers are all hardworking nice people and they really would love to continue operating [...]

Costco wins the Mully Cup for July 2011!


RiotACT is thrilled to announce that Costco has won the prestigious Mully Cup for July.
The Mully Cup is awarded monthly to the leading cause of comment in Canberra during a calendar month.
Congratulations to Costco for getting Canberra talking!

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