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In The Taratory wrap. February 2012

By 21 February 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

In The Taratory is a blog run by two 20-somethings who share the same name (can you guess what it might be?), bringing reviews of all things to experience in and around the ACT. Having just celebrated our six month anniversary and with 40 posts under our belt, it felt timely to, well, review our [...]

Hughes Bakery – I surrender!

By 13 April 2010

I have developed an addiction. 
Something about the Hughes Bakery keeps me going back far more times than is really good for my waistline or my cholesterol levels.  I am prepared to run the gauntlet of lycra clad cyclists in order to reach the counter and place an order. 
I am even willing to weave my [...]

Canberra’s best Sushi- Mee’s Sushi

By 16 June 2008

For as long as I can remember I have always considered Sizzle Bento to be the best place in Canberra to get good takeaway sushi- how wrong I was.
As a work colleague would not stop raving about the sushi at a place in Manuka called Mee’s Sushi, I decided this weekend I would [...]

Best Vietnamese restaurants in Canberra

By 15 June 2008

Hey my wife and I are new to Canberra and we’re just wondering if you guys can suggest to us a good Vietnamese Restaurant. We were in Vietnam for our honeymoon and really miss the food.
Thanks for your help,

Hamburgers: The G Spot vs the greasy van out back of the Belconnen Labour Club

By 11 June 2008

A while ago Danman recommended I check out the burgers at the G Spot, so here’s a blow by blow comparison between them and that greasy van out back of the Belconnen Labour Club (apologies, but I forgot the name of the place). The BLC greasy is a 10/10/10 for comparitive purposes – in advance disclaimer, its not [...]

Where is the best Italian Restaurant in Canberra?

By 11 June 2008

I am biased, I love the LaScala restaurant experience, and it is well situated in civic.
which is the best Italian restaurant, in your opinion?
Sorry Maelinar, I just couldn’t resist…..

Restaurant Review – Flint Dining Room and Bar

By 22 May 2008

Flint Dining Room and Bar
15 Edinburgh Street Acton
Ph 02 6162 3350
Menus For Download – Dinner, Functions, Beverages
A new dining room opened in the heritage listed former Acton Hotel. The old Acton Hotel was first occupied in May 1927 and was used to house public servants sent to Canberra but has recently been refurbished into [...]

The best burger in Canberra – an unlikely review

By 16 May 2008

Questacon – yes thats right…
Taste (Flavour) = 10
Size = 10
Ingredients = 10
Decor/Cutlery = 10
Waiting Staff = 10
Cost = 10
Questacon in the Parliamentary Triangle does not immediately appear on peoples radars when thinking of a lunchtime burger, but I rate it as the best I’ve had in Canberra – understanding as the ingredients change, a range [...]

Motorini – a review

By 13 May 2008

I recently changed from a 4 wheel ride to a 2 wheeled one, by obtaining a Vespa PX200, and thus encountered Motorini in Phillip, and the proprietor, Nico.
To be absolutely fair, I am not aware of any other venues in Canberra where you can get a vespa motorbike serviced, nor have I bothered to look.
I [...]

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