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The road goes ever on and on…

By 12 September 2013

This in from Steve.
One of the ACT Government’s less convincing efforts.
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Keep left on Gininderra Drive

By 10 September 2013

On Gininderra Drive there are keep left unless over taking signs west bound going up the hill just before the intersection with Gungahlin Drive and east bound just past the intersection with Kingsford Smith Drive.
Under the road rules keep left unless overtaking applies on roads with a speed limit greater than 80km/h or where signs [...]

Speed Limit Override!

By 9 September 2013

This sent in from Jason:
speed limit overridden
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ACT Roadworkers continue to mislead with wrong signage

By 18 July 2013

The selection criteria for being accepted as a roadworker is obviously not particularly stringent – do they fail anyone who scores above 25% in their final exams?!
And this is the contractor that boasts they are “Leaders in civil contracting” – I wonder what the rest of the ACT’s civil contractors are like…
[ED - [...]

New flashing street sign on Barry Drive

By 5 July 2013

Shane Rattenbury today “welcomed the installation of a new type of pedestrian safety sign on Barry Drive.”
How do you welcome the installation of a sign? Why would you bother? Never mind moving on.
Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury, today welcomed the installation of a new type of pedestrian safety sign on Barry Drive. [...]

Murulla Lane in Civic is now two way, sometimes

By 22 May 2013

This also in from SheepGroper:
There are now two signs at the entrance to Murulla Lane to warn pedestrians and other traffic that the builders gutting 16-18 Mort St sometimes block off their end of the lane completely, forcing vehicles to exit via the entrance. It’s interesting watching a large truck backing out of the entrance, [...]

Take a bow Sgt Bungers as the speed signage gets a fix

By 18 April 2013

Shane Rattenbury has announced that the one man crusade to get speed signage in the ACT standards compliant is paying off:
Work is now underway to update speed limit signage on arterial roads in the ACT, Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Shane Rattenbury, announced today.
“Roads ACT reviewed speed limit signage last year to ensure our [...]

The why of this sign?

By 15 May 2012

Maybe one of the readers can explain.
You are hurtling along Ginninderra Dr and espy out of your left eye this sign.
Just what does it tell you?

Professional roadworks Canberra style

By 10 May 2012

Into the growing mess of Marcus Clarke Street we have a solution to cars queuing to get into the new car parking near Barry Drive.
Just lean a No Right Turn sign on the speed limit pole!
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164 sites found with bad speed limit signage

By 21 February 2012

Territory And Municipal Services have posted online their consultant’s report on a review of speed limit signage completed last December.
This survey has identified a total of 164 sites out of a total of around 3300 sites where some changes or augmentation of speed limit signage warrants action to ensure consistency with the relevant Australian Standard.
At [...]

Road sign vandalism in Canberra?

By 13 September 2011

Was wondering if the ACT police is doing anything about the mindless twits who seem to enjoy destroying road signs, particularly in Gungahlin (but I’ve noticed the damage further into the city).
I’ve lived all over the country, and have never seen so many destroyed signs in my life.
Some are ripped out of the [...]

More sign madness at Yarramundi

By 18 April 2011

DaveB has spotted another fascinating piece of signage around Canberra:
Here’s another one. It’s on Lady Denman Drive near the junction with Cotter Road.
This is the sign for those tourists looking for the hard to find Scrivener Ddam, National Zoquarium and Aquariumuseum.
It’s good to see everyone being catered to.
Got an image of Canberra you want [...]

Encyclopedic run down of Gungahlin signage woes

By 15 April 2011

Nanzan has sent in a most comprehensive list of signs in Gungahlin he’d like changes to.
Strap yourselves in, here we go:

Horse Park Drive and Arrabri Street, Casey: says “road closed” but both roads, left and straight ahead, have been open for months.

Horse Park Drive and Arrabri Street, Casey: Horse Park Drive exit sign has been [...]

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