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TAMS, ACTION, tram to come under one umbrella

Emma Thomas and Meegan Fitzharris

The ACT Government will merge its Territory and Municipal Services department with its planned Transport Canberra organisation to form a new ACT Government directorate responsible for ACTION buses, light rail, active travel and local services from July 1. The directorate will be called Transport Canberra and City Services.
Minister for Transport and Municipal Services Meegan Fitzharris [...]

Oh please, show me a sign!


Living in Canberra my entire life, I have witnessed first-hand all the changes – good and bad – that this city has gone through to accommodate the growing population.
There is clear evidence that since self government, the ACT has been spending up big to address the congestion between Canberra’s major satellite centres. It is hard [...]

Melty roads

By 17 January 2014

Roads ACT is currently placing crushed stone on a number of roads throughout Canberra to prevent damage from the heat. Signs warning of loose stones are posted at all sites where this treatment has been applied.
Motorists are advised to drive with caution in the heat and watch for loose stone signage. In some areas [...]

So many more of us, so many less fatalities

By 2 January 2014

ACT Policing has recorded a single digit road toll of seven in 2013 making it the second lowest annual road toll since 1959.
Traffic Operations Officer in Charge, Station Sergeant Rod Anderson said achieving the second lowest road toll in over half a century was an indication of changing attitudes in Canberra drivers to road safety.
“Any [...]

Traffic accident notifications in Canberra?

By 16 December 2013

Is there any government / police / other website out there that posts traffic updates re delays because of road closures, roadworks or accidents?

Your re-sealed roads are rubbish!

By 10 December 2013

Gee, it seems we Canberrans will cop anything – even the rubbish they call road re-sealing. You see (hear and feel) all the loose aggregate (stones) and you think ‘oh, this is temporary, they’ll be back to put the proper bitumen coat on’. But they don’t. So our streets now resemble something worse than you’ll [...]

Reader Challenge! Rearrange this Liberal headline!

By 25 November 2013

Liberal Senator Seselja and Liberal MLA Coe have joined forces to tell us what Zed’s going to do for ACT roads with Alistair’s help.
Zed Seselja, Liberal Senator for the ACT, has been appointed Chair of the ACT Consultative Panel for the Black Spot Programme by Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Jamie Briggs. Deputy [...]

New street sweepers!

By 14 November 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

TAMS have proudly unveiled their new fllet of street sweepers:
“Every year ACT street sweepers cover a distance of about 17,000 kilometres of local roads, or about the distance from Canberra to London, and we hope these new sweepers will allow us to provide an even greater coverage. We could see as much as 2,000 km [...]

Police out for the long weekends

By 27 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

ACT Policing in co-operation with NSW Police will conduct high-visibility patrols on major arterial roads in and out of Canberra over the Labour Day and ACT Family and Community Day long weekend holiday periods.
Acting Superintendent Rod Anderson said with large numbers of motorists travelling in and out of Canberra over the holiday periods, drivers are [...]

Summer road resealing

By 16 September 2013

TAMS have put forth word of their plans to extend the dreaded chipseal:
With the weather warming up, the ACT Government today announced details of the 2013-14 road resealing program.
“Resealing of roads in Canberra is planned to start today on Boboyan Road,” Acting Director, Roads ACT, Ken Marshall, said.
“The resealing program, which is part of [...]

When is a Bike Lane NOT a Bike Lane?

By 2 September 2013

And before I begin, this is a discussion about bicycle lanes, not a car vs bike thread. To preempt any argument, good bicycle infrastructure benefits everybody, including car drivers.
You may have noticed some unusual bike lanes popping up around Canberra. Unusual, because they run for just few metres near intersections. They do not run the [...]

Canberra gets some road pork!

By 31 July 2013

Member for Canberra Gai Brodtman and Minister for Transport Anthony Albanese have announced money for local road black spots:
Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Anthony Albanese and Member for Canberra Gai Brodtmann today announced the Rudd Labor Government will provide $596,500 to fix six dangerous black spots on local roads.
The six black spots and the [...]

Barton Highway makes worst roads list

By 31 July 2013

The NRMA’s user voted list of the worst roads in NSW/ACT has been released and one local road is in at number 8!
The top 10 most flagged roads in NSW/ACT were:
1. Pacific Highway at Urunga
2. Parramatta Road at Concord
3. Pennant Hills Road at Pennant Hills
4. Princes Highway at Albion Park
5. Bells Line of Road at [...]

Operation Snow Safe

By 7 June 2013

ACT Policing in co-operation with NSW Police will continue to conduct high-visibility patrols on major arterial roads in and out of Canberra as part of Operation Snow Safe this winter.
From the start of the NSW snow season on (Saturday, 8 June), police will be focusing on speeding, drink-driving and driver fatigue as motorists travel to [...]

Commuter bus services between Goulburn and Canberra?

By 4 June 2013

Although I grew up in Canberra, I have spent a number of years away with work…only to return very recently.
For family reasons we have decided to settle in Goulburn and commute each day…is there a bus service between GLB and CBR?
Is there enough interest to lobby a private coach service and sustain a service?
Thoughts??? [...]

Why is the Glenloch Interchange surface falling apart?

By 21 May 2013

Seriously, it’s been what, 2 years, 3 years and already huge pot holes are appearing, long rumble lines where the bitumen is falling apart, patching needed in so many places, bouncy uneveness …
What is happening to road making in Canberra?  The Baldwin Dr/Maribynong Ave intersection cost a bomb to be made worse by the most stupidly designed traffic island in history, [...]

Police targeting trucks


ACT Policing is now targeting road safety amongst heavy vehicle drivers and transport companies as part of Operation AUSTRANS.
The operation is a joint effort across national police, transport and safety agencies which began yesterday (May 20) and will finish on June 16 2013.
Traffic Operations Sergeant Rod Anderson explained that although police include heavy vehicle drivers [...]

Gungahlin Drive holdups?

By 21 May 2013

Anyone know what the deal is with Gungahlin Drive between Well Station Drive and Sandford Street citybound? There’s been a few mornings this week where its gotten to be like there is a bottleneck like there was when the GDE was one lane – only once you crawl to the lights at Sandford Street, [...]

Cheap roads fix

By 20 May 2013

There are plenty of road surfaces appearing on the Southside (e.g. Gowrie, Fadden, Chisholm) with the new, cheap, loose gravel on tar method of re-surfacing.
This is a noisy surface that increases tyre road noise, produces a poor ride especially with firm sports suspension and this is a surface that leaves loose gravel for weeks/months. [...]

A traffic rant from Stephen


This just in…
It’s about time we lobby the ACT Government to widen our bike paths!! How can we be expected to fit our cars in these piddling ½ sized lanes? In peak times there is an obvious need for the average motorist to bypass the law abiding losers waiting patiently for a variety of reasons, [...]

HUH? Federal budget funding for ‘Ramp metering on the Tuggeranong Parkway’.


Browsing through the Federal Budget papers I came across this item, which left me scratching my head:
‘$300,000 for Ramp Metering on the Tuggeranong Parkway/Cotter Rd interchange’
Like 99.9% of the population, I had no idea what ramp metering was, let alone why the Commonwealth would pay for it or why it was needed at the Cotter [...]

No man’s road in Mawson


Rioter Reprobate just sent us this confusing set of images.
These photos were taken outside Pizza Capers Mawson, just near the Woolies.
Approaching the carpark off Mawson Pl, there is a road into the carpark but there are two No Entry signs preventing entry. OK… but once in the carpark, there are another two signs [...]

Road resurfacing in Mawson and Phillip

By 24 April 2013

When will the madness of the ACT’s road surfacing programme end. Everyone I talk to is unhappy with the spray seal /  chip seal used yet the programme rolls on, this time in Mawson and Phillip. For those of you that live in Mawson, they seem to have done a particularily poor job as there are loose stones [...]

(Re)surfacing epic fail x 2


This morning’s commute took me past two examples of terrible resurfacing; one on the bike path and one on the road.  The first is on the  bit of bike path that runs from Cook/Aranda to LBG, running parallel with both Bindubi Street and William Hovell Drive.  That path is one of the best things about [...]

The most lucrative speed cameras in Canberra are…


The magic of FOI presents a list of the red light and speed cameras in the ACT and how much money they’ve raked in.
Northbourne Avenue and Antill Street seems very popular.
Any highlights for you dear reader?

Roads were not built for cars

By 17 April 2013

So it’s not exactly Canberran (or even Australian) news, however arguing about cyclists on the road is one of Canberra’s favourite hobbys, so we think it fits.
Carlton Reid is releasing a free e-book later this year called “Roads Were Not Built for Cars“.
I expect all of us to pick up a copy when it’s released [...]

Sods turned on the Majura Parkway

By 5 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

Chief Minister Gallagher has let it be known the Majura Parkway construction is underway.
Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Anthony Albanese today joined ACT Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher to turn the sod on this critical road infrastructure project which will provide a continuous freeway link between the Federal Highway and Monaro Highway.
“Assessed and recommended [...]

The Tacked on Look: ACT Road modifications.

By 18 January 2013

It doesn’t take much looking to find “exciting” roadworks anywhere in Canberra. What I can’t help but notice is that when these works are finished, they all look tacked on and cheap. Then there is quality of build which is usually average to poor.
Cases in point are the new merge lane from Parkes Way to [...]

12th fatal on ACT roads for 2012

By 21 December 2012

The ACT has recorded its 12th fatality after a man involved in a collision yesterday morning was declared deceased in hospital late this afternoon (Wednesday, December 19).
The 35-year-old man was driving a Toyota Camry southbound when it collided with a flatbed truck at the intersection of the Federal Highway and Majura Road yesterday morning (Tuesday, [...]

Monaro Highway Line Marking, Sgt Bungers, can you help?

By 16 December 2012

A while ago my wife and I each had a near miss head on accident with the same car while travelling on the Monaro Highway.
We were in saparate cars travelling to Royalla, the traffic was light & we were not in a hurry. My wife was a minute ahead & out of sight. As I [...]

On the roads, a traffic and parking omnibus part the first

By 14 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

My email box overfloweth with readers contributions of bad parking and traffic behaviour. Let’s take a looksie.

1. A reader who wishes to stay anonymous gave us this:
Evening of the 13/12/12, one driver put on a special show at UC

2. Jon gave us this approach to a pedestrian crossing:
On one of the first nice days in [...]

The Holt traffic shambles rolls on

By 7 November 2012

Roads ACT Director Tony Gill is explaining that with the Spofforth Street speed pillows directing traffic every other way in Holt he’s going to try and figure out what’s going on there:
The ACT Government recently completed a post-construction evaluation of the effectiveness of the speed cushions on Spofforth Street in Holt, Director, Roads ACT, Tony [...]

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