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Traffic lights coming to roundabouts?

By 5 November 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Territory and Municipal Services have posted an intriguing warning that they’re installing traffic lights on the roundabout at the intersection of Drakeford and Isabella Drives:
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that there will be changed traffic conditions on Isabella Drive, westbound, at the roundabout intersection with Drakeford Drive between 7.30 [...]

Claytons Consultation on Gundaroo Drive

By 2 November 2012

Territory and Municipal Services are asking for members of the public to self select as a “focus group” on the duplication of Gundaroo Drive:
Gungahlin residents and other interested stakeholders are invited to participate in a focus group session to discuss the duplication of Gundaroo Drive.
“Carrying up to 12,500 vehicles a day, Gundaroo Drive provides [...]

$125 mil from Zed for roads and parking

By 19 September 2012

Liberal leader Zed Seselja is telegraphing his promises to the engineers.
The high and hazy “Infrastructure Canberra” is once again held out as a universal panacea, but he’s also promising:
“We would also inject an extra $125 million to fast-track and upgrade Canberra’s roads, bringing the total roads and parking capital works budget to $700 million.

Shared Zones – Give Way!

By 13 September 2012

It’s very clear Canberra drivers don’t know what Shared Zones are. I’ve witnessed more than a few close calls, including very often between the National Library and Questacon where drivers barrel through at speed, failing to give way.  Today one driver slammed on the brakes and proceeded to gesture frustration at those crossing the road.
So [...]

Motorists Motoring Policies

By 12 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

The Motorists have unleashed ten separate motoring and transport policies.
Let’s get through them then.

1. Roads and alternative transport
The Motorist Party recognises the automobile: car, truck, four wheel drive, bus or motorcycle, as the primary mode of transport as it is the most convenient method for ACT residents.
2. Public transport
The Motorist Party recognises the need [...]

Change to speed limit on Monaro Hwy

By 6 September 2012

Going southbound on the Monaro today I noted that the speed limit as you come off of the bridge over the Molonglo that the speed limit now goes from 60 to 90, and not 80.
I also noticed that going through the newly opened southbound section of the highway across Fyshwick, that the speed limit [...]

Messing with Traffic between Seven and Nine

By 22 August 2012

There is a lot of news disseminated here about changes to traffic conditions due to road works, what you don’t get to find out though is that they might do something silly like stop traffic during peak hour.
“They can do all the road works, curvy roads and 40 signs they like, but they will never make us as slow as a [...]

Just Bendora closed now

By 19 August 2012

Motorists are advised that Brindabella Road and Mt Franklin Road through to Bulls Head have now been reopened. This means that the only section of road closed due to snow is Bendora Road. Residents wanting to experience the snow first hand are, however, strongly encouraged to consider visiting an established snow recreation area, such as [...]

The traffic lights are banjoed

By 2 August 2012

If you thought the traffic lights weren’t syncing up as they should it turns out Territory and Municipal Services are having a spot of bother:
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that the ACT traffic light network is currently experiencing some technical problems.
Individual intersection traffic lights are operating as per normal [...]

Another road discussion!

By 22 July 2012

So, with the recent discussions surrounding the fatal crash in Chifley, and the eating of pie while driving in conversation, I have been left again with the thought, ‘What can be done?’
In the end, I thought that might be something to throw over to everyone, and see what ideas are out there.
To help kick this [...]

Simon calls in the Majura Parkway

By 13 July 2012

Having this morning had the news that logging was about to kick off for the Majura Parkway it’s a relief to hear Simon Corbell has called in the proposal (bypassing endless objections by the inevitable objectors).
(Which does rather make one wonder what the planning process is for)
“The Majura Parkway project is a vital project which [...]

Snow safe patrols kick off on the roads

By 28 June 2012

ACT Policing in co-operation with NSW Police will continue to conduct high-visibility patrols on major arterial roads in and out of Canberra as part of Operation Snow Safe this winter.
From the start of the NSW snow season on Friday 8 June, police have been focusing on speeding, drink-driving and driver fatigue as motorists travel to [...]

Airport road disgrace

By 22 June 2012

What’s the story with Canberra (international) Airport’s cobblestone (brick) loop road for dropping off passengers.
It’s been bad for a while, but on my last trip, some of the road surface was in such a mess, a puncture wasn’t out of the question.
Anyone else consider it’s in need of some repair work?

Road closures update

By 18 June 2012

This in from Territory and Municipal Services:
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that Sunshine Crossing has been reopened.
Angle Crossing remains closed. People are urged to respect the closure which is sign-posted.

Working on a freight strategy

By 14 June 2012

The ACT Government has no power over the airport, or what roads and railways are built to our borders and we have no ports.
So it is no surprise we have managed to muddle on without a freight strategy to this point.
But, just in case, Simon Corbell has let us know he’s working on a freight [...]

Speed reduction on the Federal Highway

By 15 May 2012

Territory and Municipal Services advise us that they’re lowering the speed limit on the eastbound part of the Federal Highway after being surprised by cold weather at night and the effect it has had on their resurfacing.
No really.
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that the speed limit on the eastbound [...]

You control $13 million to spend upgrading any part of Canberra’s transport network… how would you spend the money?

By 15 May 2012

The ACT Gov recently awarded a $13,000,000 contract to build an extra lane for both directions of Parkes Way from Glenloch Interchange to Edinburgh Ave. As usual, rioters are at odds regarding how Canberra’s transport infrastructure money should be spent.
If you were given the final say in how $13 million was spent on upgrading [...]

Woden Contractors get the nod to expand Parkes Way

By 13 May 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced she’s handed over the contract for the $13 million Parkes Way widening to Woden Contractors:
“The $13 million Parkes Way widening project will benefit all Canberrans and see the construction of a third lane from Glenloch Interchange to Edinburgh Avenue, which will increase the capacity of the road and in turn [...]

More traffic fine leniency

By 9 May 2012

The Greens are breaking out the bubbly as their efforts to make general society more like high school pass another important milestone.
“The previous system of traffic fine administration was described by the courts as a ‘sledgehammer approach’. There was no flexibility for payments, and failure to pay a parking or traffic fine in time meant [...]

It’s all about the roads for Zed

By 8 May 2012

Running a local news website really lets one know just how much people care about roads.
And let me tell you it’s more than they care about anything else.
So Zed Seselja’s probably onto a winner with a roads roads roads approach:
The Canberra Liberals will raise the state of ACT roads as a matter of public [...]

Roadwork plans

By 27 April 2012

Chief MInister Gallagher has put her Mayor’s hat on to let it be known what she’s got planned for the roads:
“Local contractor Guideline ACT was recently awarded the $1.3m contract for the upgrade of the Southern Cross Drive and Florey Drive intersection in Belconnen, with works expected to commence this month.
“The project will improve traffic [...]

Southern Cross Drive won’t be getting new roundabouts after all

By 20 April 2012

Territory and Municipal Services have a note on West Macgregor intersection upgrades.
Due to the projected increased construction costs for the protection and relocation of services on Southern Cross Drive, the upgrade of the Starke Street intersection will not be taking place.
Through the investigation of the proposed intersection upgrade options, it was identified [...]

William Hovell Drive – now 80kmh

By 19 April 2012

So it seems like in the Government’s infinite wisdom, that they have decreased the speed limit on William Hovell Dve east of the Interchange, from 90kmh to 80kmh.
Now, that by itself is annoying an perplexing, however, just a short distance east, on Parkes Way, the limit is still 90kmh – on what can only be [...]

Traffic light phasing… it that dificult?

By 19 April 2012

Spurred by a related thread, it is apparent that little thought (or even malevolent thought) has been applied to the phasing of these devices. There is no doubt these lights are linked, as the results are always the same.
I have a couple of favourites. Traffic turning right from Yamba Drive heading north into Hindmarsh heading [...]

Parkes Way tunnel lighting

By 17 April 2012

There is quite a bit of planning that goes in to lighting a road tunnel, you see the aim is to ensure that drivers approaching the tunnel have sufficient visibility so as to avoid potential obstacles both on the entrance and exit of the tunnel.
During the daytime this requires quite a bit of [...]

Upgrades for Constitution Avenue


Territory and Municipal Services have released what they’re going to do with $42 million from the Federales as a Centenary gift.
In celebration of the Centenary of Canberra in 2013, the Australian Government has gifted $42 million to the ACT Government for the upgrade of Constitution Avenue. The upgrade project will deliver major transport infrastructure improvements [...]

A year without road fatalities

By 29 March 2012

Simon Corbell is celebrating a rolling year since Canberra’s last road fatali. Simon credits RAPID for the change, which certainly has the capacity to remove the threat posed by the worst of the worst:
“There are many factors which have contributed towards this result, including, increased driver awareness, advances in technology and increased police patrols targeting [...]

Monday road opening on a glorious late summer’s day.

By 5 March 2012

The bus lane on Flemington Road is now open.
6:22am Monday 5 March 2012
[Courtesy ESA]
UPDATE 05/03/12 10:38: Territory and Municipal Services have resumed control and posted a new list of closures:
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that the Wheeler Crescent and McBryde Crescent intersection in Wanniassa is closed due to a [...]

Attention Nervous Nellies of Canberra Roads

By 1 March 2012

Hello all,
Time for a rant. This time it’s about dangerously nervous drivers on our roads when it’s raining. Why is it that whenever it rains people seem to drop to 10 – 15kmph under the limit in the right hand lane? This has to stop. Any of you numpties reading this – next time it’s [...]

Parkes Way widening kicks off

By 23 February 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced she’s calling for tenders to widen Parkes Way from the Glenlock Interchange to Edinburgh Avenue.
The Parkes Way widening project, which is due to commence in May 2012, will see the construction of a third lane in each direction from Glenloch Interchange to Edinburgh Avenue.
“This is a great project set [...]

Just how bad is William Hovell Drive?

By 22 February 2012

At the last election 5% of the population voted for the Australian Motorists Party and for no one else at all.
The Liberals appear determined to at least get second preferences from One Nation on Wheels voters and so today we have Vicki Dunne weeping for the commuters of West Belconnen.
The car park that is William [...]

T2 for Barry Drive?

By 14 February 2012

The Liberals’ Zed Seselja has announced he’d make the Barry Drive bus lane a T2 if he gets elected.
“The Canberra Liberals will move to open this lane to T2 Traffic, that is all vehicles with two or more passengers on board. The infrastructure is there, but we don’t use it. It will cost nothing, and [...]

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