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Molonglo roadworks kick off next month

By 19 July 2010

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced that Kenoss Contractors will be starting work next month building the roads for the new conurbation of Molonglo:
The ACT Government is moving forward with the development of the Molonglo Valley with work starting in August on stage two of John Gorton Drive – the main arterial road connecting the new [...]

Another road works thread!

By 7 July 2010

Of late, just about every major road in Canberra has been undergoing road works, this in itself can be a bit of a pain, but I look forward to it all being complete and Canberra being able to grow.
I don’t know how long it has been like this, but I drove through the Glenloch Interchange [...]

How To Spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R – Save Collector Creek YouTube protest video

By 3 July 2010

If you care about the local environment, please watch the “Save Collector Creek”
How To Spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R  YouTube video here:
Thank you!

The Road

By 25 June 2010

Over the past year or so the reserve that runs through the middle of Waramanga near where I live has had a road worn across it which now runs pretty much the entire length of the reserve. At first it was from tradesman parking outside 4 Gabi place to do work there, however now anytime [...]

Stanhope government seeks to shut down RiotACT

By 24 June 2010

[First filed: Jun 23, 2010 @ 10:47]

A dagger plunged into our very hearts!
Mr Stanhope has launched something called “Fix My Street”. It’s a gubbmint funded website where you can go to complain about things.
Chief Minister and Minister for Territory and Municipal Services, Jon Stanhope said the online service would help the Government to improve [...]

Monaro Highway this morning

By 23 June 2010

Does anyone know why traffic was virtually stationary on the Monaro Highway (northbound) this morning around 8.15 am?
I saw no evidence of a cause.

Canberra drivers – how can we save lives?

By 22 June 2010

When will governments act on road safety rather than revenue raising?  So far this year the road toll in the ACT has reached fifteen.  How many of these fatal accidents have occurred on the main roads where the white vans are always sitting?  Why do the authorities always choose the easy target of the drivers [...]

Hearse Courtesy

By 15 June 2010

Anyone who has been to a funeral would know that the lowering or sending off of the casket is one of the hardest parts to watch. 
I witnessed an interesting spectacle of disrespect or ignorance recently when a hearse was attempting to get out of a funeral home in Belconnen.  A casket was clearly visible inside and [...]

Russell roundabout to throw in another U-turn

By 9 June 2010

The NCA are warning that getting on and off Kings Avenue Bridge is about to get trickier again:
From Saturday 12 June 2010, there will be a major change to traffic conditions at the Kings Avenue Overpass construction site (Russell roundabout).
There will be significant alteration to traffic movements along the Morshead Drive (Airport) side, with [...]

Car crash in Union Court?

By 3 June 2010

Spotted in Union Court at the ANU around 1pm today – I wonder what happened here…
Apologies for the crappy photo – I was too busy to get my camera out at the time.
UPDATE: Apparently the car was there for a road safety demonstration.

Cyclists are not people!

By 2 June 2010

That is if you believe the road works sign located at the Flemington Road/Sandford Street intersection in Mitchell:
The definition of traffic being;

The passage of people or vehicles along routes of transportation.
Vehicles or pedestrians in transit

The sign suggests that a “cyclist” is none of these?
The purpose of this road sign [...]

Solution to “Scofflaw Cyclists”

By 21 May 2010

The Scofflaw Cyclists of the Inner North post last month stirred up a mass of debate in this forum… as does any discussion regarding cyclists in this city.
My response was simple. Build an intersection that legally requires motor vehicle operators to get out of their vehicle and push it for 5 metres, and you’re likely [...]

Inner North Traffic Delays

By 17 May 2010

What’s with the insane amount of traffic on Parkes Way, gridlock interchange, Commonwealth Ave (City to PH) and Adelaide Ave.
Is the traffic always this bad, or is it something to do with the PH (Parliament House)?
I get back into Canberra from Albury, come down the Barton highway, find out that the GDE going towards Tuggeranong [...]

Gungahlin road upgrades

By 11 May 2010

It may seems surprising that barely completed suburbs needs road upgrades, but maybe it’s just-in-time planning at play.
Either way Mr Stanhope has announced Bonner and Forde are getting $10.8 million in works on Mulligans Flat Road.
Chief Minister and Minister for Transport, Jon Stanhope, said the Stage 1 works include the reconstruction of 2.5 kilometres [...]

Road Rules Refresher

By 3 May 2010

There was a four car pileup on the Tuggeranong Parkway this morning, just inside the roadworks. The traffic was jammed up right down to Sulwood Drive, in my case extending my trip to work by 45 minute.
It might be worth bringing up the topic of safe driving up at BBQs and dinner table discussion. Little [...]

Getting out of Hackett sucks. ACT Gov to the rescue!

By 28 April 2010

Thanks to those jerks at Canberra Times (oh we love to hate them) for bringing us the news that they’re finally doing something about the crappy traffic in Hackett at the Phillip Ave/Majura Ave intersection.
It’s a complete disaster there at 8am.  I understand that people are quite innocently trying to get past Hackett, but some [...]

Belconnen Way Crash

By 13 April 2010

Does anyone know the story of the small crashed car on Belconnen Way near Hayden Drive.
For those who haven’t seen it, and it’s been there for the best part of a week, it appears that a small sedan travelling west, has hit a tree, and spun 180 degrees (now facing east). The damage is extensive. [...]

Suicide motorist crashes into Parliament House

By 5 April 2010

It is reported in The Daily Telegraph that a man was found dead in his car that had crashed into a concrete wall at Parliament House early Monday morning.
Police are reportedly saying it appears to be a deliberate act.

Tharwa to Adaminaby via Boboyan Rd

By 24 January 2010

I want to go for a day trip to Yarongabilly and I’ve been told its quicker via the Boboyan road. I have always known that as a mostly dirt road.
Can anyone give me advice as to the condition of the road, and a comparison of travel times between the Monaro Highway and Boboyan Road.
I [...]

Unnecessary road signs; what a waste of our money!

By 23 January 2010

I’m getting increasingly fed up with the appalling waste of taxpayers’ money on the ever blossoming of more and more road signs throughout Canberra.
A classic one is “Park In Bays Only” (yeah, I know they’ve been around for a while now). I ask you, as if the clowns that don’t park correctly take any notice [...]

Thoughts of a Driver/Cyclist and Pedestrian

By 21 January 2010

Over the last number of years I have both driven to work or cycled.  Also, like a lot of folk I do the park and ride option – and have the pushie on the carrier, park in the Triangle or somewhere else where I don’t have to pay the exorbitant parking fees that keep Stanhope [...]

ACT Gov behind the times, again

By 24 December 2009

A recent post about the ACT Gov considering 40km/h zones in pedestrian areas, stirred up a bit of debate about nannying.
Australian research shows that a person who is hit by a car at 60km/h, has a 75% chance of being killed. At 50km/h, 38%. At 40km/h <20%. At 30km/h, <10%. Yet [...]

Filter Turns

By 1 December 2009

Now I have ranted on this topic previously but thought with the number of road-based posts cropping up recently I thought I would add a post to gauge what others see in this.
My gripe with ACT has always been the use of red arrows to prevent drivers turning right at all times day or night, [...]

Canberra Centre Parking System installation

By 22 November 2009

At the Canberra Centre today, workers were installing a parking sensor system in the carpark closest to Big W.
Basically, when a carpark was occupied, a red light appeared above it on the roof, and when the space was free, the light was green.
Looked like  a great idea to me!
(sorry, no photos)

Dooring St Traffic Lights

By 21 November 2009

The ACT Government has announced new traffic lights at the intersection of Wakefield Avenue and Dooring Street in Dickson at a cost of  $822,000 (adjacent to the ABC’s Canberra Studio), with reports of 74 crashes at the intersection between 2003 and 2007.
I drive past this intersection most days and it is certainly dangerous – the [...]

Layon Drive Freeway Coming Soon

By 17 November 2009

Yesterday Chief Minister Jon “Super Highway” Stanhope, and Federal heavy Maxine McKew kicked off the second stage of Layon Drive upgrades. This will see the current pitiful Lanyon Drive between Hume and Jerrabombera upgraded to a dual carriageway. Stanhope says: “”The upgrade is welcome news for the many drivers and cyclists that use Lanyon Drive, [...]

New Protected Cycle Lanes for Civic?

By 12 November 2009

The Canberra Times reports that separated ‘Copenhagen’ style cycle lanes are being considered for Civic, along with a ‘shared space’ zone on Bunda St where all users have equal rights. Pedal Power seem to think it’s a good thing and a bit of digging on their website soon revealed where the idea came from- looks [...]

Pialligo Ave roadworks

By 7 November 2009

When are they ever going to get around to levelling off Pialligo Ave just before the light?
For months now that section of the road (just before the traffic lights coming from Queanbeyan) has been left incomplete for no good reason.
It is dangerous for drivers who must slow right down to ease their cars down [...]

New ACT “Road Safety” signs

By 31 October 2009

After returning from my travel I’ve noticed a few of the road safety message signs being talked about before I left, have come to fruition. A few of them are quite good… naturally the good ones have been borrowed from overseas think tanks, like “Drink Drive, Die in a Ditch” and “Missing a call [...]

Who is allowed to block the roads?

By 22 October 2009

Is anyone with a flouro orange vest and a few flouro bollards allowed to block the roads in the ACT?
I note that the lads building the spectacularly dull new block of flats in the Belco towncentre randomly block 2 lanes of traffic so that they can work on the building from an enormous cherrypicker, with [...]

Cycle paths to get another review

By 3 October 2009

Andrew Barr has announced that we’re going to take another look at footpaths and cycle paths across this fair city.
As part of the ACT Government’s development of the Sustainable Transport Action Plan 2010-2016, a review is being undertaken to improve cycling and pedestrian networks.
A contract has been awarded to a local company, Cardno Eppell Olsen, [...]

The Pialligo roundabout is dead

By 7 August 2009

Although its ghost lingered on in the form of a circle of barriers long after the roundabout itself had been removed, even the ghost is now gone.
A shiny new set of traffic lights are now controling the intersection of Picturesque Pialligo and boy does it feel strange approaching it at speed when habit demands [...]

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