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Ask RiotACT: Best secondary schools – public and private?

Ask RiotACT

Hi. We are moving to Canberra in a few months and I want to know people’s opinion of the best secondary schools in ACT.  I have two sons – one in year 8 and one in year 9.  Open to all options.

ACT Debating Union New Competitions for students

By 20 August 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE

The ACT Debating Union (ACTDU) is the largest organiser of schools debating in the ACT. A volunteer run organisation that aims to promote debating, public speaking and analytical skills to students in the ACT.
This year ACTDU is running two new exciting competitions! They will both involve two full days of debating over concurrent weekends, held [...]

Halal certified – is it out of control and being forced onto our kids

By 17 March 2014

So I find out by accident that Melrose High School is pushing Halal onto the students there.  Cooking a traditional Aussie breakfast but no bacon because that’s not allowed in the school kitchens, traditional Aussie breakfast is bacon and eggs so WTF is going on, and than the camp only has Halal certified foods.  So [...]

Moving to Googong & researching high school options

By 6 March 2014

Hi Rioters
We will be moving to Googong next year and I’m in search of a new school for my son. He will be going in to year 8.
I’m considering St Edmund’s but I’d happily consider a public school as my son is currently attending Harrison and we are very happy with it.
I’m not sure how [...]

ACT kiddies coming out tops in NAPLAN (for what its worth)

By 13 December 2013

Who would have thought a high income earning city state with no rural hinterland would do well in standardised testing?
Joy Burch is celebrating the NAPLAN results.
ACT students have ranked top or equal top across all 20 areas tested in NAPLAN 2013, the national report released today shows.
ACT Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch [...]

Joy Burch again taking credit for Canberra’s education outcomes

By 3 December 2013

Joy Burch is breaking out the bubbly over the ACT’s international education rankings:
ACT Minister for Education and Training, Joy Burch, has welcomed the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), which assessed students both internationally and locally in areas of mathematical, scientific and reading literacy in 2012.
Almost 510,000 students from 65 different countries took part [...]

Schools of shame named

By 21 October 2013

The ABC has been FOI’ing critical incidents at Canberra’s schools this year, that is violent and/or weapon related trouble.
And the schools of shame are:
– Canberra High School
– Calwell High School
– Harrison School
– Woden School
– Telopea Park School

Primary school class sizes in Canberra?

By 12 August 2013

I wonder if anyone can tell me if there are official limits for primary school class sizes in the ACT, and if so, is this information online somewhere? Searching for obvious terms has not come up with much useful info.

Kids Dance for Canberra


[ 27 June 2013 at 6:00 pm; ]

Close to 500 primary students from 23 Canberra schools have been busily rehearsing for a Centenary dance spectacular at the Royal Theatre on tonight (Thursday 27 June).

The event is the culmination of the school dance program Dance Nation, designed by Kulture Break to promote well-being and empowerment in primary students in celebration of canberra’s [...]

Congratulations to the Educators of the Year!

By 21 June 2013

Joy Burch has announced the winners of the 2013 Public Education Excellence Awards:
The winners of the 2013 Public Education Excellence Awards are:
– Principal of the Year – Murray Bruce, Gordon Primary School
– Early Childhood Teacher of the Year – Karen Wilson, Ainslie School
– Primary Teacher of the Year – Samantha Thornton, Hughes Primary School
– [...]

Signing on the dotted line for Gonski

By 30 May 2013

If jurisdictions which have neglected their education systems are the big winners in the Gonski reforms one has to wonder at the ACT’s haste to sign up after a decade of Labor rule.
Andrew Barr is letting us know he’s gone and signed us all up to the National Education Reform Agreement:
The agreement incorporates the [...]

Our kids read and writ real good

By 13 March 2013

Joy Burch is claiming the credit for Canberra children’s literacy and numeracy results.
ACT Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch welcomed the release of the My School website, which includes 2012 National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) results and capital and recurrent expenditure for individual schools.
“The information on the My School website reinforces [...]

Three cheers for a swimming policy

By 7 February 2013

Joy Burch has announced that the ACT now has a “Swimming Pool and Water Park Based Aquatic Activities policy”.
Ms Burch said the revised policy struck a balance to allow these events to take place in a fun, relaxed environment, while also making sure that all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure student safety.
“The policy [...]

We shouldn’t take NAPLAN too seriously…

By 18 December 2012

Joy Burch is celebrating another win for the ACT’s kids and chalking it up to her education department:
ACT students continue to be among the highest performing in the country, the 2012 National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy National Report released today shows.
ACT Minister for Education and Training Joy Burch welcomed the results, which show [...]

ACT kids kicking goals

By 14 November 2012

Joy Burch is celebrating the numeracy and literacy achievements of the ACT’s children:
The ACT remains the highest performing jurisdiction in Australia for reading and numeracy among students in Year 3 to 9, a COAG Reform Council report issued today shows.
ACT Minister for Education Joy Burch welcomed the results of the National Education Agreement (NEA) Education [...]

A slew of education policies from Labor

By 17 September 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has unleashed three education policies all in a row.
We have refurb money for older schools:
if re-elected ACT Labor will commit $70 million to create the best learning environments for students and teachers in our older schools.
We will provide $45 million to build a new Primary School at Coombs in the Molonglo Valley [...]

Chris Bourke says all is well at the schools

By 12 September 2012

Education Minister Chris Bourke has put out a media release on yesterday’s FOI release of critical incidents at schools:
A review of critical incidents at ACT public schools shows reports have remained relatively stable over a two year cycle. The documents are available from the Open Government FOI page covering critical incidents from May 1 2011 [...]

Greens on feeding children

By 12 September 2012

The Greens have announced their policy on feeding children:
– Legislate to protect children from junk food advertising to children, to help parents and children to make healthy choices, and to fight childhood obesity;
– Improve school canteens, by funding a high level task force, creating new jobs, and improving canteen infrastructure;
– Create new schools [...]

Critical incidents at ACT Schools

By 11 September 2012

Someone has FOI’d “Critical Incidents at ACT Schools“.
So for fun I thought I’d tally them up:
Lake Ginninderra 5
Kaleen High 4
Lanyon High 3
Gungahlin College 2
Hawker College 2
Melrose High 2
Telopea Park 2
Ainslie Primary 1
Alfred Deakin High 1
Arawang Primary 1
Campbell High 1
Canberra High 1
Caroline Chisholm 1
Dickson College 1
Forrest Primary 1
Florey Primary 1
Gilmore Primary 1
Gordon Primary 1
Kingsford Smith 1
Lyneham [...]

No crosses please, we’re a school

By 31 August 2012

I always thought my children – or child as it has turned out – would go to government schools. I believed (and still believe in many ways) that there should be one system of schooling, publicly funded.
And then… My daughter, at a very well regarded government primary school, made a cross from two [...]

Katy to bribe the schools to stop selling soft drinks

By 27 August 2012

Katy Gallagher is promising to offer schools a teeny weeny little bribe in exchange for giving up the ongoing revenues of selling soft drinks to their students:
If re-elected in 2012 ACT Labor will establish a $500,000 fund
to install water bottle refill stations and supply reusable drink bottles to any school that agrees to end the [...]

I-pads do they work in middle school?

By 9 August 2012

This is the question I’m asking my self over the next few weeks, to give you some backstory I recently started teaching and I’m in the technology department I also recently graduated so the currency of my ICT skills are mint and I must say I love the Heck out of my job, I teach years 7-10.
I have [...]

Schools can do whatever they please?

By 22 June 2012

Environment and Sustainable Development are letting us know they’re taking another look at the exemptions for schools from needing development approval.
“Canberrans are being asked to comment on amendments to the Planning and Development Act that exempted schools from needing development approval for additions and alterations,” Mr Ponton said.
“The exemptions were introduced 2009 to support the [...]

“Crisis in School Canteens,” ACT Parents and Citizens Group


The tension between schools offering a healthy diet and cost-effective food has reached crisis point in the Australian Capital Territory resulting in many school canteens shutting down entirely, according to the ACT Parents & Citizens Associations.
ACT P&C President Vivienne Pearce said the issue had been building for years, but her organisation was now at its [...]

Parental help at schools

By 14 May 2012

What are your thoughts on paying full school fees for your children and then being shamed into taking time off work to help out with normal school activities (reading, maths, etc)?

Dozspot wants to know what the go is with asbestos in schools

By 19 March 2012

The Liberals’ Steve Dozspot is asking what the go is with asbestos in Canberra’s schools after the closing of Taylor Primary:
ACT Shadow Education Minister Steve Doszpot today called on Chris Bourke to explain the safeguards he has in place to protect students from asbestos, following the closure of Taylor Primary School after structural damage [...]

Bullying in ACT Schools

By 18 February 2012

I have been a long-time follower of RiotACT and I always enjoy reading the commentary of Canberrans (especially ‘the regulars’ who I feel bring a balanced outlook to some heady topics).
I noticed tonight that there is one topic that always get a very strong response and that is one that appears under “Education” and relates [...]

Two new Gungahlin schools

By 23 January 2012

Education Minister Chris Bourke has announced two new schools will kick off construction this year:
The $64.4 million Bonner Primary School andthe $44.1 million Franklin Early Childhood School are set to open at the commencement of the 2013 school year, catering for enrolment growth in the east and north Gungahlin areas.
Bonner Primary School is scheduled to [...]

eBooks in Education?

By 20 January 2012

Here’s Apple’s presentation from the Guggenheim this morning.
The key points:

New eBook authoring software
Publishing to iTunes Bookstore is as easy as clicking a button
Apple has signed on a bunch of high-school textbook publishers already

There’s plenty of commentary about this event around the web. Will this have any impact on you? Do you have any experience to [...]

Seeking advice on High Schools in ACT with good anti-bullying support

By 15 December 2011

Our daughter is in yr 7 this year.  She has Asperger’s Syndrome.  She has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  She is extremely anxious.  She is very depressed.  She is very intellegent.  She is very mature in her thinking about bullying.  She helps protect others when they are getting bullied.  She is a really amazing young girl.  She [...]

Melba Copeland High School

By 17 November 2011

Looking for advice,
I have a child going into year six next year, and so we are starting to think about the big move to high school. I was hoping for any information, advice and opinions on Melba Copeland High School.
Thank you for your help.

It’s scripture in school time again!

By 16 November 2011

To get it out of the way, I do not support any scripture in schools. I feel that religion is a personal choice and something that is managed by a family, not taught by random strangers at a public school.
I am curious to know how other schools in the ACT run the program.
The one my [...]

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