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Online supermarket shopping and bags in Canberra?

By 27 February 2012

I’m wanting to sign up to do my grocery shopping online and have it delivered and wondering what happens about bags?
Do I have to pay the supermarket the 50c per plastic bag each time (or $1ea for the polypropylene non-disposable bags)?
I can’t see any reference to bags on either Coles or Woolies websites.

How you can fight the ACT Government’s Bag Ban

By 9 February 2012

Are you sick of having to pay for your own shopping bags these days because of the ACT Government’s Plastic Shopping Bag Ban? I am looking for ideas to send Simon the message that we will not accept decisions about shopping bags being forced down our throats each and every time we go to the [...]

31 October 2011 the last day for light plastic shopping bags

By 28 October 2010

[First filed: Oct 27, 2010 @ 10:31]

Simon Corbell has announced the end of light plastic shopping bags with the final ban to be in place from 1 November next year.
Before panicking bear in mind there will be many exemptions:
The Plastic Shopping Bags Ban Bill 2010 will ban the supply of plastic shopping bags of [...]

Bagging the baggers of the bags?!

By 28 August 2009

A couple of months ago, there was a rather energetic discussion on the RA about the future of plastic shopping bags.
More recently, there was an obscure vox pop in the Chronicle and some official phone polling too (nobody calls me).
Well, it seems that it’s all part of a new Government campaign.  Stanhopia is spending $85 [...]

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