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New bulky goods site near the airport rumbles ahead

By 15 January 2014

Simon Corbell has announced the ever expanding airport precinct is going to keep doing its thing:
A draft variation to free up a large a block of land near the airport for bulky goods retailing, warehousing, freight and distribution has been approved by the Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell.
Draft variation 324 [...]

A hotel for the airport

By 24 October 2013

The ABC has word on plans out at Snowtown for a hotel to join their legoland collection.
The Canberra Airport will build a four-star, 180-room hotel to help attract international flights to the capital.
The hotel would be built between the airport and the Brindabella Business Park, five-minutes walk from the terminal.
The airport would build and [...]

Snowtown wins Airport of the Year

By 20 September 2013

Australian Aviation brings word that our very own Canberra Airport has been named the Capital City Airport of the Year at the Australian Airports Association’s National Airport Industry Awards.
It certainly is pretty.

Meatballs with furniture coming to Snowtown?


The Canberra Times has been thrown a bone about Ikea’s interest in the new Majura Parkway Estate.
Normally Canberra is too small a market for an IKEA. But we do have a transient population, lots of money, and a love of Scandinavian style.
For what it’s worth last year I wrote a poem about IKEA for Bad [...]

Airport parking fees can be steep


A friend of mine works and parks at the Airport.
He keeps a parking card issued on September 6 2012 in his wallet.
Occasionally he puts it in the machine to see how much its racked up.
[ED - Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in [...]

Majura Parkway planning fail

By 6 June 2013

Brendan Smyth is having some fun with Simon Corbell’s planning efforts with the Majura Parkway:
It was revealed that Simon Corbell as Planning Minister was asked by businesses at the Majura Park Shopping Precinct to provide on and off access from the Majura Parkway to the northern end of the Majura Park Shopping Precinct. He declined, [...]

Foggy opinions at Canberra Airport

By 29 May 2013

It is SO sweet of Canberra Airport to be so magnanimously and altruistically concerned about Commonwealth Public Servants’ travel in the Canberra Times.
Maybe if they allowed some proper public transport to the airport, it would reduce the overall cost of the travel (the parking/taxis at each end, there and back, can easily add up to [...]

Virgin open their doors at Canberra Airport

By 13 March 2013

The Chief Minister is letting us know she’s been to the opening of Virgin’s terminal at Canberra Airport:
Katy Gallagher joined the Federal Transport Minister, Hon Anthony Albanese, and the chief executive of Virgin Australia, John Borghetti, at the opening.
The new Virgin Australia facilities are part of the $420 million ‘AirVolution’ rebuild that Canberra Airport [...]

South Tralee goes ahead

By 6 November 2012

The Village Building Company is celebrating victory in their long march to build a ghetto under the flight path of Canberra Airport across the border in NSW, which in turn is likely to shift the flight paths over Canberra.
“Home ownership is everyone’s dream. Queanbeyan has been starved of well-located affordable housing for seven years. This [...]

Surely Canberrans are more interested in direct flights *out* of Canberra?

By 23 September 2012

Chief Minister Gallager is promising more of the same on inneffectual efforts to get direct international flights to Canberra airport.
She’s also promising to spend more of your money on the enrichment of hotel owners. Because we just can’t get enough of that stuff:
If re-elected in 2012, ACT Labor will continue working to establish direct [...]

The airport going it alone with high speed rail


Canberra Airport have announced their latest grand plan.
They’ve unveiled plans for a high speed rail terminal at the airport, despite there being no high speed rail line.
“This terminal will provide a seamless interface for passengers arriving in Canberra by air ready for their 57
minute train trip to Sydney.
“The facility will cost $140 million (in [...]

Masters to open on 31 July

By 7 February 2012 bring word of all Woolworths’ discount pack sized plans for Majura Park with a big opening for the hardware megastore Masters slated for 31 July:
The first Masters store for the ACT region is set to open on 31 July in Canberra’s Majura Park retail district, just around the corner from the Costco warehouse that [...]

Free parking at the airport?

By 22 November 2010

Anna Key has sent in this pic with this note:
Looks there is a way to get 2 hours free parking at the airport. Probably not practical for most people though,

New airport terminal opening or what?

By 13 November 2010

According to the “Canberra City News”, and other sources, Canberra Airport’s new terminal is supposed to be opening this Sunday, at 5 a.m.
Given this, I am surprised by the lack of promotion of this impending, and long-waited for, important development for Canberra.
According to the airport’s own web site, the terminal was supposed to be [...]

Canberra airport to go international within 2 years

By 31 August 2010

Crikey reports that Canberra Airport plans to go international faster than expected.
Also mentioned is the fact that the airport already has the capability to handle the larger 747 and A380 jets. People who are currently disturbed by the noise of the little ole 737′s must be looking forward to the prospect of  late night international [...]

Snowtown to beat DFO by default?

By 18 August 2010

[First filed: Aug 17, 2010 @ 9:24]

The smh brings us word that the DFO empire is on the brink of collapsing in debt which could also mean the end of the half empty Fyshwick site.
Banks are likely to appoint receivers Korda Mentha as early as today to South Wharf Retail, which owns South Wharf DFO [...]

Canberra airport Parking

By 2 May 2010

If I stay in the long stay parking at Canberra Airport, I will pay $63 for 4 days.
Brindabella Business Park has parking for $5 a day. Is there anything to stop me leaving my car at the BPC car park for 4 days?  
Seems like a good deal to spend 10 minutes walking for [...]

Truck bypass for Canberra Airport

By 27 April 2009

The ABC brings word that the gradual unravelling of the traffic snarls surrounding the airport is set to continue with construction scheduled to start in September on a truck bypass for the facility.
Canberra Airport managing director Stephen Byron says the truck bypass will help ease traffic congestion around the site.
“This is good news that [...]

Airport Flyover complete? That’s what CAG thinks!

By 15 April 2009

I have noticed one of the signs promoting the flyover at Piallago Av at the airport now has a red tape over it  (similar to a Sold By sign in real estate) with a tick saying “Now Complete”.  
Sure, the floyover is open for traffic but it is in no way complete.  
It must be [...]

Canberra airport sorts out its financing – big changes planned

By 7 April 2009

The Australian reports that The Darkness On The Edge Of Town (aka the Canberra Airport) has secured the $350 million in financing which it needs to make all its dreams come true:
Launching the start of construction on the airport’s new environmentally friendly southern concourse terminal, Mr Byron said the project was back on track after [...]

Canberra Australia’s Greenest Airport? Ha!

By 7 February 2009

At 1.15pm yesterday I was driving along the new overbridge on Piallago Avenue at the airport and noticed that they had about half a dozen sprinkers on watering the new baby shoots along the bridge’s new embankment. 
Not only were the sprinklers in use at the heat of the day, which I think would be [...]

Airport says no to looking after taxi customers

By 14 January 2009

The Canberra Times reports that the darkness on the edge of town (aka the Airport) is refusing to pay for “Commissionaires”.
The commissionaires were the people who up until 18 months ago organised the cattle on the forecourt to try and shift them into taxis as efficiently as possible.
Now, despite charging the drivers for the privilege [...]

Never Mind the Airport, Where Are the Planes?

By 5 January 2009

One only really gets a proper appreciation of Canberra’s place in the world when one tries to get out of it. 
In looking at getting from Canberra to Osaka and back in October it really brings home what a backwater we live in.
I am long resiled to the fact that the capital of Australia doesn’t [...]

Planespotting – WebTrak takes off

By 12 December 2008

As  advised in a story about the Airport Master Plan being rejected (post #20), Air Services Australia was to launch a new service Webtrak.
This service has now gone live at
WebTrak allows you (after a delay of 20-40 minutes) see the exact flightpath a plane took in or out of the airport, designate your home [...]

Airport workers survey

By 9 December 2008

The Canbera airport has sent out an email announcing they’re looking for feedback from the workers at its business parks.  To register for this independant and unbiased venue for feedback you have to answer a few questions,  including how satisfied/dissatisfied you are with working at the Canberra airport precinct, and why you have that opinion.
I may [...]

Airport told by Minister – not good enough

By 21 November 2008

Transport Minister Albanese has just released his reasons for rejecting the Canberra Airport Master Plan 2008 (that each airport has to submit on a regular basis). He mainly cites a lack of detail in their submission for rejecting it….
Examples of insufficient information in the 2008 draft master plan include:

The draft master plan proposes a freight [...]

Airport expansion scuppered by global credit crunch

By 1 October 2008

The Canberra Times has managed to tie the global credit firestorm to Canberra.
It seem plans to expand the airport are on hold until they can find a safe way to finance it.

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