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It’s Day One for IKEA Canberra

By 16 November 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE

IKEA is here, IKEA is here! It is impossible to miss the big blue box as you head towards the airport. For many Canberrans, there is a sense of pride that Canberra is finally getting an IKEA all of its own. For others, there is a long shopping wish list.
I was excited to participate in [...]

Roof glare

By 15 February 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

Does anyone know the rules re glare from metal garage’s and solar panels? I cannot open my kitchen blinds for several hours every afternoon due to blinding glare from a neighbours garage that was bad enough before he recently added solar panels.
I asked actpla if the panels were legal ( garage is only a meter [...]

Want to see why your bill was so high?

By 10 September 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE

We’ve just come out of one of the warmest Winters on record but many Canberrans wouldn’t know it after receiving their energy bills. Even in warmer Winters, houses that leak heat need their heater working overtime. Chances are, if your house struggled to retain heat this Winter, it’s going to have a hard time keeping [...]

33 megawatts of renewable energy capacity in the ACT

By 16 July 2013

The ICRC has released its quarterly feed in summary report into all those rooftop solar panels.
One can argue that the feed in tariff was a terrible way to pay for solar energy capacity.
But it’s hard to argue against the volume of electrons the beasts are throwing out now:
• Total installed capacity of renewable generators at [...]

Big Solar BBQ in Hackett

By 25 March 2013

Climate Change Canberra are throwing a Solar BBQ to celebrate 19,000 Canberran homes using solar panels, and to answer questions for anyone still on the fence about making the move to solar power.
The press released doesn’t state whether the barbecue itself will be solar powered, but I hope so because that would be awesome.
Sunday April [...]

Solar Panel installers in Canberra

By 20 August 2012

Riotact Hivemind, I’m getting with the times and going to install solar panels to help reduce my electricity bills.
Problem is – Solargain is currently the only provider I can find that installs in Canberra. There are plenty of companies that come up with a google search, but none of them service the Canberra region. [...]

Feed in tariff squabbling and PR pigeonholes

By 28 June 2012

The Liberals have taken to pre-announcing their estimates questions. Which indicates they’re not that interested in the answers.
Yesterday they were trying to present the feed in tariff scheme (homeowners paid over the odds to make electricity on their roofs with solar panels by the rest of the non-homeowning community) as “a second carbon tax”.
ACT Opposition [...]

Solar power will destroy us all

By 23 April 2012

I’ve read Graham Downie’s excellent arcticle in the Canberra Times regarding the almost useless and expensive solar power system we Canberran’s have been stuck with.
At peak radiation times, not even 1% of power is generated by solar.  And during peak demands, on cold nights, yes Sherlock, it’s 0%, not doubt due to the slackness of [...]

Save with solar power

By 7 December 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

With hot weather on the way and energy prices continuing to rise, it’s time to install solar panels and save hundreds of dollars a year in energy bills.
And you can now buy quality solar panels from a locally-based company that has been operating in Canberra since 2004 and have them installed by reliable, accredited installers. [...]

Solar Panels and savings in Canberra?

By 21 November 2011

Hi all,
Inspected a rental property recently and became aware during the inspection that the property had a solar panel.
Although the lessor stated that he had been disappointed overall with the investment (something about failing to get the promised amount of kWs), he said that having them still resulted in a ~30% reduction in electricity bills.
I’m [...]

ACTPLA throwing a spanner in the solar panel works

By 17 October 2011

The Liberals’ Alistair Coe has a bee in his bonnet over delays in solar panel installation.
“I’ve been contacted by constituents who have to wait until February 2012 for ACTPLA’s approval of their panels,” Member for Ginninderra Alistair Coe said today.
“After ACT Labor cut the scheme early, people are now being forced to wait for the [...]

To All Solar Free Clients


To All Solar Free Clients
Thank you for been part of the Solar Free journey, while we continue to grow our brand. Your business is very much appreciated and while some of you are still clients of Solar Free, a very few number of our clients have experienced delays and left us due to various reasons [...]

Who needs the Feed In Tariff?

By 15 July 2011

EnviroFriendly have put out a media release saying solar panel buyers are going to be better off without the feed in tariff after all:
Effective midnight Wednesday, the ACT Government announced the closing of the ACT Solar Feed In Tariff. The demise of the program has been described as a disaster by everyone involved in the [...]

Can we just knock off the whole feed-in cap business? Asks Shane.

By 14 July 2011

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury has responded to this morning’s shock ending of the solar feed in tariff scheme
The unexpected overnight re-closure of the feed in tariff scheme has highlighted the need to remove the cap on the scheme according to ACT Greens Energy spokesperson Shane Rattenbury.
“No-one anticipated this cap would be reached in just [...]

Solar Feed-in Tariff scheme shut down again

By 14 July 2011

At midnight while most of you slept Katy Gallagher announced that the re-opened feed in tariff scheme for rooftop solar panels had again exceeded the cap and was being shut down after just two days.
And if you missed the cutoff there’s no grandfathering like last time, even with a signed contract:
“The Government warned against re-opening [...]

The return of the Feed-in Tariff

By 12 July 2011

The ACT Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate have announced the formal re-opening of the solar feed-in tariff scheme after the Liberals and Greens over ruled Labor in the Assembly.
Further to amendments recently passed in the Legislative Assembly, a revised ACT electricity Feed-in
Tariff will re-open on 11 July 2011, said David Papps, Director-General of the [...]

New solar installs to get 30c/kW

By 1 July 2011

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is celebrating opening the “medium scale” feed in tariff for solar panels to installations down to 0 kW (so all of them).
The Liberals were needed to support it and Zed Seselja has a circuitous explanation.
The upshot is new installs will be able to get 30c per kW on power they generate.

The other side of the Solar protest


Shane Rattenbury’s people have sent in a picture he took this morning of the solar industry protest rally from the tradesman’s side of the Legislative Assembly.

Behold the solar industry and all its supporters!


Last week the solar industry announced they would be protesting outside the Legislative Assembly this morning at 8am against the capping of the feed-in tariff which has effectively shut them down.
So your correspondent got out of bed early on the darkest day of the year and made his way down to the Assembly to take [...]

Solar Panel Installation Issue

By 17 June 2011

Back in Feb, I signed up with an interstate energy provider to install a 1.5kw solar panel array, to connect to the grid. The panels were installed in a reasonable timeframe- within 4 weeks of signing up.
This is when things went bad. ACTPLA came to inspect and informed me that there was an issue [...]

Solar panels maintenance or inspection?

By 17 June 2011

I’ve had my Solar panels for just over a year in  and wanted to check if there are any maintenance and/or reporting requirements?
Does the PV panels or inverter need some sort of regular inspection from ACTEW?
Also what sort of cleaning is needed on the actual panels, will some dust affect performance , how [...]

Greens weep for the solar industry

By 1 June 2011

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury is saying a few words over the body of the solar industry after Simon Corbell’s dramatic decision over night to close the feed-in tariff scheme:
“The failure has been the artificial brick wall created by the Government, and supported by the Liberal party, by capping the small scale solar scheme at 15 [...]

Charity solar panels

By 21 April 2011

Simon Corbell has announced the opening of a new solar panel array for the Westwood Farm.
Minister for Energy, Simon Corbell, today launched one of the largest solar field-based arrays in the ACT which is the result of a series of ACT Government energy grants.
The ACT Government provided joint funding of $73,000 from the ACT Community [...]

Solar panels in Canberra?

By 17 March 2011

I have been noticing the Solar Free ads re getting 1.5kWh 7 panels for around $3k. 
They say you get around $1000 per year back through the rebates – so it would pay for itself in three years. 
Are there any catches?  I looked at our last quarter bill and we used around 1,300kWh so [...]

Solar Panels not a hasty solution to becoming Green

By 24 February 2011

Thus far we have had a negative experience regarding the installation and implementation of our solar panels. All the initial dealings with the company were courteous and professional, and the workers who installed the panels were professional. Problems arose when,
1. Our paperwork was not submitted to ActewAGL until about ten days after the panels were [...]

“domestic” solar power in Canberra

By 11 October 2010

So apparently the ACT let’s you have a home based solar system that has 10kw capacity per phase. One Canberran seems therefore to have gone whole hog and installed a 29.7kw system. To put this in perspective most home systems are 1-2kW.
Now a look at his site shows 120+ kWh generated per day since [...]

O’Connor Uniting Church gets back to Sol Invictus

By 4 August 2010

The O’Connor Uniting / Cambodian-Vietnamese Alliance Church has recently been swathed in the exciting scaffolding that only an A-frame roof line can generate.
But the scaffolding is gone, the solar panels are revealed, and one has to admire the way they’ve been arranged. And with churches built on an east-west axis it’s easy to get a [...]

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