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Rooftop solar – recent experiences in Canberra?

Ask Riot

Thinking of installing solar power to our house. Orientation is ideal, and whilst not looking to make money, I would love to escape the clutches of ACTEW (or whatever they’re called this week).
Would appreciate any feedback re: supply and installation of (say) a 4Kw system, and how it has performed.
The majority of advertisers on Google require [...]

Three new power plants for you

By 13 December 2013

Photon Energy are planning to build three mid-sized solar power plants in the ACT, because they realise we’re already living in the future and thatit’s insane that we don’t have solar power plants everywhere.
Sometimes it feels like I’m the only person who payed attention to Sim City 2000.
Only days after launching its Australian unit [...]

Should we get solar power by 30 June 2013?

By 14 June 2013

Hi Canberra,
I have a basic understanding of the changes occurring to the solar power tariff system in the ACT on 1 July 2013, however it would be good to get some advice. Is it worth jumping in now and buying a 4kW system (approx $7000), or should we wait?  We have until 17 June to decide..
Thanks in advance.

Shane on the solar coaster

By 13 June 2013

Mayor Rattenbury is explaining his plans for solar feed-in tariffs in the wake of ActewAGL’s changes:
“The ACT Greens were critical when the Government didn’t continue to gradually reduce the payments on the old feed-in tariff as the scheme was very generous for PV system owners. But we are keen to see home and small business [...]

Enjoy free solar power off the grid


There is nothing quite as rewarding as the feeling of sourcing your electricity free from the sun.
And if you live on a farm not connected to the electricity grid, installing an off grid solar system is usually the cheapest, most effective and most sustainable way to secure your power needs – and protect [...]

30 Megawatts of installed rooftop solar

By 10 April 2013

The Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission ICRC has released their activity summary of the Electricity Feed-in Scheme.
For mine the big announcement is:
Total installed capacity of renewable generators at 31 December 2012 was 30,149 kilowatts, compared with 28,628 kilowatts at the end of the September 2012 quarter
With more applications rolling in it looks like the industry [...]

Big Solar BBQ in Hackett

By 25 March 2013

Climate Change Canberra are throwing a Solar BBQ to celebrate 19,000 Canberran homes using solar panels, and to answer questions for anyone still on the fence about making the move to solar power.
The press released doesn’t state whether the barbecue itself will be solar powered, but I hope so because that would be awesome.
Sunday April [...]

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV) to build Royalla 1, a 20MW solar power facility

By 5 September 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Gosh! Royalla 1 has a ring to it eh? Simon Corbell has unveiled the winner of the big solar power facility auction:
Mr Corbell announced the outcome of the ACT Government’s fast-track stream of the ACT large-scale solar reverse auction by confirming that Royalla 1 will become the largest solar power facility built in Australia to [...]

Auction time for the solar power plant

By 24 May 2012

Simon Corbell has let us know the 22 shortlisted proposals for a solar power plant in the ACT are going to auction.
The first 20 megawatts of production will be awarded in August.

Solar power will destroy us all

By 23 April 2012

I’ve read Graham Downie’s excellent arcticle in the Canberra Times regarding the almost useless and expensive solar power system we Canberran’s have been stuck with.
At peak radiation times, not even 1% of power is generated by solar.  And during peak demands, on cold nights, yes Sherlock, it’s 0%, not doubt due to the slackness of [...]

The renewable energy industry is, unsurprisingly, interested in plans for a large scale solar facility

By 16 April 2012

This might be stating the obvious but the ACT Labor Government’s solar plan is receiving plenty of interest from the renewable energy industry, as Simon Corbell announced yesterday. Forty nine separate prequalification proposals were received, showing that the nation’s capital is keen to get started on a large scale solar facility.
“This level of interest [...]

New Developments in Solar Technology

By 2 April 2012

Arguments about the feasibility of renewable energy often concentrate around costings and capabilities that are out of date.  But what exactly is happening in solar technology?  Speculate no longer!  Come along to the Bob Douglas Lecture Theatre, Eggleston Road, ANU Campus tomorrow night at 6 pm to find out for yourself what the latest from [...]

Simon seeking submissions for solar power

By 27 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell has let the world know he’d like proposals for a large scale solar plant here in Canberra:
Renewable energy companies with proposals to establish large scale solar generation in the ACT are being invited to submit proposals to the Government as part of the ACT Labor Government’s plan to make Canberra Australia’s solar capital, [...]

Save with solar power

By 7 December 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

With hot weather on the way and energy prices continuing to rise, it’s time to install solar panels and save hundreds of dollars a year in energy bills.
And you can now buy quality solar panels from a locally-based company that has been operating in Canberra since 2004 and have them installed by reliable, accredited installers. [...]

Large scale solar moving forward

By 6 December 2011

Simon Corbell is celebrating getting the nod from the Legislative Assembly to ramp up solar power generation in Canberra.
Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, has today welcomed in-principal support from the ACT Legislative Assembly, for legislation which will allow large-scale solar facilities to be rolled out across the ACT.
“The Government’s legislation proposes [...]

Large scale solar legislation brought in

By 16 November 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Simon Corbell has announced he’s introducing the Electricity Feed In (Large Scale Renewable Energy Generation) Bill 2011 today.
“This is the first time an Australian Government has proposed the use of a feed in tariff for commercial scale renewable energy generation,” Mr Corbell said.
“The Bill establishes the framework for a feed in tariff „reverse auction? to [...]

ACTPLA throwing a spanner in the solar panel works

By 17 October 2011

The Liberals’ Alistair Coe has a bee in his bonnet over delays in solar panel installation.
“I’ve been contacted by constituents who have to wait until February 2012 for ACTPLA’s approval of their panels,” Member for Ginninderra Alistair Coe said today.
“After ACT Labor cut the scheme early, people are now being forced to wait for the [...]

ANU building solar powered soldiers

By 11 August 2011

Batteries are becoming the bane of the modern soldier’s existence, so there is sure to be considerable interest in ANU’s latest work on light wearable solar panels to rev up all the gadgets the modern soldier on the go is being asked to lug:
“The development of these wearable solar cells will now allow soldiers to [...]

Solar power generation powering ahead


The Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission has published their latest summary of generation under the troubled feed-in tariff scheme.
• During the June 2011 quarter, 1,653 new connections of renewable generators were made to the distribution network, compared with 868 made during the previous quarter.
• In total, 6,057 renewable generators were connected to the distribution network [...]

The solar auction

By 30 June 2011

Simon Corbell is kicking off an auction for 40 megawatts of solar power provision:
“The government will lead the way to securing significant quantities of affordable renewable energy by conducting Australia’s first of type auction giving solar energy generators a chance to offer the best deal to consumers in the ACT.
“Industry also knows what financial support [...]

The other side of the Solar protest


Shane Rattenbury’s people have sent in a picture he took this morning of the solar industry protest rally from the tradesman’s side of the Legislative Assembly.

Behold the solar industry and all its supporters!


Last week the solar industry announced they would be protesting outside the Legislative Assembly this morning at 8am against the capping of the feed-in tariff which has effectively shut them down.
So your correspondent got out of bed early on the darkest day of the year and made his way down to the Assembly to take [...]

Solar Rally! Protest to save Canberra’s solar industry.

By 18 June 2011

[ 21 June 2011 at 8:00 am; ] Numerous groups are emailing in a media release calling for protest on Tuesday (the winter solstice geddit?) to get Canberra’s retail solar industry kickstarted again after Simon Corbell took an axe to it on 1 June:

ACT households are no longer able to access ANY incentives to encourage them to install roof top solar power.

The immediate [...]

Solar panels maintenance or inspection?

By 17 June 2011

I’ve had my Solar panels for just over a year in  and wanted to check if there are any maintenance and/or reporting requirements?
Does the PV panels or inverter need some sort of regular inspection from ACTEW?
Also what sort of cleaning is needed on the actual panels, will some dust affect performance , how [...]

Greens propose solar tweaks

By 16 June 2011

The Greens’ Shane Rattenbury has proposed an extension of sorts for those who missed out on the solar feed-in tariff scheme gold rush.
“I am proposing the feed-in tariff legislation is changed so that systems of 0-200kW can receive the medium scale tariff rate.
“This will effectively do two things: reduce the tariff for micro generators to [...]

Game Over if you were thinking about solar power.

By 1 June 2011

Simon Corbell has not published an announcement yet, but despite telling the public yesterday that it would be months until the solar feed-in tariff scheme was fully subscribed, the scheme has now been closed in the face of rampaging demand.
If you’ve already paid a deposit, or entered into a formal arrangement for installation, then you’re [...]

Green solar concerns as the industry hits the cap

By 30 May 2011

Greens Energy spokesperson Shane Rattenbury is voicing his worries that the solar feed-in tariff is about to become over-subscribed leading to doom and destruction:
“Figures revealed in Estimates hearings show that within weeks Canberrans may no longer be able to obtain the Feed in Tariff,” said Shane Rattenbury.
“The Minister urgently needs to reveal how the [...]

Feed-in tarriff to stay unchanged

By 1 April 2011

Minister for Energy Simon Corbell has announced that despite two weeks ago taking on board the recommendation of the ICRC, that the feed-in tarriff for solar power should fall, he’s going to keep it where it is:
Simon Corbell, has today announced that the premium rate for the micro-generation category of the ACT feed-in tariff scheme [...]

Feed-in tariff should fall according to the ICRC

By 17 March 2011

Simon Corbell has announced that the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission has advised him the solar feed-in tariff scheme should drop payments from 45.7c per kilowatt hour down to 39c.
“This advice from the ICRC Senior Commissioner to change the price is based on the ICRC’s assessment of increased competition in the Australian market, and the [...]

Now you’re paying for large business solar panels

By 18 February 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

Liberal Leader Zed Seselja is pointing out that the changes under way to the feed-in-tariff scheme (whereby people who own properties get paid outrageous prices for solar power generated on their roofs at the expense of everyone else) will mean large businesses can now effectively gouge the less well off.
“Canberra families will be paying more [...]

The price of smug

By 13 November 2010

The Canberra Times informs us that the cost of the feed-in tariff for solar electricity (whereby the wealthy who can put solar panels on the roofs of houses they own get paid vastly inflated amounts of money for the power they make) is going to bump an extra $225 a year onto everyone else’s electricity [...]

Where’d the solar power plant go?

By 15 September 2010

Yesterday afternoon the Liberals’ Zed Seselja got around to asking where the promised solar power plant had gone in Simon Corbell’s solar city vision:
The ACT Labor party and the Greens have shown that their election promises and their coalition commitments are not worth the paper they are written on, after they scrapped their promise for [...]

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