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Ex-REIA chief to run with Libs in ACT poll, candidate list announced ahead of preselection formality

Amanda Lynch

Former CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Australia Amanda Lynch is set to be among the Canberra Liberals’ 25 candidates for the ACT election in October.
Ms Lynch’s name is on the list of 25 individuals that match the 25 candidacies available, but none aside from the eight sitting MLAs can be officially confirmed until [...]

Doszpot still surprised he’s not in government

By 17 September 2013

The Liberals’ Steve Doszpot is astonished that the Government has resolutely not implemented his policies on Autism:
Shadow Minister for Education Steve Doszpot has condemned ACT Labor for refusing to provide a specialised early intervention service for families with autistic children, but has congratulated the University of Canberra which is in the final planning stages of [...]

Action Doszpot style

By 14 August 2013

Retirement incomes policy is not normally an area for the ACT Government but things like that don’t stop Steve Doszpot taking up the wrinkly cause.
ACT Shadow Minister for Ageing Steve Doszpot has moved to protect the superannuation of Canberra’s seniors, especially self-funded retirees, from serious changes in tax laws that threaten thousands of Canberrans’ superannuation.
“Almost [...]

Dinosaurs Down Under @ The National Dinosaur Museum

By 2 August 2013

Steve Doszpot wants you to go see some dinosaurs, and you should listen to him.
Dinosaurs Down Under is a travelling exhibition and you can go check out the launch at the National Dinosaur Museum tomorrow (Saturday the 3rd) at 10.00am.
So what are you waiting for?
I mean other than tomorrow, obviously.
“I am extremely honoured to be [...]

Doszpot wants Rattenbury’s attention

By 24 July 2013

It seems Shane Rattenbury is giving Steve Doszpot the cold sholder, and Doszpot won’t have it.
Member for Molonglo Steve Doszpot has raised concerns about the parking situation at Yarralumla Shopping Centre after receiving a number of complaints from residents in the area. Mr Doszpot said he contacted the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services in [...]

Canberra Liberals want to play netball for 10 hours

By 31 May 2013

Jeremy Hanson, Brendan Smyth, Zed Seselja, Steve Doszpot, and Vicki Dunne are going to play netball for charity. This new sporty gang will be showing their netball skills in order to raise awareness and funds for Bosom Buddies and Lifeline Canberra.
“We’re very honoured to be participating in the game this weekend as both charities provide [...]

The point, Steve, is you’re not meant to be parking at Manuka Oval

By 13 February 2013

The Liberals Steve Doszpot is having a cry that his progress to corporate hospitality at Manuka Oval was impeded by every other idiot like him thinking he could just rock up in his car and be accommodated at an inner city locale:
Manuka Oval has played host to two international sporting events in the past
month and [...]

The Liberal Shadow Ministry

By 26 November 2012

The Liberals’ Zed Seselja has announced his shadow cabinet utilising all seven of his available member with Vicki Dunne in the Speaker’s chair:
“This Shadow Cabinet takes a different approach than we have before, and introduces a range of new portfolios, new ideas and new ways of addressing the needs of the Territory. This new Shadow [...]

Liberals promise an autism school

By 22 September 2012

Zed Seselja and Steve Doszpot are pitching at the families of autistic children today:
ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja and ACT Shadow Minister for Disability Steve Doszpot announced today that if elected, a Canberra Liberals Government will build the ACT’s first ever school for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Mr Seselja said the school [...]

Zed and Steve plan to send more money to the struggling private schools

By 30 August 2012

The Liberals have announced they’re going to putting an extra $30 million into Canberra’s private schools, because those kids need even more help in life:
CT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja and ACT Shadow Education Minister Steve Doszpot announced today that if elected, a Canberra Liberals Government will increase non-government school funding to bring the ACT on [...]

Liberals officially announce their team for the ACT election

By 24 March 2012

The Canberra Liberals have sent forth the official announcement of their candidates for the October election, written with Leader Zed Seselja as the speaker:
“In Brindabella, Brendan Smyth and I will be very well supported by Tharwa community hero Val Jeffrey, small businessman Andrew Wall, and Community sector CEO Nicole Lawder.
“In Ginninderra, Alistair Coe and Vicki [...]

Won’t any one think of the private schools?

By 26 August 2010

The Liberals’ Steve Doszpot is stamping his tiny feet that the Greens and Labor won’t agree with him about guaranteeing rivers of gold to private schools.
“I presented this motion today to give the Greens and the Labor Party an opportunity to step up an support the non-government education sector, which provides quality educational outcomes for [...]

Joshua ‘reaching for the stars’ quiz night

By 19 May 2010

[ 18 June 2010; ] Steve Doszpot and friends have organized a Quiz night in support of Joshua Gordon.   Joshua is just 20 years old, he is autistic, intellectually impaired and suffers epilepsy.

Despite his disabilities, Joshua began figure skating and in just 3 short years has achieved some remarkable results.. Joshua’s ultimate dream is to make a successful career within [...]

Steve Doszpot’s song: what was he thinking?!

By 14 August 2008

Listen for yourself at:
If the aim was to create something that falls into that uncomfortable no-mans land between good and so bad it’s good,  they have succeeded.
Add to this his slogan – ‘Doszpot for Topspot’ – and I think we might have a new low for sheer political excruciatingness.  Speaking of which I wonder how ‘Z’ feels about that slogan?

Ho hum yawn – the Libs announce potential team.

By 4 April 2008

One of their best possibilities, Troy Williams, of course ran for the hills after apparently being undermined by the Liberal Director, Andy Heath and Members of their parliamentary team. Of course there is no Richard Mulcahy – their great hope for the next election.
Sadly for the Liberal’s most of their ‘dead-wood’ sitting candidates are running [...]

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