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Best of Canberra – swimming pools


Okay Canberra, apparently Summer is here. November may not have felt like it was leading up to it, but it’s true. December has arrived and it’s bound to get hot soon enough. If that is the case then things will be heating up soon and we need somewhere to cool off.
Previously, I checked out the [...]

Swimming Pool Water Consumption in Canberra?

By 31 December 2013

Does anyone have first hand experience of how much extra water they used each year by installing an inground swimming pool?
And, how effective are pool blankets really?
Would installing a rain water tank be sufficient for topping-up the pool?
Perhaps someone has done a comparison before and after installing their pool.
After the first fill-up I suspect a [...]

Unfair lane hire increases at public pools

By 17 August 2013

The ACT government is proposing to allow the management of Civic and Tuggeranong to impose a lane shortfall charge on clubs hiring lanes at Civic and Tuggeranong Pool.
The shortfall applies if clubs have less than 10 swimmers in a 50 m lane of 5 in a 25 m lane. It is an [...]

Civic pool shutting down for a month


The Economic Development Directorate is letting us know that Civic Pool is shutting down for a month for maintenance:
Sport and Recreation Services (SRS) in the Economic Development Directorate advise that the Canberra Olympic Pool will be closed from 5 July to 4 August 2013 while necessary maintenance is undertaken in accordance with the facility’s Condition [...]

Three cheers for a swimming policy

By 7 February 2013

Joy Burch has announced that the ACT now has a “Swimming Pool and Water Park Based Aquatic Activities policy”.
Ms Burch said the revised policy struck a balance to allow these events to take place in a fun, relaxed environment, while also making sure that all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure student safety.
“The policy [...]

Fencing a pool: any suggestions?

By 29 December 2012

Our house has a pool but no fence.  We are therefore looking for somebody who could put a fence up around the pool area.
Is anyone able to recommend a company or individual?
Many thanks in advance.

I’ve come to clean the pool!

By 27 November 2012

Bad jokes aside can anyone recommend a good pool repair/maintenance company to do some pool repairs in Canberra?
I have been going to a major franchise/chain store for my regular water checks and chemicals but recently when my pool had issues and needed to be looked at I found them less than satisfactory. 
Bad communication, bad service [...]

Neighbours pool leaking in Canberra?

By 19 November 2012

Neighbours pool seems to be leaking. Can we force something to be done about it they won’t do anything?

Labor promises a water play area for Tuggers

By 16 October 2012

A headline “ACT Labor to bring family fun to Tuggeranong Pool” does make one wonder what kind of hellish facility they’ve been running down there until now. But here’s the announcement:
If re-elected in 2012, ACT Labor will commit $600,000 to establish a family water play area as part of the Lakeside Leisure Centre at Tuggeranong.

Swimming pool maintenance in Canberra?

By 22 August 2012

In preparation for the three or four days of balmy summer ahead, it is time to coax the swimming pool out of hibernation. I no longer have the time to do a thorough clean, check filter components, balance water etc. Actually, if I am honest with myself, I probably do have the time, [...]

Two pools for Gungahlin


Andrew Barr has announced the completion of planning for the Gungahlin Leisure Centre so construction can start before the election.
Construction on the centre – for which the Government has committed $28.7 million – is expected to commence in August with completion planned for early 2014.
The highlights of the leisure centre are:
– The 50 metre [...]

Swimming pool blues in Canberra

By 12 February 2012

We’ve succumbed to family pressure and have arranged to build a pool.
We selected an established builder of concrete pools on the basis of their purported reputation and initial customer service and signed a contract in early July 2011.
It’s been hell ever since as they cut corners, give us no notice of what [...]

Ladies, are leering men holding back your swimming? The Greens have an answer

By 8 February 2012

The Greens’ Meredith Hunter is kicking off a push for women’s only swimming opportunities in the ACT:
“Providing women’s only swimming would increase the availability of swimming to a number of women and children in our community, both for safety, and for fun.
“Some women and families currently do not use our public pools due to religious [...]

Converting a swimming pool into a water tank in Canberra.

By 4 May 2011

We are really getting into the gardening thing at our home in Tuggeranong. Meanwhile our large concrete pool sits alone and sad, doing crap all except providing various insects, reptiles and birds with a watering hole.
I’ve heard of a few companies who can convert an unused pool into the mother of all rainwater tanks. Unfortunately, [...]

Swimming pool at Majura?

By 18 April 2011

Does anyone have any information on the planned swimming pool to be located at Majura? 
Interested to know if it will be a swimming pool for swimmers (ie: lap lanes) or more of a swimming “complex” with slides, whirlpools and the like. 
Also, if there is any information out there on when we can expect it [...]

Do you value your swimming pool? Time to give some feedback

By 4 March 2011

Territory And Municipal Services are calling on the public to complete a survey on the swimming pools they operate.
“The online survey asks questions around issues such as the maintenance and management of the pools, looks at whether pool users? needs are being met and about community satisfaction around pool facilities.
“I encourage people [...]

A Tale of Two Pools…. Phillip v. Dickson

By 16 January 2011

As it was the first sunny day in a while, and the kiddlies have been driving me a bit batty, two invitations to go swimming couldn’t be ignored.  I enjoy an outdoor pool (despite the having to slap on the sunscreen on squirming children) than the noisy echo filled and swampy watered indoor pools.  Outdoor [...]

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