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Barr denies MoU gives UnionsACT power of veto on procurement

Andrew Barr

The Canberra Liberals say a document requiring the ACT Government to consult UnionsACT on all its procurement projects highlights the “extraordinary power and influence” unions have over the Government in the Territory, but Chief Minister Andrew Barr says it rather allows unions to alert the Government to possible wrongdoing by contractors.
A March 2015 Memorandum of [...]

Skywhale hat hits the national media


Amazing things happen at the monthly outings of In Canberra Tonight.
One of them was I had my photo taken wearing a Skywhale hat.
More remarkable still was the photo being picked up first by the Terror’s blogs. And now by the Australian.
It’s fair to say Skywhale has exceeded all expectations. Now can we please have some [...]

Angela Shanahan’s strange whinge

By 19 January 2013

The Australian is running a perverse piece by Angela Shanahan both praising and cursing Canberra. (tip for new players, google the headline to get around the paywall)
Basically she seems to have rather liked the Canberra of sprawling bungalows.
She as much as acknowledges that it was unsustainable financially, but then continues to berate the ACT Government [...]

Is the Human Rights Commission game worth the candle? [With poll]

By 20 November 2012

The Australian is taking a red hot shot at the ACT Human Rights Commission. (Google the headline and click through to get around the paywall).
The author doesn’t understand the funding arrangements of the ACT Government which somewhat undermines the other claims but it remains an intriguing read and has some telling statistics:
The ACT has [...]

Lynne Minion putting another boot into UC Journalism

By 23 April 2012

The ongoing PR woes of the University of Canberra continue this morning as their PhD student Lynne Minion goes for another trot in The Australian (you can get around the paywall via google.
On Thursday, following Parker’s arrival home, UC issued a media release defending its conduct, claiming that English expression was only one component [...]

Fred Smith in The Australian


VIDEO: Fred Smith sings August 20 (FOB Mirwais)

Canberra’s Fred Smith has made the review section of The Australian.
I don’t recall seeing a local artist getting this sort of attention.
It’s in the leadup to the release on September 3 of his new album.

Another empty shopfront in Garema Place?

By 14 July 2011

The Australian pub seems to have shut its doors and stolen away into the night.  Outdoor furniture gone, windows covered over, no more repetitious 70′s and 80′s soundtrack.  Gone forever?
The ice skating rink has really injected some welcome life and colour into the space, but as someone who’s worked here for about six years, I [...]

Does this mean the terrorists have won?


As seen this morning in the Civic bus interchange.
The Grauniad usurping the proud Australian’s banner? Maybe the rapture did happen and the end times are upon us?
Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to .

The Australian v. The Canberra Times

By 10 March 2011

The snark is on!
The Australian is now returning serve to the Canberra Times as the gay marriage cum self-determination debate hots up.
(We note other media thought the Legislative Assembly wasting Tuesday morning on a toothless motion was significant)
The Australian would like to keep us as we are:
As editor-at-large Paul Kelly wrote yesterday: “The ACT is [...]

Ding Ding Ding – Gloves come off in Posetti v. The Oz

By 10 December 2010

Media Spy are thoroughly enjoying the blue between the University of Canberra’s journalism lecturer (and twitter evangelist) Julie Posetti and the Editor in Chief of The Australian Chris Mitchell.
HWL Ebsworth, acting for Posetti, wrote in a reply today that Posetti denied defaming Mitchell and that she would not publish an apology or correction. Posetti [...]

Posetti v. The Oz

By 2 December 2010

[First filed: Nov 30, 2010 @ 10:48]
The ABC has the skinny on a defamation row between The editor-in-chief of the Australian, Chris Mitchell, and The University of Canberra’s Twitter evangelist, Julie Posetti.
The Australian’s editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell has denied the allegations and threatened to sue Ms Posetti for defamation, saying that he believes new media should [...]

RiotACT now a source for The Australian?

By 15 November 2010

In this morning’s Australian online, the Strewth column has two snippets which seem to have been lifted directly from this esteemed site – one on the Zimbabwean ambassador’s disrobing, and another on Robert Fisk’s comments about Canberra.
Strewth has always been one of the worst parts of a declining organ.  So, Johnboy, is this a compliment, [...]

New Aussie Pub in the city!

By 1 December 2009

Hey guys, just letting everyone know about the opening of a new pub in the city. The Australian has been open for about 3 weeks now where the old Woodstock used to be on City Walk. After Woodstock closed down the premesis was taken over by new owners, given a new look and [...]

When Canberra had two daily papers

By 15 July 2009 have a lengthy and intriguing piece on the birth of The Australian in July 1964 when it was being published from Canberra and produced a genuine Canberra edition in competition with the Canberra Times. Ken Inglis’ 1964 vintage review of the paper has a weird love for the writing of Alistair Cooke, but also [...]

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