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Timesheet blowback from Katy’s former Chief of Staff

By 19 April 2012

Former Gallagher Chief of Staff Brendan Ryan has written into the Canberra Times to refute her claims of how she handled timesheet manipulation.
In her support for an ethics commissioner, Gallagher made some claims about a staffer wrongfully claiming time off in lieu (appropriately called TOIL).
The staffer is not happy, claiming that Gallagher is wrong.
Any politician [...]

Zed pushing hard on timesheets now

By 11 April 2012

Obviously feeling vindicated by the Mcleod Report into his timesheets Zed Seselja is now carrying on about the administration of Katy Gallagher’s staff:
Katy Gallagher today revealed that she was involved in an Industrial Relations Commission case because of timesheet issues in her office. Her most senior staff member tried to claim 800 hours of [...]

The Mcleod report into Zed’s timesheets in full


Shane Rattenbury’s office has sent over a media cleared copy of the “Report of the independent workplace audit of staffing arrangements in the office of the Leader of the Opposition for the period 2009 to 2012″.
Last night Liberal Leader Zed Seselja was expressing considerable satisfaction from the findings.
Now you can judge.

Zed claims vindication

By 10 April 2012

Liberal Leader Zed Seselja has announced his take on the audit into his office’s timesheets, and he says it’s good news for him:
A detailed audit by a former Royal Commissioner into the office of ACT Opposition Leader Zed Seselja has found ‘no member of staff received any unintended payment or benefit to which they were [...]

“Glass House Gallagher” in timesheet trouble of her own?


Liberal Leader Zed Seselja’s efforts to distract from his timesheet woes have taken a spectacular new turn with Zed getting hold of a scathing audit report on the Chief Minister’s own staff management and timesheet issues:
In a major embarrassment for the Chief Minister, it has been revealed that Katy Gallagher, who has run a malicious [...]

Shane lines up Ron McLeod to audit Zed’s timesheets

By 23 February 2012

Assembly Speaker Shane Rattenbury has released his statement to the house on where to next for the hapless Opposition Leader’s timesheet woes.
“I wish to inform the Assembly I have decided on an audit team to undertake the work. The audit team will be headed by Mr Ron McLeod AM and supported by locally based firm [...]

What does Tio do all day?

By 21 February 2012

The Canberra Times is twisting the knife they’ve shoved into Liberal Leader Zed Seselja’s guts by questioning just which community groups director of electorate services Tio Faulkner has been spending his time with?
It’s an important question because according to Zed he’s been so busy “out in the community” that he’s never seen at the place [...]

Zed’s homework

By 14 February 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

With the Liberals’ timesheet saga getting worse we’ve got a copy of John Hargreaves’ motion passed by the Assembly this morning. It’s not happy reading for the Liberals, even less so because it requires them to answer an unholy series of questions by COB Thursday:
(a) why did the Leader of the Opposition fail to observe [...]

Zed’s timesheet troubles worsen

By 14 February 2012

The Canberra Times is still running with the timesheet woes of Liberal Leader Zed Seselja.
Having belatedly filed timesheets for 8 of his ten staff for a period of around a year Zed now faces the uncomfortable possiblity that his political enemies can now make merry with the backdated timesheets while comparing them to reality.
Let’s face [...]

Katy savages Zed over his office

By 10 February 2012

Chief Minister Gallagher has gone nuclear on Liberal Leader Zed Seselja and his office administration:
Documents released under Freedom of Information to the Canberra Times today appear to reveal systematic abuse of Federal and ACT laws.
“These documents reveal a leader who appears to not only be an incompetent administrator but also one whose moral and ethical [...]

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