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Dickson Intersection “upgrade”: yet another useless red turn arrow for Canberra

By 7 November 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT

(First off, I am aware that there have been ACT red arrow rants posted here before, but the most recent post was several years ago.)
Hi RiotACT,
As many of you Northsiders are probably already aware, after months of roadworks, the ACT Government has finally finished the signalization of the intersection of Antill St. and Badham St. [...]

Drakeford Drive as according to Territory and Municipal Services

By 20 January 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE

It’s not simply your mind playing tricks on you, Drakeford Drive is intentionally awful to cars running against peak traffic flow, by design.
(Ie: catch one red and you’ll probably catch them all)

Civic Traffic Signals?

By 22 July 2013

Noticed the slimline silver traffic signals which coincided in release with the Euro number plates have been altered to resemble a typical traffic signal.
Why not install standard signals in the first place?
Why can’t we have nice things?
If it is because it is a different format in regulatory traffic control which “confuses” some motorists I [...]

Gungahlin Drive holdups?

By 21 May 2013

Anyone know what the deal is with Gungahlin Drive between Well Station Drive and Sandford Street citybound? There’s been a few mornings this week where its gotten to be like there is a bottleneck like there was when the GDE was one lane – only once you crawl to the lights at Sandford Street, [...]

New crossing on Tharwa Drive

By 6 March 2013

Gordon residents will notice a new signalled pedestrian crossing will be operational starting tomorrow on Tharwa Drive.
“The signalised crossing has been installed opposite Lanyon Marketplace, near the
roundabout at the intersection of Tharwa Drive and Woodcock Drive/Box Hill Avenue, to
provide a safe crossing for pedestrians,” Mr Gill said.
“Gordon residents, including residents from the new aged care [...]

Buggering with the lights on Barry Drive

By 15 November 2012

The ACT Government wishes to remind motorists and other road users of the temporary traffic changes on Barry Drive until 6 pm Wednesday 28 November 2012.
The city bound right turning lane into Clunies Ross Street has been closed to allow for the upgrade of the intersection.
Motorists are reminded that the Barry Drive city bound bus [...]

Traffic lights coming to roundabouts?

By 5 November 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Territory and Municipal Services have posted an intriguing warning that they’re installing traffic lights on the roundabout at the intersection of Drakeford and Isabella Drives:
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that there will be changed traffic conditions on Isabella Drive, westbound, at the roundabout intersection with Drakeford Drive between 7.30 [...]

Concrete Islands at the New Traffic Lights in Holt – Logic please?!!!

By 21 August 2012

Why have the concrete islands at the new traffic lights in Holt been installed in a manner that forces all traffic heading East on Southern Cross Drive to merge down to one lane before those cars wanting to turn left into Florey Drive can exit into the very short slip lane?
Why did they not keep [...]

Cancel the jet to Milan Jeeves, we’ve got Euro Styled traffic lights now.

By 16 August 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Andrew Barr has been enthusiastically tweeting pictures of the new “Euro Style” traffic lights on the corner of London and Akuna.
How could we resist a stroll down from The Eagle’s Nest to view these wonders with our own eyes.
It certainly is a nice level of joined up government to have traffic lights to match the [...]

The traffic lights are banjoed

By 2 August 2012

If you thought the traffic lights weren’t syncing up as they should it turns out Territory and Municipal Services are having a spot of bother:
The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that the ACT traffic light network is currently experiencing some technical problems.
Individual intersection traffic lights are operating as per normal [...]

Traffic light phasing… it that dificult?

By 19 April 2012

Spurred by a related thread, it is apparent that little thought (or even malevolent thought) has been applied to the phasing of these devices. There is no doubt these lights are linked, as the results are always the same.
I have a couple of favourites. Traffic turning right from Yamba Drive heading north into Hindmarsh heading [...]

New Phillip Ave/Majura Ave traffic lights broken or only part time?

By 12 February 2012

I went through the new traffic lights up near Dickson College yesterday about lunchtime and noticed they were flashing orange in all directions.
There were no police or even roadworkers nearby to indicate there was a problem, maybe they are only turned on during weekdays?

Lights go live for the corner of Majura and Phillip Avenues

By 3 February 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

Slowly all possibility of exercising judgment, and cocking it up, are removed from our roads.
Andrew Barr has announced the new lights at the intersection of Majura Avenue and Phillip Avenue in Hackett have gone live:
The lights will be particularly welcome news for residents living in Hackett, Watson and Dickson, who have experienced significant traffic congestion [...]

Lights go out at Barton Highway intersection

By 29 September 2011

View Larger Map
This morning we posted Ralpho’s disgust with the new traffic lights on the Barton Highway at the Kuringa Drive intersection.
This afternoon Territory And Municipal Services have announced they’ve turned the lights off:
“Works have been underway for several months at the intersection of Barton Highway and Kuringa Drive to provide road access into the [...]

New traffic lights at Barton Hwy and Kuringa Drive intersection – Incompetence at its best???

By 29 September 2011

New traffic lights + Barton Hwy / Kuringa Dr roadworks = more ACT Roads incompetence

Road Signs and Traffic Jams

By 18 May 2011

In August 2010 a major traffic jam occurred in Gungahlin at the intersection of Gungahlin Drive and Gundaroo Road. ( A major traffic jam is one that impacts my getting where I need to be I contacted Roads ACT and Mr Cameron Glassford, A/Manager Traffic Signals visited the area the following day, arranged [...]

The Canberra Pause

By 15 May 2011

Am I alone in noticing this? ( Her indoors  says; “Yes”)
 Ok, you are stopped at a red light somewhere in sunny ‘Berra. There is one car in front of you. You wait patiently for the lights to change, after several centuries the light goes green. The car in front moves forward an inch, stops, ……p-a-u-s-e-s……. [...]

Extra traffic lights start on Anzac Parade

By 14 April 2011

The National Capital Authority is giving notice that they’re turning on an extra set of traffic lights on Anzac Parade on the intersection with Blamey Crescent and Currong Street.
The traffic signals have been installed to improve the safety of the intersection. The phased signals generally replicate the function of the existing traffic signals a [...]

Do we need an integrated traffic management system?

By 12 April 2011

I just drove from Harrison to Belconnen. I hopped down the GDE, stopping at every intersection for a red light. Then I stopped at every intersection on Gininderra Drive, then I stopped at every intersection on Coulter. By the end, I was getting the right royals, I don’t mind telling you. I’m not generally prone [...]

Welcome to Canberra, the nanny city!

By 5 November 2010

Ok so I have posted a similar rant before (refer here) but I have to have another go at the ridiculous so-called “standards” that TAMS in ACT claim they use to install traffic lights with filter turns. 
Yes, I am talking about those damn red arrows, forcing unnecessary delays to roads that barely warrant traffic [...]

Traffic Lights in Queanbeyan

By 28 August 2009

Sorry for a less than exciting post, but I am just wondering if anyone else has become annoyed with the RTA in Queanbeyan for changing the traffic light settings at the intersection of Crawford Street and Morisset Street in Queanbeyan.
Until recently, there have been very few traffic issues there as the lights allowed for a [...]

The roads to chaos

By 2 June 2009

Back in 1964 looking south from Theodore Street Curtin were empty sheep paddocks stretching as far as the eye can see. The landscape was a blank canvas devoid of any existing structures and few geographical difficulties. Unlike Sydney there were no engineering problems posed by landscapes as challenging as the Blue Mountains, the Ku-ring-gai [...]

Anzac Parade changes direction again

By 10 March 2009

The National Capital Authority is trumpeting the home stretch in their massively disruptive complete re-surfacing of Anzac Parade.
Southbound lanes of Anzac Parade will reopen by midday tomorrow as the final phase of current roadwork begins.
Work will continue along the verge and the median island of Anzac Parade. Road signage will be adjusted to complement [...]

Traffic changes as they build a brighter Belconnen

By 3 March 2009

TAMS are trying to explain what they’re doing to traffic in Belconnen as they try to redress the many mistakes of the past.
As part of the Belconnen Town Centre improvements, Cohen Street will be extended from Lathlain Street through Joynton Smith Drive and the existing bus interchange to Emu Bank. In conjunction with these works, [...]

When traffic lights go out, why doesn’t anyone know?

By 2 March 2009

I was coming out of Calvary Hospital onto Haydon Dr. at 8.30pm on Sat. night and then turning right onto Belconnen Way. There were 16 000 people at a Brumbies match just up the road.  The lights to get onto Haydon Dr from Calvary were totally nonfunctional, as were the lights at the major Haydon/Belco [...]

Booked for a yellow light !

By 16 April 2008

My partner and her workmate were driving home in her workmate’s car (“normal car” – no rice/crab puller, driver has 12pt impeccable record) from Woden to Wanniassa up Athllon dr. After going through the 60kmh zone traffic light on a yellow (just as they arrived at the interesection) an unmarked cop cars light up and [...]

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