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The need for Tweed. Winter Ride 2013

By 28 May, 2013

[ 10 June, 2013; 11:00 am; ]

Facebook is promising that most glorious highlight of the bleak midwinter, a Tweed Ride!

At last, the 5th edition of Canberra Tweed Ride! This year’s winter ride will be held on Queen’s Birthday, as is tradition. Join us for a leisurely bicycle cruise taking in the sights of our city and a few of our [...]

And there was tweed

By 12 June, 2012

Well it’s not every day my bicycle features on page 3 of the Canberra Times.
As notified here the Canberra Tweed Ride was perpetrated again yesterday with a very large group of riders looking damn fine if I do say so myself.
Thanks to Adam for taking the pictures here’s a slideshow for those who missed it [...]

Tweed Ride!

By 30 August, 2011

[ 3 September, 2011; 11:30 am; ]

Facebook brings word that tweed will again ride forth on Saturday to strike fear into the hearts of bicycle hating publicans across the city. (And bring joy and riches to bicycle loving publicans).

Greetings fine folk! Canberra Tweed is very proud to present to you the Fourth Canberra Tweed Ride.

We shall be departing from Gorman [...]

Inaugural Canberra Tweed Walk this weekend

By 9 April, 2010

[ 11 April, 2010; 1:30 pm; ] You might have heard about the Tweed Rides that have been popping up across the world, provding lovers of cycling and of elegant tweed sportswear the opportunity to combine these interests and meet others while enjoying the great outdoors.

Canberra has its own Tweed Ride, which is really a lot of fun to be involved with.

For [...]

A glorious day for Tweed2 – Canberra’s second Tweed Ride

By 14 September, 2009

[First filed: September 12, 2009 @ 23:15]

It was a nice mixture of old and new faces, from the previous Tweed Ride, that braved the mean streets of Canberra bringing sartorial elegance and civility to the benighted denizens of our city.
When I left the ride around four a lovely time had been had by all. We [...]

Tweed Ride 2 – Unleash the carnage!

By 13 August, 2009

[ 12 September, 2009; 11:00 am; ]

The previous and inaugural Tweed Ride finished in a police complaint (by a Tweed Rider), a complaint to the Human Rights Commission (about comments made by Tweed Riders), and is still the subject of ongoing litigation such that I can’t even write much about it (and nor will we in the comments thank you).

Who would [...]

Canberra Tweed Ride

By 1 June, 2009

[ 6 June, 2009; 11:30 am; ]

Canberra Tweed Ride is a short bicycle cruise of about 15km through the Civic and Inner North areas, with stops at numerous cafes and pubs along the way. Expect a leisurely pace.

Tweed Ride has no agenda except the rejection of modern cycling “style”, to wit: carbon fibre, lycra, goretex and the like. Cyclists are [...]


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