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Where is vet Libby Adamson?

By 15 January 2014

Does anybody know if vet Libby Adamson is still working somewhere in Canberra?  She used to work at the Canberra Veterinary Hospital, Lyneham.

Gwen Shirlow vet?

By 31 August 2013

I just read that Gwen Shirlow, who took over the vet practice in Braddon from Peter Burgess, has left there.
Does anyone know where she moved to?
I urgently need a reliable vet for a complex medical problem my cat is suffering from.

Which Vet Clinic to Visit with new Puppy….

By 4 January 2013

Having recently acquired a new puppy, I am in the process of looking for a good quality, reliable vet for all his medical needs.
I have narrowed my search down to the Weston Creek Vet in Warramanga, or The Gables Vet Clinic in Monash.
Has anyone had any experiences with either of these Vets to possibly make my decision [...]

After hours vet care questions.

By 9 August 2012

Is that a sock in your stomach, or are you just pleased to see me? asks Dr Dolittle.

Avian vet in Canberra?

By 14 July 2012

Dr Sandy Hume is out of Canberra – looking for a different avian (bird) vet.

Making new kittens legal in Canberra?

By 3 August 2011

I’ve just recieved a pair of kittens from my cousins farm in the States. Was wondering what the procedure is now to make them conform to the law? I want them spayed anyway while they’re young (11 weeks at the moment) so want to get the microchipped and the like at the same time anyway.
I [...]

Vet recommendations around Belconnen area?

By 5 January 2011

Hi Rioters
Our family is sadly reaching the conclusion that we are no longer happy with the vet clinic where we’ve been taking our cats for years. It’s changed ownership and the focus has shifted from ‘maintenance’ of our mature-to-elderly cats which each have a chronic condition, to making more money.
This leads me to ask whether [...]

RSPCA chipping in to have your cat desexed

By 3 November 2010

If you have a cat you really, really, should have had it desexed by now. For your own piece of mind and quiet enjoyment of your house if for no other reason.
But the RSPCA ACT has just announced they’re launching a “desexing rebate scheme to assist low income earners with the cost of a desexing [...]

A very expensive trip to the vet – overservicing?

By 12 May 2010

My cat injured her foot about a week ago (cause unknown but suspected fall from a carport roof) She’s a somewhat delicate RSPCA moggie with whom I have yet to bond, so spending a lot of money on her at this stage makes me feel a little uncomfortable.
First trip to the vet a week ago [...]

I need a vet for a Guinea Piggy!!!

By 7 January 2010

Hello Everyone – Happy New Year to you all!!!
Well, I have a Guinea Pig and I need to get him to a vet that specializes in Exotic & Small Pets. This way they treat Piggies all the time. I have noticed that most vets do the usual Dogs and Cats but I need a Vet [...]

High Praise for the Tuggeranong Vet Clinic (Fadden Vet) and ‘Pets at Peace’

By 4 May 2009

This week was a horrible week for our family, as Mum’s much-loved dog suffered some sort of stroke/brain damage on Tuesday and quickly went downhill as the week progressed. I can’t speak highly enough of the staff at the Fadden vet when dealing with us this week – they were just amazing (they are always fantastic, but never more [...]

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