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Cotter Dam officially enlarged

By 14 October 2013

For the sake of historical completeness we note the Chief Minister has duly inaugurated the englarged cotter dam:
Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, today officially opened the new Enlarged Cotter Dam (ECD) which will provide water security for Canberra for several decades to come.
“Canberra is a growing city and the investment in this major piece of [...]

Water price cuts and rises


Andrew Barr is applauding the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission’s revised thinking on water prices:
Today’s announcement by the Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) means that Canberra’s water prices will continue to compare favourably to other mainland capital cities, while not undermining the considerable efforts and gains that have been made to date in [...]

ICRC wants to hear from you on water security and price

By 23 February 2012

The Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission has issued a discussion paper as they mull over what to do with the price of water in an ACT now awash with water (which means drought cannot be far away)
As I write now, I can record that the drought that resulted in reduced inflows to the dams and [...]

ACTEW and Simon Corbell plan to take the (vital) social element out of water restrictions

By 11 October 2011

On the ABC radio news this morning, plans by Simon Corbell and ACTEW to allow Canberrans to pay to avoid water restrictions are foolish and shortsighted – and betray an unbelievable lack of understanding about how a community works.
Water restrictions are a sore topic for Canberrans, but we grudgingly comply – ONLY because we [...]

Water Restrictions. Last chance to have your say

By 8 June 2011

Actew are giving notice that their consultation on future water restrictions ends on Friday.
Public consultation has been underway since mid April with new concept schemes available for review and comment. The concept schemes incorporate comments received from the public and lessons learned by ACTEW over nearly a decade of drought and water scarcity, and [...]

Actew wants your input on water restrictions

By 14 April 2011

Actew is calling for your input in a consultation on water restrictions running to 10 June 2011.
“To undertake the review we have developed concept water restrictions and water conservation measures schemes. These are based on not only our experiences in managing water restrictions, but also the many comments, ideas and suggestions that have been provided [...]

What the Murray Darling Plan would mean to Canberra

By 16 December 2010

OK, so we’ve all chuckled at the hayseeds throwing their toys out of the pram along the Murray Darling consultation track.
Today Simon Corbell has outlined what the plan would mean to the ACT:
The ACT community will face permanent water restrictions until 2035 and the ACT economy will suffer by up to $220 million a [...]

Ring the bells, you’re free of water restrictions

By 1 November 2010

ACTEW is reminding us that water restrictions have now ended!
We are, however, in “permanent water conservation measures”.
So once again here are the rules from today:

Private gardens and lawns
A hand-held hose fitted with a trigger nozzle, a bucket or a watering can may be used to water lawns and plants at any time.
Sprinklers and other irrigation [...]

Water restrictions end on 1 November

By 21 October 2010

[First filed: Oct 20, 2010 @ 9:29]

Some of us thought we’d never see the day, but ACTEW have announced an end to water restrictions from 1 November 2010, skipping level 1 entirely.
Before you break out the Pol Roger though, bear in mind we now have Permanent Water Conservation Measures legislated. So perhaps keep it [...]

Drought over?

By 15 October 2010

ACTEW CEO Mark Sullivan has Tweeted an end to the drought.
When will water restrictions follow?

Water restrictions to come down to stage 2?

By 27 August 2010

ACTEW has announced a change in water restrictions following excellent winter rains which have pushed the dam levels up to 65%. So from 1 September we’re going down to Stage 2.
Under Stage 2 Water Restrictions some limited lawn watering and car washing is allowed and conditions for topping up ponds and swimming pools are slightly [...]

Inflatable pools and spas?

By 26 November 2009

So my boyfriend is obsessed with the idea of getting a full size inflatable pool or spa. If you haven’t seen them they look like this:

My question for Canberra is this: would inflatable pools and spas be allowed under water restrictions? And has anyone tried these? It looks like it has a serious risk [...]

Exemptions to water restrictions coming your way

By 9 November 2009

I noticed a big ad in the Canberra Times on the weekend that brought a smile to my car loving heart. For a limited period, starting from 14 November, Canberrans will be able to wash their cars at home. Yay for those of us who like shiny metal bits.
The general exemption runs from 14–29 November [...]

Cotter dam expansion rolls on

By 25 October 2009

It’s Thursday’s news, but it bears repeating.
Peter Garrett has announced his approval of the gargantuan cotter dam expansion project.
“This is a good outcome—it provides water security for the Canberra region and at the same time the stringent conditions I have imposed will ensure that threatened species will be properly protected.” Minister Garrett said.
“The species of [...]

Drought or climate change – will you save water this winter?

By 13 August 2009

Here’s one to start an argument. The ABC tells us that inflows into the ACT water supply dams are 90% below the long term average.
The ABC pins it all on rainfall, but the propensity of regenerating forest to guzzle it wouldn’t help.
So what are Canberrans going to do now about saving water? Is [...]

ACTEW hoping to shake all the crazies out this week on the Cotter Dam expansion

By 20 July 2009

Be you ever so nutty ACTEW wants to hear from you this week.
They’re finalising their consultation on the Cotter Dam expansion this week and calling for everyone to come forward and have their say. If only because it will save trouble later to get maximum exposure for the issue now.
Submissions can to be made in [...]

LBG free of the BGA! Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last.

By 25 June 2009

The National Capital Authority has, at long last, advised that Lake Burley Griffin is once again fit for use after closures began in the long long ago of February.
NCA Chief Executive, Gary Rake said the lake is now considered safe for recreational use.
‘Water-quality results received today, show the levels of blue-green algae are now within [...]

Cotter Dam enlargement moves ahead

By 22 June 2009

Andrew Barr has announced that he’s happy with the Environmental Impact Statement Assessment Report (EISAR) for the Cotter Dam expansion.
Now we just need to wait for the Commonwealth to agree.
ACTEW are breaking out the champagne.

Winter water restrictions announced

By 1 June 2009

ACTEW have announced a winter water use target of 105 megalitres per day.
Set an autumnal target of 112ML we blasted away at 127ML for the last three months.
ACTEW have also realised that the population of the Canberra-Queanbeyan region has risen by 7% to 385,000 since the whole process began.
And how dry has it been? [...]

You can wash your motorbike, but not your car??

By 25 May 2009

ACTEW have recently listed car washing as a “hot topic” on their website. After a poke around the linked page I found this text, not sure how recent it is, but certainly new information to me:
No washing of any vehicle except at a commercial car wash that recycles water and holds an exemption allowing use [...]

Water Tanks Information Talk

By 16 April 2009

[ 23 April 2009 at 6:30 pm; ] SEE-Change hosts:  Water Tanks: Your questions answered. 

What size to get? How to locate and set up a tank? What rebates are available?

Come learn not only from the professionals but hear what advise others have, who have already experienced the potential pitfalls of installing a rainwater tank.

Julene and Ricki from local firm, Get Tanked, will [...]

ACT v Queanbeyan – Water War -The Death Match

By 8 April 2009

Anyone noticed the Federal Court action between the ACT and Queanbeyan that’s on today?  It seems like they were in court in December fighting over access to documents 
Of course, the Canberra times and the rest of the ACT media pack could not actually report on this, because there has not been a press release [...]

ACT water supply plans

By 27 March 2009

[First filed: March 25, 2009 @ 14:06]
Simon Corbell has announced his plans to end water restrictions, and we won’t even have to drink our wee.
The ACT Government has given the green light to build the Murrumbidgee to Googong pipeline and buy water from Tantangara Reservoir improving Canberra’s water security for many years to come, [...]

Water consumption off the hook as inflows hit record lows

By 24 March 2009

The thing the surprises me most about Canberra’s water use is that it’s taken so very long for the public to become totally fatigued by the perpetual emergency.
It has to be a little disappointing to our Power and Water overlords to see their decree of 1 March, that we collectively lower water use to 112 [...]


By 23 February 2009

The forecast thunderstorm has finally arrived!
Relief all round ensues.
If you get any rain/storm pictures be sure to send them in to

Caroline Le Couteur gets on the Green Square grass

By 4 February 2009

Back in November we had a look at another piece of ACT Government unpleasantness relating to Kingston’s Green Square.
Now the Green’s Caroline Le Couteur is going in to bat for the important piece of community amenity, and she’s wise to the ACT Government’s wicked ways:
“The area is called Green Square because of the green square [...]

Weekend water use takes off

By 19 January 2009

It wasn’t even that hot yesterday, and yet somehow you all managed to burn through a stonking 194ML.
So has everyone just gotten sick of emergency measures stretching into long years?

Water use signs in perfect harmony

By 16 December 2008

There’s been a rumour going around that the roadside water usage signs are presenting different results at any given time. If true that would do little to enhance community confidence in the water conservation message.
Between 11am and midday today I made a study of the signs on the Barton Highway, Barry Drive, and the Tuggeranong [...]

Padlock worries

By 9 December 2008

I’ve just noticed an official-looking black padlock which has mysteriously appeared on the tap at the front of my house to which is affixed a garden hose.
What does it mean?
Have I been dobbed in by my neighbours for excessive water usage after switching it on twice in the last six weeks?
It isn’t actually stopping [...]

Watering of Ovals – Why not more recycled water

By 19 November 2008

I’m sure this has been covered before, but as I was walking past an oval the other day with the sprinklers on, I stated to wonder, which can’t we use recycled water on the ovals rather than potable “town water”.  This plan seems so simple that there must be some massive defect I haven’t thought [...]

Water Freedom Day!

By 15 November 2008

Here in the RiotBunker we’ve thoroughly enjoyed being able to wash our cars on a hot day for the first time in years.
If you too have been celebrating this rare opportunity to do things people from developed countries take for granted, then be sure to take a picture and send it in to and [...]

Is it legal for a truck with Tank Water on the side to fill up from the mains water supply

By 9 November 2008

[First filed: November 07, 2008 @ 11:10
Second filing: November 08, 2008 @ 14:35]

This photo was taken this morning in Gungahlin.
Whilst we all attempt keep within the water restrictions why should a big truck like this who claims to use tank water be allowed to fill up from the mains water supply?
UPDATED: Eggman has added [...]

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