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What bug is this?


Dannybear has sent this one in for help from the hivemind:
Hello! wondering if anybody knows what this is?
a yellow thing poked out of it for a second but not long enough to ID, its about 6 inches long, thanks!

What manner of monster is this?

By 14 December 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE

I’ve just been more than a little horrified to discover these monsters lurking in the cottoneaster in O’Connor.
I’m assuming they’re a pair. There’s a bee in the first shot for scale (and it was a big bee) can anyone advise what these brutes are?

Ben_Dover needs your advice on bug sex

By 30 November 2012

This in from Ben_Dover:
Spotted these two doing the dirty deed down at, yes you guessed it, the Pinnacle.
Anyone know what they are?
(And what is that position called? )
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What Satan spawned hell creature is this?

By 2 April 2012

Seen this morning at LBG.
About 4 inches long.
Couldn’t get better images as I was too scared to get close to it.

What bug will this be?


Just wondering if any ofr the Rioters can identify this caterpillar that was on my railing yesterday morning?

What are these bugs?

By 10 November 2011

These guys have been everywhere lately. At my sons play group this morning, there were bunches of 50 or so clumped around some play equipment, mating like mad!
I just can’t remember seeing these in such numbers before. There is a constant swarm of them over our front yard. They aren’t any problem or anything – [...]

What bug is that? Monster moth!

By 30 January 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE

joeyjojojuniorshabadoo discovered this behemoth trying to break into his house this morning.
Anyone know what it is?

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