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Nanna Corbell’s tips for running your fire

By 5 June 2013

Simon Corbell is asking wood burners to help out with the air quality:
“The ACT Government has some great incentives for residents to replace their wood heater with more environmentally-friendly alternatives including an $800 rebate for a ducted gas system, and a $600 rebate for replacing it with new flued gas installations.”
“Replacing old wood heaters [...]

You want to heat your house without buying from ActewAGL? Wood fired heating banned in Molonglo development


Simon Corbell has announced there will be no wood fired heating in the new Suburbs of Molonglo (Wright excepted) on air quality grounds:
“While the 2011 Air Quality Report highlights the excellent air quality in Canberra, annual monitoring has identified that smoke from domestic wood heaters is the most significant source of air pollution in Canberra,” [...]

First fire of the year goes badly in Pearce

By 11 April 2012

ACT Fire & Rescue has extinguished a fire this morning in a house at Pearce.
Firefighters rushed to the property in Charlton Street when the alarm was raised just after 7 o’clock.
Crews arrived to find a fire burning in the roof space of the home which was caused by a wood fired heater setting loose insulation [...]

Unseasoned Wood Burning?

By 1 July 2011

Does anyone know the avenues for dealing with a neighbour using unseasoned wood in their fire?  There is a person in our street who seems oblivious to the rest of society and is constantly using green unseasoned wood in his fire.  The smell is intolerable and the resultant air quality issues and subsequent need to [...]

Greens call for heater police

By 26 May 2011

The Greens’ Amanda Bresnan has proposed her plans to deal with the scourge of woodsmoke over Canberra (RiotACT notes that recent smokey days were caused by fuel reduction in surrounding bushland).
Some of the suggestions are moderately sensible if you believe wood fires are a problem, as opposed to a cheap renewable heating solution. But check [...]

Wood smoke is toxic

By 12 November 2010

Queanbeyan’s smoke problems are bad, too. The smell of smoke here is pervasive and looking into our narrow southern valley from heights reveals how so much pollution is caused by so few. Wood smoke is a rich cocktail of carcinogens, toxins and irritants.
Naturally, neighbours of polluters fare worse. One in eight [...]

Governments ignore bigger smoking risk

By 8 November 2010

On 9 December 2010 the ACT Government will introduce even tougher anti-smoking legislation. While the ACT and other governments get tough on tobacco it appears they are ignoring an even bigger smoking health risk.
See the Age’s take on wood fired heating.

Wood heaters safe for now

By 23 September 2010

The Canberra Times reports that carbon neutral wood heating has been reprieved despite concerns over air quality in Tuggeranong.
The ACT Government says Canberra’s air quality is not bad enough to justify a ban on domestic wood burning heaters.
But a report tabled in the Legislative Assembly this week found wood smoke in Canberra’s south was contributing [...]

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