Tertiary qualifications?

By 13 May 2008 102

Sina recently raised the question of how many people posting to RiotAct actually had tertiary qualifications.

She suggested about 10% (that is, 90% that don’t).

I suggest that it is probably a lot higher than that.

So, let’s see. What tertiary quals do you have?

And don’t lie, there are enough people here to be able to verify your quals in one way or another.

I will start, I have a B.AppScience in Cultural Heritage Management (UCAN) and a Grad Dip in Education (UCAN)

And now the rest can follow….

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102 Responses to
Tertiary qualifications?
AlpineViper 8:12 am
13 May 08

B.Technology – Computer Systems and Networking, Curtin University of Technology (WA)

captainwhorebags 8:24 am
13 May 08


Partway through Swinburne BTech through Open Universities just in case a piece of paper comes in handy down the track. University life wasn’t for me straight after school and ANU certainly didn’t go out of their way to accommodate part time students. If anyone has tried the part time thing but found that getting away from work, commuting to uni, getting a park etc difficult, then open universities is a very good alternative.

andy pandy 8:31 am
13 May 08

science ANU, + numerous trade quals in horticulture and allied industries

pug206gti 8:40 am
13 May 08


Meanwhile does anyone else get grumpy to hear of friends without $30k HECS debts being paid the same if not more? A nurse friend of mine reckons she’s within an inch of quitting that profession to become an APS Admin Assistant for more money and better hours.

VicePope 8:49 am
13 May 08

Honours BA. LLB. Postgraduate law in a specialist area.

But tertiary or trade qualifications don’t matter – it’s the quality of what the person thinks, does and says that should count for anything. Sometimes qualifications are no more than ways to beat up another person, and avoid the fundamental weakness in an argument. Anyone with a professional qualification more than a few years old has to admit that he or she has learned vastly more on the job and that pretty well everything taught at university is out of date – think about someone who did IT back in, say, the 1980s. That’s the advantage of a generalist education – it doesn’t date as quickly.

Even where the professional degrees are useful, that is only in the relevant area. A doctor or lawyer, for example, will probably have no more than an intelligent layman’s knowledge of anything outside medicine or law. (With that said, I recall hearing of a NSW Supreme Court judge who as a hobby developed a very good knowledge, complete with a degree, of nuclear physics).

RandomGit 9:00 am
13 May 08

Bachelor of Information Technology. UCAN.

Plus a certificate from the school of hard knocks and a diploma from the kindergarten of getting the shit kicked out of you.

AussieGal83 9:08 am
13 May 08

B Economics
B Business Admin
And about to start my masters in the summer.

neanderthalsis 9:09 am
13 May 08

BA/BEd, DipTAA, Dip BusMgt.

I do concur VP. Tertiary qualifications mean didely squat a couple of years after you finish them and your GPA is irrelevant the minute you wander off campus for the last time. I learned far more the frist day I stood in front of a classroom full of delinquents and reprobates in an alternative education course for “at risk youth” than I did in my 4 years at university.

Interestingly enough, there are growing numbers of graduates heading off to TAFE after the completion of the undergrad courses to gain “real work skills” before entering the workforce.

Pot Holes 9:13 am
13 May 08

Honours Life Experience

jennybel75 9:15 am
13 May 08

BSc(Hons) – biochemistry and immunology – Deakin and ANU

Loquaciousness 9:16 am
13 May 08

I’ll weigh in.

B Bus Mgmt (Marketing & Info Sys) from Griffith & Grad Cert Bus Admin from UC.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 9:25 am
13 May 08

B Eng, MSc(IT), plus a couple of IT industry certifications.

Spectra 9:27 am
13 May 08

BSc (Hons) at ANU

I’d be shocked if it were as low as 10% – given that (as far as I can gather from the census data), >20% of the ACT’s population hold a degree or above. Is she really suggesting that this website is frequented by a disproportionately less educated selection of people? My guess is it would actually be the reverse.

VicePope 9:28 am
13 May 08

pug206gti (#4). It matters to the extent that money does. If, with your qualifications, you do something useful and rewarding, that’s a pretty good life. Having qualifications in a relevant area gives you the chance to do something like that -and it might even give you the intellectual resources to enjoy doing work that is less challenging.

By way of example, some people I did steam-powered law degrees with went into things like legal aid or government advising work. They’re probably poorer, but no less content, than the bloke whose claim to fame is that he can set up construction projects in the most tax-advantageous way. He has to look for his “psychic income” outside the workplace.

I agree about nurses and teachers. We need them, and should pay them more and/or give them a HECS holiday.

hairy nosed wombat 9:28 am
13 May 08

The problem with surveys like this is only people with Tertiary education or people who have a witty way of saying i got my degree from the University of Hard Knocks will respond. People who do not have Tertiary Education will feel this is going to be a uni love in and will not respond.

As a result i predict about 80% of respondents will have Tertiary education.

BA Comms – Canberra Uni
BS Stats and Probabilities – Canberra Racecourse and Canberra Casino

Thumper 9:34 am
13 May 08

I agree. The post was probably a bit stupid, but I just thought it may be interesting.

For instance, a few IT people here, some economists, teachers, life experiences, etc.

justbands 9:37 am
13 May 08

No qualifications at all, work in IT.

gun street girl 9:39 am
13 May 08

Tertiary qualified here too – but no details for fear of being outed. For what it’s worth, I don’t think university is the be-all-and-end-all – certainly, you can be a screw up with or without a degree.

Primal 9:45 am
13 May 08

BCom (UWA), LLB (Murdoch)

cranky 9:46 am
13 May 08

Dumb bums of the world unite!

zero, zilch – too stoopid.

cpt destruction 9:56 am
13 May 08

i lernd sceince stufe at anu… s. hur hur

ps: 3 without, 17 with.. thats 85% with tert quals. according to this survey anyway. statistics rox.

s-s-a 9:57 am
13 May 08

BSc (HonsI) and a graduate diploma

Am old enough not to have ever had a HECS debt – currently a SAHM.

CanberraResident 10:13 am
13 May 08

Let me award you all a BA in Self Gratification. There. That looks just lovely. Stick it on the wall right next to your Monet print …

CRANKY … You have the best degree of them all. Thank you for being honest …

I have a Statement of Attainment in Bee Keeping. It is placed on the wall next to my McCubbin original.

Is bee keeping one word or two? And to the person who’s about to tell me to “buzz-off”, I beat you to it.

Ari 10:22 am
13 May 08

Welcome to the hive-mind CanberraResident. ;-)

VicePope 10:23 am
13 May 08

I am advised that, on the net, it is possible to make contact with a plausible sounding university that will, for a modest sum, provide one with an attractive degree testamur and an academic record, in pretty much any area you want. No actual study required. So, Cranky, all is not lost.

VP (not terribly seriously considering becoming, with the click of a mouse and the surrender of credit card details, Dr VP, with the doctorate in something arcane or offensive like human/animal hybrids, the films of Paris Hilton or economic rationalism).

piperdoon 10:25 am
13 May 08

Canberra resident – I don’t think anyone is saying look at me – just answering the question. I have

B Ap Sc in ecology and natural resource management
M Ap Sc in sports science

but never used either “in anger”

should a a PhD in existing in the public service for 30 years!

the education just indicates some formal training in certain fields – necessary for employment in some fields, otherwise not. 30 years in the public service has taught me more (both good and bad).

threeze 10:29 am
13 May 08

I also have a Bachelor of Information Technology from UCAN. Oh, and I just started a Masters of Software Engineering at the ANU.

ant 10:33 am
13 May 08

BA (classics) ANU. got through just as they were bringing in HECS so only had a few hundred to pay. It’s not a qualification though, it’s an education. That all changed after I’d finished, too.

tap 10:35 am
13 May 08

2 time uni drop out from ANU.

Third time lucky people!

I have a diploma.

This is a bit elitist in here isn’t it?

cpt destruction 10:51 am
13 May 08

tap said :

This is a bit elitist in here isn’t it?

only because we’re better than you. and smarterer.

ps: less than 10% of the population have tert quals… so if this website had 10% tert quals wouldnt that make it above average in terms of edumucation?

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